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Jupiter’s Legacy Quotes from the First Generation Superheroes

These Jupiter’s Legacy quotes will get you excited for more comic superhero stories.

Jupiter’s Legacy is an American superhero drama series currently streaming on Netflix. It is based on a comic book series by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely.

The show follows the story of Sheldon Sampson as he travels to a mysterious island in the Atlantic. This is where he and five other companions received unworldly superpowers.

Sheldon decided to create guiding ideals to help them uphold their newfound powers for the greater good.

Together with his friends, they built the Union of Justice and helped the US rebuild as a nation and survive the war.

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Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Sheldon

1. “What’s the use in doing good if nobody perceives it that way?” — Sheldon

2. “We don’t kill. We don’t lead. We inspire.” — Sheldon

3. “There is a terrible gift to loss. Which leaves nothing left to lose, which means you have everything to gain.” — Sheldon

4. “The world never used to be so intentionally cruel. It used to be that if you gave your kids everything they needed, they’d be okay. That you protect your country, they call you a hero.” — Sheldon

5. “The world is filled with kids with potential who didn’t make it.” — Sheldon

6. “Service, compassion, mercy, those are the words we live by. That is our Code, and it’s the most important thing in the world.” — Sheldon

7. “I’m doing everything I can to keep this family from falling apart!” — Sheldon

8. “Look, you have to care. You have to care about people. You have to care about everything.” — Sheldon

9. “Look, it’s easier to hurt people, to get angry, to even kill people.” — Sheldon

10. “The bad guys are people too. So what do we do? We stop them, and we lock them up. But we do not let our anger get the best of us.” — Sheldon

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11. “Well if he plans on taking this over someday, he’s got to do more than learn. He’s gotta become.” — Sheldon

12. “Come on, it’s Sunday dinner, it’s not the Last Supper. Let’s lower our expectations.” — Sheldon

13. “Those gifts are meant for people who are less fortunate than you.” — Sheldon

Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Chloe

14. “Brandon wants to be him. You wanna be her. But you can’t. You’re just you. No matter what you do… You’re just you.” — Chloe

15. “You do the right thing, somebody dies. You do the wrong thing, somebody dies.” — Chloe

16. “Everyone’s more fortunate than me because they don’t have you as their dad.” — Chloe

17. “Are you seriously sticking up for him? Oh, of course you are, you are his perfect little shadow.” — Chloe

18. “Dad knows that he should have been there for us when we were younger but won’t admit it , because it’s not the ideal.” — Chloe

19. “No one can live up to the great Utopian, Brandon. Not even dad.” — Chloe

20. “I am sorry that you think you have to carry a hundred and twenty years of his bullshit so daddy will love again. You don’t.” — Chloe

21. “The son of the world’s greatest supervillain and the daughter of the greatest hero. How did we ever think that shit was going to work?” — Chloe

Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Grace

22. “Fear is a part of everything, but so is getting through it.” — Grace

23. “We’ve been married for 60 years. You don’t get to have secrets.” — Grace

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24. “Your heart is in the right place. It’s just not her place, you know? At least not right now.” — Grace

25. “OKay, relax, Yoda. You’re not going anywhere. He’s got time.” — Grace

26. “I didn’t realize that having an opposing view to yours was considered dissension now.” — Grace

27. “This isn’t a lesson. This is a punishment.” — Grace

28. “It’s not as black and white as it used to be.” — Grace

29. “If I spot one tentacle splashing around, then I’m swimming home.” — Grace

30. “We need to be better than they are, now more than ever.” — Grace

Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Hutch

31. “All I know is there are parts of both of our lives we don’t want mixing.” — Hutch

32. “The world is changing. So I guess I’m gonna have to change with it.” — Hutch

Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Chester

33. “Walt, we get it. You’re the glass half empty guy. Every company needs one of those to keep feet nailed to the ground.” — Chester

34. “You’ve got to step off that ledge if you’re ever going to soar.” — Chester

35. “It’s not about the board, or the Fed, or Irving Fisher. It’s about people, Walt. It’s about family.” — Chester

36. “All your life you try to build something. Try to build it bigger, better, faster. Build a legacy. Then, one day, it turns out you’ve been building your own box, and you’re the one inside of it.” — Chester

Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Brandon

37. “Someone still has to stand for something.” — Brandon

38. “You’re just jealous that he picked me instead of you.” — Brandon

39. “What good is setting an example if no one ever follows it?” — Brandon

40. “But you have to make a choice. Otherwise, you’re just standing by, letting the world go.” — Brandon

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Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Walter

41. “I don’t know why you keep insisting on meeting in public places. Eventually, someone’s going to recognize us.” — Walter

42. “Apple fell right next to you, didn’t it?” — Walter

43. “He’s a terrorist, Sheldon, he took the vice president hostage.” — Walter

44. “All I know is we’re here. You made a decision. We’re here, nothing can change that.” — Walter

45. “Can we just skip being an asshole? Get to it, Barnabas.” — Walter

46. “I’m the only one who can do it. It’s the only way to find out who’s behind all this.” — Walter

Jupiter’s Legacy quotes from Blackstar

47. “Somebody’s screwing with you. Check that thing’s ass for a ‘made in China.’” — Blackstar

48. “I would’ve swallowed your baby boy whole and shit him out in pieces.” — Blackstar

49. “Oh, I see how it is. Rules don’t apply when it’s your kid doing the killing?” — Blackstar

50. “Double standards don’t look good on you, pal!” — Blackstar

Which of these Jupiter’s Legacy quotes is your favorite?

By serving the US and its people, the Union of Justice became an inspiration and legend for many people around the world, particularly the Americans.

However, as time passed, the world changed and their descendants could not cope with their ideals and were trapped with the ideas of fame and fortune.

The author of this series is also famously known for writing the events of Avengers Civil War and Old Man Logan. His direct involvement in the production of this series will ensure that the TV series will remain faithful to the source material.

If you are a fan of superhero stories and you enjoyed these Jupiter’s Legacy quotes and sayings, you’ll enjoy reading these again and again.

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