25 Jelly Roll Quotes About Love, Family, Success And Addiction

Our Jelly Roll quotes will remind you why this country singer is on a direct course to success. 

Jelly Roll has overtaken the nation with hit songs and critically acclaimed performances. 

Find out why everyone is buzzing about the country singing big man with our Jelly Roll quotes.

Who is Jelly Roll?

Jason Bradley Deford is an American singer and rapper professionally known as Jelly Roll. 

He is from Antioch, Tennessee, and has created a diverse discography for himself. 

Check out these cool facts about Jelly Roll below:

  • Jelly Roll won three CMT Music Awards in 2023. 
  • He has collaborated with artists like Lil Wyte and Tech N9ne. 
  • The Waffle House restaurant threatened legal action against Jelly Roll for using their name on a mixtape. 

Is Jelly Roll’s song, She, about addiction?

Jelly Roll is an open book regarding his life’s challenges. 

He is not afraid of addressing aspects of himself that he has worked hard to improve. 

She is a critically acclaimed song by Jelly Roll. 

The song also is inspired by real-life events in Jelly Roll’s past and present. 

“When I wrote She, you gotta think She is my mom. For me,  She is my child’s mother. These are both people who have overcome addiction in my immediate life.”

Addiction has been a challenge to overcome. 

He shared, “I’ve had so much addiction around me, and so many people around me lose their life or lose their families, or lose somebody they love over an addiction.”

Substance abuse is a reality some are unwilling to address.

Jelly Roll remains unfazed and continues to make content that addresses complex topics because those experiences have shaped his life. 

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He opened up about how these intimate experiences impact him today, sharing, “So that’s just the closest tentacles to me, but that stretches to uncles and nephews and nieces and beyond.”

To learn more, check out our Jelly Roll quotes below. 

Short Jelly Roll quotes about confidence and self-love

Jelly Roll reminds us why love is his inspiration. 

1. “I know how genuine my spirit is.” — Jelly Roll 

2. “I know the impact I’ve had on this life.” — Jelly Roll 

3. “I know how many people I help with my music.” — Jelly Roll 

4. “I’m driven by love, man. That don’t bother me, dude.” — Jelly Roll 

5. “I know who I am as a human. I don’t care what a stranger says about me.” — Jelly Roll 

The top Jelly Roll quotes about personality and handling fame

6. “I think the people knew it wasn’t a cash grab.” — Jelly Roll 

7. “For me, I’m not driven by hate. And I’m not bothered by it, either.” — Jelly Roll 

8. “I think to some degree they were like, ‘He deserves to tell his story.’” — Jelly Roll 

9. “I knew that we were hitting critical mass when people just start judging you for how you look.” — Jelly Roll 

10. “I am a reformed drug dealer, active alcoholic, white trash, piece of s–t, MMA fan, and father of a beautiful girl.” — Jelly Roll 

The best Jelly Roll quotes about parenting

Here Jelly Roll gives us some insight into parenting and balancing fame. 

11. “I’m not strict on Bailey, but I play zero games with her.” — Jelly Roll 

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12. “She knows there is a fine line between ‘my dad’s cool’ and ‘my dad ain’t cool.’” — Jelly Roll 

13. “Now it’s funny because some of Bailey’s friends, and I hope they listen to this.” — Jelly Roll 

14. “These friends’ mothers will let Bailey play with their children, but won’t let their children come to my house. That’s where they draw the boundary.” — Jelly Roll 

15. “They’re like, ‘Nope, his wife dresses provocatively, and he publicly drinks and smokes pot.” Like I’m the guy who would be hosting the field party and feeding the kids booze, and I’m the total opposite.” — Jelly Roll 

Famous Jelly Roll quotes about who he would like to work with and his success

In this selection, Jelly Roll opens up about who he thinks is the next artist to blow up. 

16. “I was like, “We haven’t made an impact yet.” — Jelly Roll 

17. “I think Ryan Upchurch would be good for the format, you know what I mean?” — Jelly Roll 

18. “Like they see a picture of you or a video and don’t even listen, and they’re just like, ‘Who’s this fat guy?’” — Jelly Roll 

19. “That’s when I knew I was getting successful. When all the comments were just love, love, love, love, love.” — Jelly Roll 

20. “Struggle Jennings is working on a country album right now. I came and wrote with him on a song. He’s got an incredible project that’s coming out next year.” — Jelly Roll 

Jelly Roll quotes and sayings about addiction

Jelly Roll has been open and honest about substances’ role in his life. 

21. “I do party, and people who party with me know I really party.” — Jelly Roll 

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22. “The drinking thing, to me, it’s a joke. I’m glad we get to dive deep about this.” — Jelly Roll 

23. “But people also know I’m a grown man who parties when it’s time to celebrate.” — Jelly Roll 

24. “We make a big joke because when you do go out with me, it gets really dark, but I’m not going out every night.” — Jelly Roll 

25. “I definitely enjoy a drink and a cocktail, but right now, I haven’t drank in two weeks because it’s been all focus for what I got going on in my life.” — Jelly Roll 

Does Jelly Roll regret his tattoos?

Sometimes in life, we make choices that will stick with us forever. 

Unless you want to go through the long grueling process of laser removal, a tattoo is a choice that will be with you forever. 

Jelly Roll has some pretty conspicuous tattoos; Many are on his face and neck. 

When asked if he regrets any tattoos, he responded, “I used to say every one of them. But I think I don’t.”

He added, “I’ve had them for so long I don’t think about them.”

Jelly Roll reminds us that refinement is a part of our maturation. 

Of his tattoo choices, he says, “It’s like anything else in life. If you get to do anything twice, you’ll always do it different the second time, just because you learn so much the first time.”

Learning from our past is vital to evolving. 

What is your favorite Jelly Roll quote?

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