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What is Meant by Impermanence? 

Impermanence is referred to as constant change and flux.

It is a concept that is deeply ingrained in the existence of life on earth. 

It involves shifting the seasons and fleeting moments in our lives. 

Everything in our universe is subject to change with the passage of time.

Impermanence is also known as transience.

This concept relies on the fact that all things are impermanent.

According to this belief, both tangible and intangible things of this world fail to remain permanent or static. 

Impermanence in Terms of Religion and Philosophy

Eastern philosophies like Taoism and Buddhism place significant emphasis on the acceptance and understanding of impermanence. 

The concept of “Anicca” is widely accepted in Buddhism.  

It highlights that all creatures and things in this world are impermanent.

On the other hand, the Taoist principle of “Wei Wu Wei” stresses flowing with the ever-changing life.

How to Embrace Impermanence

Instead of going against or resisting the nature of existence, it is better to embrace impermanence.

It can lead us to exceptional personal growth and give us a deeper understanding of our lives. 

We should accept the impermanence of both suffering and joy.
It can help us cultivate resilience, gratitude, and an elevated sense of presence. 

Below are a few of the tried and tested methods to embrace impermanence:

  • Try to Cultivate Mindfulness 
  • Free Ourselves from Possessions and Attachments
  • Finding Peace in Change

Try to Cultivate Mindfulness 

Practicing mindfulness makes it possible to fully experience and appreciate each passing moment. 

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We don’t need to cling to a specific moment or grasp it for its continuation.

Free Ourselves from Possessions and Attachments

It is essential to recognize that everything is impermanent.

With this clarity of mind, it would be easy for us to release our possessions and even self-identity.

This would lead to an act of freeing ourselves from suffering and living a serene life.

Finding Peace in Change

We should avoid treating change as a threat. 

On the contrary, try to see beauty and potential for growth whenever there is a transition. 

For instance, whether it is a change of career or relationship, we need to embrace it.

Top 5 Impermanence Quotes

Here are our best 5 impermanence quotes for you to get the best ones at the top. 

1. “All conditioned things are impermanent.” ― Buddha

2. “Impermanence is a principle of harmony.” ― Pema Chodron

3. “Everything is impermanent, even war. It will end someday.” Thich Nhat Hanh

4. “One must be deeply aware of the impermanence of the world.” ― Dōgen

5. “I love old things so much because I feel impermanent myself.” ― Josh Lanyon

Impermanence Quotes on Wisdom and Embracing Change

Check out profound wisdom and insights on impermanence, guiding us to embrace change and find meaning in life’s ever-evolving nature.

6. “Just as suffering is impermanent, pleasure is subject to the same Universal law.” ― Martin O’Toole

7. “There is more wisdom in a crumbling leaf than in a thousand words about impermanence.” ― Bremer Acosta

8. “If we don’t insist on defining impermanence as unsatisfactory, then it’s natural to celebrate.” ― Lin Jensen

9. “Perhaps family itself, like beauty, is temporary, and no discredit need attach to impermanence.” ― Gregory Maguire

10. “Do not compromise yourself and put your goodness in the same impermanent category as whatever circumstance is happening. Be the best you in every circumstance.” Steve Maraboli

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Impermanence Quotes Related to Feelings

Read the following quotes on impermanence, capturing the fleeting nature of feelings and reminding us of the transient beauty within.

11. “Impermanence contradicts our feeling of the lasting quality of time and our human desire for immortality.” ― Sofia Stril-Rever 

12. “The emotion of love is generated as an antidote to anger and the experience of impermanence as an antidote to attachment.” Dalai Lama

13. “We are so consumed with wanting this or that or are wanting to solve the problems that we fail to see Life’s impermanence.” ― AVIS Viswanathan
14. “All the baubles offered by the material world fail to satisfy because they are themselves products of finitude and impermanent by nature.” ― Vanamali

15. “Just a moment’s pause to consider the passing of the seasons is enough to convince anyone that not only is impermanence the source of all possible joy in this life but its the movement of life itself.” ― Lin Jensen

Impermanence Quotes on Embracing Change, Beauty, and Spiritual Growth

Following are some beautiful quotes on impermanence, guiding us to embrace change, appreciate beauty, and embark on a journey of spiritual growth.

16. “We are snowflakes, melting on the tongue of the universe.” ― John Mark Green

17. “To overcome craving, practice the contemplation on impermanence, illuminating the birth and death of all things.” ― Thich Nhat Hanh

18. “Denial of impermanence represents one of the main causes of suffering in our existences. Buddhist teachings invite us to contemplate and accept it.” ― Sofia Stril-Rever

19. “Nature is a constant reminder of the beauty of consistency, the utility of patience and persistence, the vanity of arrogance, and the necessity of impermanence.” ― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

20. “What solidity of sentiment it takes not to let an awareness of the moment’s impermanence dilute its richness, its sweetness, but purify it and saturate it with the utmost “fullness of being.” ― Maria Popova

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Some More Impermanence Quotes

Here are some more impermanence quotes you would like to read and share with your family.   

21. “Nothing is certain, even though the world is changing” ― Tim Arnold

22. “Practicing Mindfulness not only keeps us awake but also keeps us aware of the impermanence of life.” ― Ora Nadrich

23. “I told myself that I was used to impermanence, that attachments would get me exactly nowhere, but then some people stay with you in ways you don’t expect, and you try to shake them out, shake them away, but your memory won’t let you.” ― Laura van den Berg

24. “Watching indelible ink (what they use to denote you voted during elections in India) fade/peel off from your finger, albeit slowly, is fascinating. It is a gentle reminder that everything is, after all, impermanent. Nothing lasts forever!” ― AVIS Viswanathan

25. “Everything that seems to us imperishable tends towards decay; a position in society, like anything else, is not created once and for all, but, just as much as the power of an empire, is continually rebuilding itself by a sort of perpetual process of creation, which explains the apparent anomalies in social or political history in the course of half a century.” Marcel Proust

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Impermanence is a profound reminder that everything is changing and nothing is permanent. 

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