25 Tory Lanez Quotes From the Popular Canadian Rapper

Fans of music and particularly rap and R&B will enjoy these Tory Lanez quotes.

Tory Lanez is Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson’s professional name.

Lanez was born in Brampton, Ontario in 1992.

Lanez is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and record producer that has been incarcerated since December 2022 after being convicted of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

He has been in the music industry since 2009 and released his first album, titled I Told You, in 2016, which had two singles reach the Billboard Hot 100.

He has released five albums, with his fourth album being the most successful, reaching number two on the US Billboard 200.

Lanez refers to his musical style as “swavey,” which he says means fusing more than one genre of music.

Read these Tory Lanez quotes to learn more about the musician.

The Best Tory Lanez Quotes

Here are some of the best Tory Lanez quotes.

1. “I’m an artist.” — Tory Lanez

2. “I’m not a hater. I’ve expressed this before.” — Tory Lanez

3. “I don’t have no personal problems with nobody.” — Tory Lanez

4. “I go through the same kind of situations as other people.” — Tory Lanez

5. “Every time I do something in life, I try to outdo myself.” — Tory Lanez

6. “I do a lot of writing. People don’t actually know how much writing really I do.” — Tory Lanez

7. “Singing is one of the most important components to me. That’s kinda how it all started.” — Tory Lanez

8. “The way that I learned to be confident was I would ride the back of the city bus and sing very low.” — Tory Lanez

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9. “To be selling out shows and these kids who don’t speak English singing along every word? It’s wild.” — Tory Lanez

10. “For me personally, my favorite part of performing is just going in the crowd and doing crazy things that they never expected to see.” — Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Quotes About His Career

Check out these Tory Lanez quotes about his career.

11. “I still direct my own videos.” — Tory Lanez

12. “I don’t develop anything. I don’t practice; I don’t rehearse.” — Tory Lanez

13. “It doesn’t take long to make catchy songs. That’s not my problem.” — Tory Lanez

14. “I try to make music, all kinds of music, whether it be singing or rapping.” — Tory Lanez

15. “I just want to work with the big people and the people who make great music.” — Tory Lanez

16. “I don’t write anything down – it comes from my head and my soul and my heart and my pain. That allows me to make the best music I can make.” — Tory Lanez

17. “I dropped out of school; I got fired from my job. Those were my roughest moments, but I always knew through it that I was going to be great.” — Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Quotes About Music

Take a look at these Tory Lanez quotes about music.

18. “I’m a big Justin Bieber fan.” — Tory Lanez

19. “I have a lot of fans, but a lot of people don’t know who I am.” — Tory Lanez

20. “My favorite singers are people like R. Kelly and people like that.” — Tory Lanez

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21. “I would like to work with The Weeknd. That’s my boy, though; that’s my friend.” — Tory Lanez

22. “I believe later in life I’m gonna change my name when I start making the right music.” — Tory Lanez

23. “Music was the only thing that I could really use to express myself, so I started rapping.” — Tory Lanez

24. “Swavey, it puts more than one genre of music together. That’s the approach I have with all music I do.” — Tory Lanez

25. “That’s why, to this day, K.I.S.S. can sell out wherever they go… because they sell tickets, and they have that core fan base.” — Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez’s Early Years

Lanez was born in Canada, but his parents moved to Miami, Florida, when he was young.

His father remarried after his mother’s death, and Lanez started getting into trouble.

He was sent to live with a cousin in Queens, New York, but behavior issues forced him to move back to Canada at 15 to live with his grandmother, who refused to care for him.

He has been on his own since he was 15 and learned to fend for himself while starting his music career with no formal vocal training.

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