25 Mr. Feeny Quotes From the Television Series “Boy Meets World”

If you’re a fan of the “Boy Meets World” television series, you will love these wise and inspirational Mr. Feeny quotes.

Mr. Feeny is a fictional character portrayed by actor William Daniels in the “Boy Meets World” series, which aired for seven seasons from 1993 through 2000.

Mr. Feeny is the sixth-grade teacher and neighbor of the main character Cory Matthews.

As the series progresses, Mr. Feeny becomes the high school teacher for Cory and his friends and later the Principal before becoming a professor at their college.

The series centers around Cory and his best friends, Shawn and Topanga, as they navigate coming of age.

Although he is reluctant, Mr. Feeny acts as both a mentor and a friend to them all.

Take a look at these Mr. Feeny quotes to learn more about this wise and fun character.

Iconic Mr. Feeny Quotes

Throughout the series, Mr. Feeny had many iconic quotes.

1. “Try.” — Mr. Feeny

2. “Do good.” — Mr. Feeny

3. “Believe in yourselves.” — Mr. Feeny

4. “I love you all. Class dismissed.” — Mr. Feeny

5. “You don’t have to be blood to be family.” — Mr. Feeny

6. “Sorry I’m late. I was chillin’ with my homies.” — Mr. Feeny

7. “I can do whatever I want. I have the megaphone!” — Mr. Feeny

8. “Let’s not call it detention. I prefer ‘Hooked on Feeny.’” — Mr. Feeny

9. “There is no greater aspiration than to have love in our lives. Romeo knew it and died for it.” — Mr. Feeny

10. “Friendship is a real gift. It’s given with no expectations, and no gratitude is needed between real friends.” — Mr. Feeny

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Best Mr. Feeny Quotes

Take a look at some of the best quotes from Mr. Feeny.

11. “That’s pretty special.” — Mr. Feeny

12. “Mr. Matthews, I have no idea what you’re talking about.” — Mr. Feeny

13. “There is no gravity in space, Mr. Matthews, therefore astronauts suck up. Learn from them.” — Mr. Feeny

14. “I will be watching you every moment of your high school career. Which in your case, could be decades.” — Mr. Feeny

15. “Unfortunately, we live in a society where they tell us we have to look a certain way, so we’re all under pressure to live up to unrealistic expectations.” — Mr. Feeny

16. “You see, Mr. Matthews, education is not about obscure facts and little test scores. Education is about the overall effects of years of slow absorption.” — Mr. Feeny

17. “In the course of your education, you have always been taught to look for the right answer. But you must also know that in life, sometimes the right answer is that there isn’t one.” — Mr. Feeny

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Feeny Quotes to Inspire You

Here are some inspirational quotes from Mr. Feeny.

18. “Dream.” — Mr. Feeny

19. “Well, now, you have passion.” — Mr. Feeny

20. “There’s a first time for everything.” — Mr. Feeny

21. “Sometimes a sure thing is not the best thing.” — Mr. Feeny

22. “Regardless of hurt feelings, it’s always advisable to keep the lines of communication open.” — Mr. Feeny

23. “If you let people’s perception of you dictate your behavior, you will never grow as a person.” — Mr. Feeny

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24. “To me, a real hero is someone who does the right thing when the right thing is not the easy thing to do.” — Mr. Feeny

25. “When you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer, and it may never come again. And that is the most important thing I could teach you.” — Mr. Feeny

Did Mr. Feeny Have a Big Impact on the Show?

Mr. Feeny was a reluctant mentor who slowly became friends with Cory and his friends as they aged.

Cory could always rely on Mr. Feeny for advice in tough situations.

Mr. Feeny had such a big impact that he had the last line of the series, “I love you all. Class dismissed.”

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