50 Networking Quotes that will Help you Connect

Networking quotes are quite popular these days, and there are various reasons for this preference.

These quotes are powerful enough to immediately attract the attention of a reader.

Since networking quotes are extremely engaging, we have compiled a list of such quotes.

In addition, we have also discussed some tips for building business networking.

So, with no further ado, let’s start.

Networking Tips to Boost your Business

If you are looking forward to running a successful business, networking is the key.

So, before setting up the business, connecting with the right people is imperative. 

Here are the most effective networking tips to help you build a strong network: 

  • Attend business events 
  • Expand your social circle
  • Start a conversation 
  • Always stay positive
  • Don’t just think about yourself

Attend Business Events 

This is among the most effective tips for building connections and creating a network.

This involves participating in business events that are closely related to the type of business you are running.

For instance, if you are into clothing, try to visit fashion shows.

In addition, local business owners should take part in the events held locally. 

Expand your Social Circle

Expanding your social circle is a great way to grow your business.

For this purpose, join a club or fitness facility.

This allows you to meet people regularly and know their interests. 

Your first business connections are the surrounding people. 

Start a Conversation 

When chatting with others, you need to overcome the feeling of awkwardness. 

Even if you aren’t familiar with a person, there is nothing wrong with starting a conversation.

When you are in the company of one or two individuals, try to start a conversation.

You can open a conversation by complimenting the other person. 

In addition, asking a question is another subtle way to start a conversation. 

Once the chat is on, it’s easy to know essential information about a person, including name, job, address, phone, etc. 

Always Stay Positive

When building a business network, keep negative thoughts away from you.

Exhibit positivity in your gestures and speech.

This will help the people around you to build a positive impression of you.

Don’t just think about yourself

Networking is all about benefiting each other.

Hence, you should never act selfishly.

When you are building connections, don’t be a person who is asking only for himself.

If you do so, the relationship won’t last too long.

Therefore, try to help your contacts whenever possible.

Top 10 Networking Quotes

Here are our top 10 networking quotes you will want to read and share. 

1. “Networking is working.”Denise Morrison

2. “Wikis and social networking are just tools.”Jimmy Wales

3. “Networking is rubbish; have friends instead.”Steve Winwood

4. “You can buy networking; you can’t buy friendships.” ― Lindsay Fox

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5. “Well, I think social networking is really interesting.” ― Marissa Mayer

6. “Social networking helps reach people easier and quicker.” ― Bill Cosby

7. “Networking is an essential part of building wealth.” ― Armstrong Williams

8. “My Golden Rule of Networking is simple: Don’t keep score.” ― Harvey Mackay

9. “Of course, social networking is essential. The feedback helps me grow.”Vijay Antony

10. “Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence.” ― Lewis Howes

Networking Quotes with Life Lessons

The following networking quotes will teach you some vital lessons to help you succeed. 

11. “Networking is by far the most important aspect of business school. The classroom is a distant second.” ― Jay Devivo

12. “Networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally.” ― Michele Jennae 

13. “Love, friendship, networking – these are all critical connections and the foundation of a healthy, happy life.”Whitney Wolfe Herd

14. “Networking has been cited as the number one unwritten rule of success in business. Who you know really impacts what you know.”Sallie Krawcheck

15. “It’s all about people. It’s about networking and being nice to people, and not burning any bridges. Your book is going to impress, but in the end, it is people that are going to hire you.” ― Mike Davidson

More networking quotes we can learn from

16. “Brooklyn is where I primarily developed. I had an opportunity to make records and perform in clubs here and there, and I started networking with the right people in the right places.”Busta Rhymes

17. “Many believe effective networking is done face-to-face, building a rapport with someone by looking at them in the eye, leading to a solid connection and foundational trust.”Raymond Arroyo

18. “My readers and my audiences have turned into my followers. They are more than interested in what I have to say in the subjects of sales, loyalty, attitude, networking, business social media, and becoming a trusted advisor.”Jeffrey Gitomer

19. “The habit of doing more than you are paid for can benefit any business that sells a product or service. Learning and understanding the principle of the mastermind philosophy of networking can increase the value of your network and your net worth.”Clay Clark

20. “Technology is a compulsive and addictive way to live. Verbal communication cannot be lost because of a lack of skill. The ability to listen and learn is key to mastering the art of communication. If you don’t use your verbal skills and networking, it will disappear rapidly. Use technology wisely.” ― Rick Pitino

Networking Quotes with Wisdom

Below are the networking quotes that have wisdom.

21. “Everyone should build their network before they need it.” ― Dave Delaney

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22. “The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.” ― Keith Ferrazzi

23. “Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes.” ― Ronald Burt

24. “Networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals.” ― Seth Godin 

25. “Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity, and time.” ― Alan Collins

26. “Networking is a verb. You build a network by actively networking.” ― Unknown

27. “Networking isn’t how many people you know; it’s how many people know you.”― Amit Kalantri 

28. “Networking is a lot like nutrition and fitness: we know what to do, the hard part is making it a top priority.” ― Herminia Ibarra

29. “Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come.” ― Diane Helbig

30. “Networking is simply the cultivating of mutually beneficial, give-and-take, win-win relationships. It works best, however, when emphasizing the “give” part.” ― Bob Burg 

Networking Quotes Related to Technology

Besides social networking, machines also The following networking quotes are related to networking technology.   

31. “I think there are pros and cons to social networking, but on a social, personal level, it’s just not for me.” ― Colin Morgan 

32. “We see opportunities in the networking and telecom space, including 5G, where we see accelerated investments.” ― Ashok Soota

33. “Instead of telling the world what you’re eating for breakfast, you can use social networking to do something that’s meaningful.” ― Edward Norton

34. “What the Internet has done is made it easier to stay in touch with people, and social networking has helped me career-wise by helping me keep in touch with my fans.” ― James Wan

35. “Facebook is by far the largest of these social networking sites and starting with its ill-fated Beacon service, privacy concerns have more than once been raised about how the ubiquitous social networking site handles its user data.” ― Michael Bennet

Networking quotes about the internet and people

36. “Generally, social networking sites can be hugely promising and beneficial in opening new friendships and vistas and knowledge of the world, but they are also fraught with peril when young people are reckless or headless.” ― Richard Blumenthal

37. “Anyone can use these sites – companies and colleges, teachers and students, young and old all make use of networking sites to connect with people electronically to share pictures, information, course work, and common interests.” ― Mike Fitzpatrick

38. “In the earliest days, this was a project I worked on with great passion because I wanted to solve the Defense Department’s problem: it did not want proprietary networking, and it didn’t want to be confined to a single network technology.” ― Vint Cerf

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39. “Networking technology is at the heart of the Internet, connecting devices and local networks with the global public Internet. Planning, designing, building, managing, and supporting IP networks all require dedicated networking skills.” ― Tae Yoo

40. “I live in England, so I take a lot of trains, and you can’t really go anywhere without somebody talking on their mobile phone behind you, forcing you to listen to their conversation. With the Internet, with texting, with networking sites, there’s already information everywhere.” ― Patrick Ness

Some More Networking Quotes

Here are some more networking quotes for you.      

41. “I really enjoy computer networking.” ― Matt Mullenweg

42. “People think I’m rude. I’m not rude; I’m just not networking. It’s just honesty.” ― Louise Wilson

43. “You have social networking, and you can do things efficiently without the might of a big label.” ― Boy George

44. “Whatever you’re selling, storage or networking or security, you’re going head to head with the incumbent players.” ― Marc Andreessen

45. “Networking doesn’t have to be all about talking shop over appetizers and bad chardonnay – do it in a way that works for you.” ― Kathryn Minshew

46. “With the advent of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking sites, genuine privacy can only be found by renting a private villa for a holiday.” ― Robert Powell       

47. “The stock prices of networking equipment companies like Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks sometimes seem as if they are priced for perpetual success.” ― Alex Berenson

48. “Be present. Be meditative. Form real friendships. Stay away from business networking events or friendships where there is always an underlying business angle.” ― Naval Ravikant 

49. “Best results are often achieved well before you need a job, by consistently networking so that when you find yourself job-hunting, you have a large network to work with.” ― Erik Qualman

50. “Some friends of mine bothered me for a long time about getting on the social networking pages. They were close friends that I liked to mess with, and I think that I kind of enjoyed it for a while that it bothered them so much. Now they’ve just kind of given up.” ― John Hawkes 

Which One of these Networking Quotes is your Favorite? 

The Networking quotes listed above are motivational and engaging.

Reading these quotes lets you understand how networking is essential in every field of life.

So, whether it is social or business networking, building connections can help you a lot.

If you like our compilation of networking quotes, share these with others.

Apart from this, let us know about your favorite networking quotes by commenting in the section below.

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