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On My Block Quotes that Take You Back to High School

These On My Block quotes will get you thinking and remembering how high school feels and remind you of the friendships you built along the way.

On My Block is a teen comedy-drama TV series streaming on Netflix. It revolves around the story of teenagers as they go through the unforgiving life of high school.

It is set in a fictional suburban city in Los Angeles. The series features a diverse cast and unique storylines that keep each episode fun and exciting.

It follows Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar’s story as they explore themselves and build their identity while going through high school. The rough life on the block makes this series more interesting and somewhat relatable for most audiences. Enjoy these On My Block quotes!

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On My Block quotes from Jamal

1. “I’m just the keeper of secrets. Like the Vatican.” — Jamal

2. “It’s all messed up and it’s always your fault. And you never get any of the love.” — Jamal

3. “So, it’s like this: our friends are like a family, if your family was full of pedophiles.” — Jamal

4. “Never underestimate the “I don’t give a shititude” of part-time security guards.” — Jamal

5. “You can get jumped into a gang, but can you get humped in?” — Jamal

6. “Your name is Spooky, and you’re afraid of ghosts?!” — Jamal

7. “Oh no. Do you think I’m one of those people who can’t enjoy sex without love?” — Jamal

On My Block quotes from Ruby

8. “There’s nothing about me that’s even remotely intimidating and, actually, on numerous occasions, I’ve been told that just looking at me makes people laugh.” — Ruby

9. “ I also don’t do anybody any favors by being the smartest person in the room. And no one wants to feel dumb when they can’t pick up what I’m laying’ down.” — Ruby

10. “I can’t even keep up with myself. But it’s who I am.” — Ruby

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11. “I transcend the universal plane of thought and linger on the precipice of the celestial realm.” — Ruby

12. “Because you questioning if you’re not feeling means you’re still feeling something.” — Ruby

13. “I’m just done with the bullshit and dancing around the truth, and the truth is sometimes I think we’re better off dead.” — Ruby

14. “When I come back, I’m going to bring some booty and some boundaries.” — Ruby

On My Block quotes from Monse

15. “Promise me nothing is going to change.” — Monse

16. “I have no gene for giving a damn.” — Monse

17. If I leave you’re going to forget about me. — Monse

18. “It’s Oscar. If anyone can handle it, it’s him. I’m not worried.” — Monse

19. “What if I’m totally desensitized to pain and loss? What if I become one of those people who is numb to life. I don’t want to be that person.” — Monse

20. “Everything bad that has ever happened is because of you!” — Monse

21. “ Sometimes I wish I didn’t know her, and that I wouldn’t miss her so much. I miss her. I really miss her. I wish she was dead.” — Monse

On My Block quotes from Jasmine

22. “We’re in an investigation, and I’m going to need you both to be impartial. I’m impartial but totally on Team Monse. Vag before badge.” — Jasmine

23. “So he has daddy issues, and you have mommy issues, and if you don’t stay away, y’all will have baby issues.” — Jasmine

24. “Look, you have every reason to feel triggered, but what you’re doing is triggering other people. Everybody’s going through their own shit. Okay? You gotta stop. You’re bringing down the mood. At a funeral.” — Jasmine

25. “I’m a whole life’s love, boo. Not just part of someone’s one-eighth life crisis.” — Jasmine

26. “Look. I like the D but not the ick and you’re being a dick.” — Jasmine

27. “People! You can’t be soft if you want to be a dick! Now harden up!” — Jasmine

28. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. How dirty? Like fixing parking tickets dirty? Or planting a gun dirty? Or I shot you ‘ cause you’re brown dirty?” — Jasmine

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29. “Don’t wish that! Don’t ever, ever wish that. I know what that is, so don’t, don’t that.” — Jasmine

On My Block quotes from Cesar

30. “Monse, I never got to tell him I was sorry. I never got to thank him for everything he has done for me.” — Cesar

31. “Leave. I release you. I don’t want to be anybody’s liability.” — Cesar

32. “You must be the shit down at the station to have this kind of access.” — Cesar

33. “Nah, you know what’s not fair? It’s that you guys complain about my brother and the gang, but as soon as you need him, you come begging. Well, I’m not sitting on my ass while Oscar’s out there saving all of ours.” — Cesar

34. “We’ve been running the bases backward from the start. We were hooking up before we even had a date. Maybe what we need is just that. A date. An epic one to recalibrate everything that went wrong and everything that’s still right.” — Cesar

35. “Me? Forget about you? Never. We’re not going to forget about each other.” — Cesar

36. “We can never really leave each other. You know why? Because we made each other who we are. We are burned into each other’s DNA, and it doesn’t matter where you are, or what you do. When your heart beats, mine beats with it.” — Cesar

37. “ You can’t stay for me either. I swear to you I will be here when you come back, no matter how long it takes.” — Cesar

On My Block quotes from Cuchillos

38. “I answer to no one, let alone no man.” — Cuchillos

39. “Lil Ricky is alive, and you’re going to find him.” — Cuchillos

40. “Behind every good man is a better woman.” — Cuchillos

41. “I am many things, but a patient woman I am not.” — Cuchillos

42. “You know what’s yours, papacito? Nada. You own nothing. You don’t even own yourself. I own you, Spooky. Never forget that. OK?” — Cuchillos

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On My Block quotes from Oscar

43. “Hermano, it’s a new day. I don’t need this shit. I want adult problems. Maybe have a wife, a kid. All I have right now is resentment and missed opportunities.” — Oscar

44. “It’s time to give it away and start a new chapter.” — Oscar

45. “These are your territories. As long as you stay in your territories, there’s nothing to worry about. You have my word.” — Oscar

46. “Do you want to be a shooter or a shot caller?” — Oscar

47. “For a long time, I didn’t think I had a choice. But after shit didn’t add up about Ray, I started asking around. Found out what really happened between him and the Santos. They turned on him. She turned on him for no reason. Our family ain’t sacrificing for her no more.” — Oscar

48. “She’s out of control. She’s never been this bad before, and it’s all for nothing. putting you kids in the middle of her crazy vendetta? Shit must stop.” — Oscar

49. “You know the worst part about growing up without a father? It’s having to be a father to a brother without ever being a son.” — Oscar

50. “You’re right. I can be president. Or an astronaut. Or a movie star. I can be anything I want to be because I had such a good role model!” — Oscar

Which of these On My Block quotes is your favorite?

Each cast in this series has a story to tell on their own. They have their own conflicts and triumph, and as they go live their lives in the suburbs, their lives become more intertwined in a series of adventures and misfortunes that will test their friendships.

This series will remind you how simple yet complicated a teenage life could be. Each episode is packed with comedy and serious drama that will keep you engaged throughout the series.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading these On My Block quotes and sayings. And if these quotes remind you of your friends, share them with them.

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