How to Overcome Perfectionism and Love Yourself More

How to overcome perfectionism is a question that many people ask themselves.

Everyone seems to want the perfect looks, relationship, job, school, grades, etc.

It hinders your success, health, mindset, and even productivity.

In short, perfectionism is crippling you and making life harder.

It’s human nature to want to be the best (and to have the best of everything).

However, the desire to be perfect harms people.

Perfectionism hinders you from being the real ‘you.’

The global industry has thrown us into the rat race of perfection.

Hardly anyone takes the time to appreciate the best in themselves.

Here are three simple ways to overcome perfectionism

So, how do we overcome this?

How do you learn to love ‘you’ with all your flaws, weaknesses, and talents?

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Brene Brown says, “When we lose our tolerance to be vulnerable, joy becomes foreboding.”

Perfectionism impedes vulnerability.

You’ve got to allow yourself to be ‘you.’

Look at yourself and appreciate all your experiences.

The good, the bad, your flaws and weaknesses, and love yourself like that.

Vulnerability requires courage.

It takes courage to say #imnotperfect and realize not being perfect is okay!

Besides, in our own abilities, we will fail.

We’re humans, and we make mistakes!

We can’t be perfect in ourselves.

So, why don’t you challenge yourself to be vulnerable?

Tell yourself, ‘This is me,’ and this is how I want to be or what I want to improve on.

Let go of all of your insecurities and complexities.

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Perfectionism wants to make you “faultless,” which is impossible.

Our very failures shape us into the person we were born to be.

As does every experience we go through.

Accepting mistakes as a part of life and success is key to overcoming perfectionism.

Move with people who appreciate the real ‘you’

It’s important to find friends who love you for being ‘you.’

Friends who are willing to see your dark sides and not criticize them.

That’s a real friend.

Having a perfect friend doesn’t count.

Instead, having someone in your corner to that exudes motivation and encouragement in times of distress is essential.

Perfectionism prevents authenticity, and overcoming perfectionism allows you to be yourself freely.

There are so many perfectionists around.

Look closely at their lives; you’ll find out they aren’t original.

Most times, the company they keep isn’t genuine either.

You must take responsibility to ensure you have the right support group around you.

Sometimes, you might have to let go of a friendship or relationship.

You’ve got to consider your well-being and what makes you happy.

Although it might seem selfish, your happiness is a choice you make each day.

Be willing to make mistakes

We are usually fearful of making mistakes, and perfectionists dislike mistakes even more than most.

However, how do we learn if we don’t make mistakes?

How do you become the best at anything without failing once, twice, or more?

Look at the great heroes of the past and today.

They failed many times and were willing to keep trying until they reached their goal.

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We must realize that failure is a key ingredient to success.

It offers you experiences that translate into life lessons that education can’t give.

The important thing is the willingness to get up and learn from those mistakes.

Live life and overcome perfectionism one day at a time

Only then can you improve yourself and fulfill your purpose on earth.

As we go through life, we must strive for progress and not perfection.

What was your favorite tip for overcoming perfectionism?

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  1. Reese Evans

    August 6, 2022 at 2:10 AM

    Always keep pace with the people who appreciate you. Because a man is known by the company he keeps.

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