25 The Tempest Quotes From the William Shakespeare Play

Fans of Shakespeare will love these The Tempest quotes!

The Tempest is one of the last plays written by William Shakespeare and was written between 1610 and 1611.

The play’s first scene is set aboard a ship, but the rest of the play takes place on a remote island.

The Tempest gets its name from the storm that the main character Prospero conjures up to shipwreck a ship carrying his enemies.

The movie’s plot follows Prospero, formerly the Duke of Milan, but loses his throne to his evil brother Antonio with the help of the King of Naples, Alonso.

Prospero flees to an island with his young daughter Miranda, his enslaved person, Caliban, and his servant Ariel, a local spirit.

Years later, a ship passes the island carrying his brother Antonio, Alonso, his family, and court members.

Prospero uses magic and conjures up a storm to wreck the ship on the island and separate the survivors into different groups.

Check out these The Tempest quotes to learn more about the play.

The Tempest Quotes From the Main Character Prospero

Check out these quotes from the main character of the play!

1. “Do I take part; the rarer action is In virtue than in vengeance.” — Prospero (Act 5, Scene 1)

2. “The hour’s now come; The very minute bids thee ope thine ear.” — Prospero (Act 1, Scene 2)

3. “This thing of darkness I Acknowledge mine.” — Prospero (Act 5, Scene 1)

4. “What see’st thou else In the dark backward and abysm of time?” — Prospero (Act 1, Scene 2)

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5. “Let us not burthen our remembrance with A heaviness that’s gone.” — Prospero (Act 5, Scene 1)

6. “Awake, dear heart, awake. Thou hast slept well. Awake.” — Prospero (Act 1, Scene 2)

7. “I have done nothing but in care of thee —Of thee, my dear one! thee, my daughter.” — Prospero (Act 1, Scene 2)

8. “The strongest oaths are straw To th’ fire i’ the blood. Be more abstemious, Or else good night your vow!” — Prospero (Act 4, Scene 1)

9. “We are such stuff As dreams are made on; and our little life Is rounded with a sleep.” — Prospero (Act 4, Scene 1)

10. “What I command, I’ll rack thee with old cramps, Fill all thy bones with aches, make thee roar, That beasts shall tremble at thy din.” — Prospero (Act 1, Scene 2)

The Tempest Quotes From Prospero’s Slave and Servant

Check out these quotes from two of the most important characters in the play.

11. “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” — Ariel (Act 1, Scene 2)

12. “I will be correspondent to command, And do my spriting gently. — Ariel (Act 1, Scene 2)

13. “Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises, Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.” — Caliban (Act 3, Scene 2)

14. “Thou liest, thou jesting monkey, thou: I would my valiant monster would destroy thee: I do not lie.”  Caliban (Act 3, Scene 2)

15. “All the charms Of Sycorax, toads, beetles, bats, light on you! For I am all the subjects that you have, Which first was mine own king.” — Caliban (Act 1, Scene 2)

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16. “Their pricks at my footfall; sometime am I All wound with adders, who, with cloven tongues, Do hiss me into madness.” — Caliban (Act 2, Scene 2)

17. “You taught me language, and my profit on’t Is I know how to curse. The red plague rid you For learning me your language! “— Caliban (Act 1, Scene 2)

The Tempest Quotes From the Rest of the Cast

Here are some quotes from other members of the cast.

18. “Good wombs have borne bad sons.” — Miranda (Act 1, Scene 2)

19. “I would not wish Any companion in the world but you.” — Miranda (Act 3, Scene 1)

20. “Now I will believe that there are unicorns…” — Sebastian (Act 3, Scene 3)

21. “Here, kiss the book. Though thou canst swim like a duck, thou art made like a goose.” — Stephano (Act 2, Scene 2)

22. “You cram these words into mine ears against The stomach of my sense. Would I had never Married my daughter there!” — Alonso (Act 2, Scene 1)

23. “The mistress which I serve quickens what’s dead And makes my labours pleasures.” — Ferdinand (Act 3, Scene 1)

24. “Have I lik’d several women, never any With so full soul, but some defect in her Did quarrel with the noblest grace she ow’d, And put it to the foil; but you, O you.” — Ferdinand (Act 3, Scene 1)

25. “You have often Begun to tell me what I am; but stopp’d, And left me to a bootless inquisition, Concluding, Stay; not yet.” — Miranda (Act 1, Scene 2)

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What Happens to Prospero and Miranda?

Miranda is now fifteen years old, and Prospero’s plan is for her and Alonso’s son Ferdinand to fall in love, which they do.

Prospero then promises to free Ariel if she helps him restore his kingdom, which she does, and he forgives everyone that had plotted against him.

As promised, Prospero then frees Ariel and abandons his magic before sailing back to his kingdom and then on to Naples for Miranda and Ferdinand to be married.

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