50 Kehlani Quotes & Lyrics from the Singer-Songwriter

Kehlani quotes that are inspiring for young people who are starting out with their careers.

As a singer and songwriter, Kelhani has impressed many of her fans with her sheer talent and versatility in the music industry.

Kehlani started her career in the music scene as one of the members of the teen group Poplyfe.

The 26-year-old singer then released her solo songs beginning in 2014.

Her mixtape Cloud 19 was reported as one of the Best Albums of 2014.

She then released more and more mixtapes and studio albums that gained international fame.

In 2020, Kehlani released her latest studio album, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which was well-received by her fans who were waiting for her comeback after pregnancy.

Here are some of the best Kehlani quotes to help you know more about her and her experiences in life and in music.

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Best Kehlani Song Quotes to Inspire Future Musicians

1. “I feel like I don’t really care about impressing other people. I thoroughly enjoy impressing myself.” – Kehlani

Inspirational Kehlani quotes

2. “I think, as musicians, our music should be who we are. Sometimes it’s not – it’s someone else’s. All heartfelt music and all honest music, it’s who we are. Of course, our upbringing has everything to do with it.” – Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about musicians

3. “I think writing and singing go together, but I treat them as two separate careers because I write for others. If I’m writing for myself, I prefer to be with the producer. And then we can vibe out and throw ideas back and forth, and I’ll basically let the producer play me a bunch of beats until I vibe with one.” – Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about writing and singing go together

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4. “Stardom is a crazy thought. If that’s what my path is, then that’s where I’m excited to be headed towards.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about stardom is a crazy thought

5. “Success to me is only two things: happiness and stability.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about happiness and stability

6. “I write most of my songs to beats. I play around on guitar, but not enough to where I can compose my own stuff or play solos. Can accompany myself cause most songs are, like, four chords.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes on composing songs

7. “As far as creation goes, you just really have to not overthink and just create and be confident. If you think it’s tight, then the world is going to think it’s tight.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about being confident

8. “I went from broke and homeless sleeping on couches. I couldn’t even figure out what I was doing in Los Angeles. Now, I’m paying my own bills. I’m about to move my mama in with me at 19. I’m on tour now, and this is all off of one mixtape.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about homeless sleeping on couches

9. “I used to be overly inspirational, and I don’t say that as a bad thing, but that was something I strived to do in the studio all the time, to be very purposeful in every song: message, message, message.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes that will inspire you

10. “There’s girls that grew up like me and even worse, and they need to know that there is someone out there that can give them hope with my music. It’s about inspiring people and helping people.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about growing up

Kehlani Quotes and Captions for Music Lovers to Enjoy

11. “I think my main two songs are ‘FWU’ and ‘Get Away.’ ‘FWU’ made a cool point because it came out right after Chris Brown’s ‘Loyal’ came out. I combated it with ‘FWU,’ a song that basically says, ‘These women are loyal.” –Kehlani

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Kehlani quotes and captions for music lovers to enjoy

12. “I think most people don’t know that I really write everything myself. No help. There’s nobody in the studio except for me and the engineer. A lot of people don’t think I’m a singer. They think I’m a rapper.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about rapper

13. “My biggest role model right now is Beyonce, just ’cause she is a very, very strong, powerful woman, and that’s obviously the number one reason to be inspired by her. She is just killing every game there is to kill.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about role model is Beyonce

14. “My lyrics are a complete 180 from what they used to be in terms of maturity. And I have a kid, so that changes everything.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about lyrics

15. “It’s funny: I don’t listen to too much rap. I don’t listen to too much older hip-hop. If I do, it’s Ja Rule.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes on don't listen to too much rap

16. “Sometimes I make songs about girls, and I say ‘he,’ or I’ll make songs about guys, and I say ‘she,’ or sometimes they’re exactly what they’re about. I feel like it just allows me to get a lot more perspective.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes on making songs about girls

17. “Make-up sex, as treacherous as it can be, becomes this fun and playful thing versus this really intense thing. To me the song feels playful.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about the songs feels playful

18. “I took a long break when I was pregnant. But the other side of the coin is that I’m in a record deal. And I can say, love my label. But at some point, I’d like to be the biggest, best businesswoman I can be, and I’d like to get out of my record deal. Not to wreck anything, I’m definitely going to make a bunch of albums, but I’d like at some point to show my daughter that I can own my own music, because that’s a goal of mine.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes on pregnancy

19. “Vocally, I’m always listening to Brandy. As a writer, I’m always listening to India Arie and Drake.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about listening to Brandy

Kehlani Quotes that Share Parts of Her Life

20. “My pops passed when I was little. I didn’t have a dad around to tell me certain things. I didn’t have my biological mother.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes that share parts of her life

21. “I’m at that point where I was able to make a decision on if it was time to follow my goals that are bigger than music, which is service to the community.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes to make decision

22. “I have a couple of people I would consider best friends in the industry. A girl named Ambré, I love Ella Mai, I love Jean Deaux, I love Yung Baby Tate. I connect with artists who are grateful for where they are today. We’re the artists who end up sitting in a room and having a conversation about how none of the stuff in the fog matters. The people who will be blessed to get nominated for something but aren’t tripping otherwise. The people who are just in this to retire their moms to feed their families.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about best friends in the Industry

23. “I’ve just been really honest, and people got the opportunity to grow up with me. A lot of my fanbase is around my age, so they’re growing up with me and building this connection outside of just my music. They love my daughter. They love a lot of my friends. They’re fans of my family members.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about the opportunity to grow up

24. “My views kind of got lost because being in love with the art itself went away. When you have to focus on putting something out that’s so intentional every time, you almost lose the pure intentions that come through when you’re just creating. I think I’ve grown in the way that I’ve let my emotional self-take over as the writer, just writing more freely. That’s the biggest growth for me.” –Kehlani

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Kehlani quotes about being in love

25. “I really hate finding out people that show love really be talking crazy behind the scenes. bitch buck up and hate me with your chest.” –Kehlani

Kehlani quotes about I really hate finding out people that shows love really be talking crazy behind the scens

26. “I used to think that love was giving up everything of yourself and giving it to the other person. Now, I’ve realized that love is when you have somebody that doesn’t make you give up half of yourself.” –Kehlani

27. “Maybe it’s about what we think we deserve. There are two different kinds of toxic relationships. One’s toxic and you’re just f*cking with it because you’re still down with it. And then there’s the other kind, like, you actually have no idea until something happens, and then you look at the whole thing like, “Oh, damn. This might be bad.” Toxic shit can be very fun. That’s partly why it’s so toxic.” –Kehlani

28. “Me being so open just helps other people. People feel like they know me so much that they can talk to me all of the time about really personal things. Sometimes it’s really nice and comforting. It depends on the person, whether they’re creepy or not.” –Kehlani

29. “Everybody is on the ‘I’ll cross the bridge when it comes’ conversation. I don’t think anybody truly knows.” –Kehlani

30. “I hang out with the right people, my friends that I’ve had since the beginning. We go to the beach, take walks, paint, see our family – just normal things that people who become famous lose sight of.” –Kehlani

Kehlani Quotes About Getting Your Start

31. “I think writing and singing go together, but I treat them as two separate careers because I write for others. If I’m writing for myself, I prefer to be with the producer. And then we can vibe out and throw ideas back and forth, and I’ll basically let the producer play me a bunch of beats until I vibe with one.” –Kehlani

32. “You start singing by singing what you hear. So everyone, when they first start singing, they naturally are singing like whatever they’re hearing, because that’s the only way you learned how to sing. So when I was growing up on Lauryn Hill, when I started singing her songs, I literally trained my voice to be able to do runs.” –Kehlani

33. “I was in art school, and we had all these random classes. We’d listen to a lot of Bollywood. I’d listen to Spanish music – and I don’t even speak Spanish, but Hector Lavoe is amazing – we listened to French music like Edith Piaf. She’s tight. I like cool vocal inflections; cool sounds. I pretty much listen to anything I think is good.” –Kehlani

34. “I was writing with my homegirl who’s one of my favorite people to work with. We were just sitting in a studio and I said, “I want to be able to talk about sex, but very specific kinds of sex.” –Kehlani

35. “I just remember falling in love with the old Chris Brown music, where it was, like, that real R&B, and I love the radio smashes he’s put out since then, but I go back to his older music for that R&B.” –Kehlani

36. “My favorite person that I had been running everything by doesn’t even make music, but he is a genius. It’s Kerby [Jean-Raymond] from Pyer Moss.”-Kehlani

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More Kehlani Quotes for Fans to Enjoy

37. “Everything hit me. Life can just change in a moment. You know what I’m saying? Life can be over in a moment,” she says. “If you are blessed enough to come out of that, you have to take life by the reins and do this shit how you can design it.” –Kehlani

38. “I’m a healthy eater, but I don’t consider Chick-fil-A fast food.” –Kehlani

39. “Yes, you are like the sun so always shine bright.” –Kehlani

40. “Sex is biological, but gender is mental.” –Kehlani

41. “Even though touring is such a great source of joy, I feel like there’s so many more essential things that need to be brought back and fully figured out before we throw thousands of people in a room to get sweaty and stand inches away from each other.” –Kehlani

42. “I’m frazzled, but I’m good.” –Kehlani

43. “It don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.” –Kehlani

44. “I’ve always been a very young person with a very old soul.” –Kehlani

45. “I know, that’s why I said it, because I know you f*ck with him. He was in the studio all the time. Every time I finished a song, I ran it by him. Before quarantine, before I had to make everything myself, he was actually going to be creative directing.” –Kehlani

46. “When you look at me, you can’t really tell what I am, but I’m black, white, Native, Spanish, and a little bit of Filipino.” –Kehlani

47. “If my eyebrows are cool, if my eyeliner is popping, if I’m moisturized, then I can pretty much wear whatever I want. I think if your hair and your face are together, I think it’s pretty much polished!” –Kehlani

48. “My brain kind of works in steps. I have to go through things and then process them and then write about them. I have to understand them first.” –Kehlani

49. “I was seeing the effects of what music can do — how it can be healing and beautiful and bring people joy…but on the flip side, there was this ugliness. I saw the greed and the He-Mans that were willing to f*ck over children.” –Kehlani

50. “I’m growing in front of millions of people. Openly. And it’s left for a lot of really f*cking confusing moments where I’ve questioned if I was doing something because it was how I felt or if it was what the public wanted me to do. I have a hard time separating those things. But I’m here now, and I can’t take any of it back, and there are more blessings than there are hardships.” –Kehlani

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Clearly, she has been through many challenges and victories in life.

She has faced a lot of rejections, adjustments, and trials.

The singer did not back down when she experienced these setbacks.

She got inspiration from the people who support her and the people she looked up to while growing up.

In fact, these hardships made her even stronger, as a person, a singer, and as a doting mother to her child.

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