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Who was John Snow

John Snow was a renowned physician, popular for his endless efforts to fight against cholera.

He was born in York, England, on March 15, 1813.

John was a physician and a pioneer in the field of epidemiology. 

He is also popular for his work in controlling the cholera outbreak in 1854.

According to his dedication and hard work, it was possible to identify the actual source of cholera. 

Early Life 

John Snow belonged to a working-class family.

During the early part of his life, John displayed an interest in medicine and science.

He became a physician after completing his studies at the Hunterian School of Medicine.

After that, he became a member of the Royal College of Surgeons. 

His thirst for knowledge allowed him to lay the foundation for a wide range of groundbreaking discoveries.

Finding the Cause of the Cholera Outbreak 

A cholera outbreak hit the Soho district severely in 1854.

It caused widespread illness as well as death. 

There were certain prevailing theories at that time which suggested that the cause of the cholera outbreak was foul air or “miasma”.

However, John Snow wasn’t convinced of these theories. 

Through dedication and hard work, he was successful in identifying the cause of the cholera outbreak. 

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According to him, the contaminated water of the Broad Street pump was the true culprit behind the widespread impact of cholera.


Initially, John Snow faced resistance to his different theories. 

He challenged the current medical and scientific beliefs of other scientists.

This made things worse, and his theories were rejected.

However, with his unshakeable devotion and commitment, John was successful in the publication of his seminal work.

With journals like “On the Mode of Communication of Cholera,” he gradually built the ground for his acceptance and success.

Legacy and Impact 

The work of John Snow serves as a building block for modern epidemiology. 

He emphasized the areas including:

  • Mapping 
  • Data collection 
  • Rigorous analysis

He shared his work and insights into disease transmission.

For instance, his “germ theory” has served scientists to introduce new technologies for disease prevention and improvement of public health.

John Snow Quotes about Cholera Outbreak

Here are John Snow’s quotes about the cholera outbreak.

1. “I arrived at the conclusion in the latter part of 1848, that cholera is communicated by the evacuations from the alimentary canal.” John Snow

2. “In my opinion, the cholera poison only produces its effects through the air when carried by insects, or when the evacuations become dry, and are wafted as a fine dust.” John Snow

3. “All that would be required to prevent the disease [cholera] would be such a close attention to cleanliness in cooking and eating, and to drainage and water supply, as is desirable at all times.” — John Snow

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4. “You and I may not live to see the day, and my name may be forgotten when it comes, but the time will arrive when great outbreaks of cholera will be things of the past, and it is the knowledge of the way in which the disease is propagated which will cause them to disappear.” — John Snow

5. “I found that nearly all the deaths had taken place within a short distance of the pump. With regard to the deaths, there were sixty-one instances in which I was informed that the deceased persons used to drink the water from Broad Street, either constantly or occasionally.” — John Snow

Quotes about John Snow in What the Eyes Don’t See

Author and doctor, Mona Hanna-Attisha, references John Snow in her book What the Eyes Don’t See about the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

6. “He had a crucial tool at his disposal, epidemiology, and a problem right in front of him.”  Mona Hanna-Attisha

7. “When I think about [John] Snow and his accomplishment, what has always grabbed me most—and impressed me—is the way he insinuated himself into the epidemic”  Mona Hanna-Attisha

8. “Rather than standing on the sidelines, Snow got passionately involved. His work wasn’t about abstract scientific discovery alone. It was about people and community.”  Mona Hanna-Attisha

9. “If it weren’t for Snow’s science, stubbornness, persistence, and passion for the truth, cholera might have raged on for another decade or more, taking thousands or even millions of lives.”  Mona Hanna-Attisha

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10. “John Snow doubted the prevailing ‘miasma’ theory that cholera was spread by breathing stagnant air.. snow thought it to be unsanitary drinking water.. but few drs in London at the time felt comfortable bucking consensus.”  Mona Hanna-Attisha

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John Snow thought of as a pioneer in the field of epidemiology.

He was a person of strong senses who challenged the existing rules and beliefs depending on his studies.

This led to the popularity of John Snow throughout the world.

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