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Private Practice Quotes from the Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff

If you love medical drama series, you’ll surely enjoy reading these Private Practice quotes.

Private Practice is a medical drama series that is a spin-off of the famous TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

It follows the story of Dr. Addison Montgomery as she tries to rebuild her life and move on after the events of Grey’s Anatomy.

It is set in a humble Seaside Health and Wellness Center, the complete opposite of the chaotic hospital setting of Seattle grace.

As Dr. Addison starts her private practice, she will have to deal with different conflicts and budding relationships with her new co-workers. Here you will see more of Addison’s perspective and personality. Enjoy these Private Practice quotes!

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Private Practice quotes from Addison

1. “Then slowly, over time, everything changes. And you’re no longer this young thing, and you don’t believe in fairytales and “perfect” isn’t in your vocabulary. And then suddenly, here is this man and he becomes so familiar to you that one day you find yourself looking at him thinking I could love this person for the rest of my life.” — Addison

2. “I love you, and you’re the last man I want to say that to. Let’s get married.” — Addison

3. “I know nurture beats nature because Henry looks at me with love. I’m his mom and he knows it.” — Addison

4. “How does anyone know when to keep going and when to just let go?” — Addison

5. “I perform life-saving surgeries on babies in the womb. I can certainly fix my own sink, and the handyman was backed up for three days.” — Addison

6. “I can just stop waiting… and just live.” — Addison

7. “I was thinking I would keep waiting for life to get easier. You know, lower stakes, less risk, easier. And I was thinking, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe the struggle, the climb, one obstacle after another… maybe that’s just life.” — Addison

8. “ I have been working here less than 24 hours, and in that time I discovered that I not welcome here, I learned I am a one-man gynie show, and I performed crazy McGyver surgery, and… Sam saw my booty. So, this has not been a great day for me. This day kind of sucked.” — Addison

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9. “The other day, I thought someone was trying to pick me up, and I felt my knees open just a little bit.” — Addison

10. “We are family, and family looks out for each other.” — Addison

11. “Life is hard. It’s hard and scary and out of my control. That’s the part that makes me the craziest – the fact that I cannot control the world or what happens to the people I love.” — Addison

Private Practice quotes from Cooper

12. “You’re not awful. You’re perfect. And you will raise them to be just like you.” — Cooper

13. “Blood doesn’t make family. Love does.” — Cooper

14. “We are badass. We are a badass family unit. You, me, the triplets and Charlotte. Nothing’s going to change that.” — Cooper

15. “Chicken soup has sustained my people for centuries.” — Cooper

16. “Drugs are bad. They make my tongue feel like cheese.” — Cooper

17. “My swimmers beat the big bad, IUD. Seriously, I’m like Michael Phelps.” — Cooper

18. Being a parent, a good parent… that is an all day, every day job, and every single day.” — Cooper

19. “I haven’t shaved and my shirt’s a little wrinkled, but beneath the depressed hobo look, I am fine.” — Cooper

Private Practice quotes from Violet

20. “Being on the same planet with her is hard.” — Violet

21. “A year ago, I was stalking a man who wanted nothing to do with me and now I’m turning two good men down. Do I hate myself? Is it me? Is it? Am I the problem?” — Violet

22. “You are your past. Own it.” — Violet

23. “You know what they say about grief having five stages? There’s way more.” — Violet

24. “Airports are like hospitals or high school dances. Somebody’s crying somewhere.” — Violet

25. “What do you know about women that you didn’t get off the internet?” — Violet

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26. “I kick ass in my job. I rule.” — Violet

Private Practice quotes from Sam

27. “I hate that term, “single mom.” It implies that she was something less or that I missed out on something. My mother spent way more time with me than some kids who had a father and a stay-at-home-mom.” — Sam

28. “Life comes with pain. Sometimes that pain is unthinkable but that’s no excuse to throw it away like this.” — Sam

29. “It’s hard to find happiness, so you find happiness wherever you can.” — Sam

30. “I was protecting myself from your threat. And that’s not the kind of doctor I am. That’s not the kind of doctor that I want to be.” — Sam

31. “Just don’t mention we had a divorce, I don’t need a lecture.” — Sam

32. “Addison, I live three feet away from your new home, If you have a party, I’m going to be there even if I don’t want to be.” — Sam

33. “Please, don’t pull the surgeon card. We’re all doctors around here.” — Sam

34. “You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be loved. So, you should go.” — Sam

35. “You are Addison Forbes Montgomery. World-class surgeon. And I have never ever seen you back away from a fight.” — Sam

36. “Having a conscience is brutal.” — Sam

37. “It was not a panic attack. It was an asthma attack. I am not pathetic. I am a man. I am a man with asthma. So, hah!” — Sam

38. “Sloan is a Dachshund. Dachshunds like to eat poop.” — Sam

39. “I wasn’t always the guy who sat and watched.” — Sam

Private Practice quotes from Charlotte

40. “If Addison leaves a sharp instrument lying around, I just might stab you with it.” — Charlotte

41. “Hello, precious girl. This is your mama. Sorry, you don’t have a name yet. I want so much to be with you right now, hold your little hand, tell you everything’s going to be okay and let you know and let you know you are blessed.” — Charlotte

42. “You can’t change what you’ve done, but you can change who you are and improve your life.” — Charlotte

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43. “And you wanna add a fifth child so we can field our own volleyball team?” — Charlotte

44. “Do you know how many times I’ve peed since we’ve been here? Five. Five times. God, I’d sell my soul for a good ‘ol UTI I could bitch slap into submission with some simple antibiotics.” — Charlotte

45. “If you want to keep those hands, keep them off my uterus.” — Charlotte

46. “I am shocked by just how much I genuinely love him. I want to take the pain away, and I know I can’t and it just kills me.” — Charlotte

47. “The only way you’re gonna get through this is to let yourself feel every heart-wrenching, gut-wrenching part of it.” — Charlotte

48. “You look like 10 miles of bad road.” — Charlotte

49. “You can keep Addison company all night as long as you two stop pretending you aren’t back together because you can’t sell it. It’s making me uncomfortable.” — Charlotte

50. “Getting through what happened to you is going to be a special kind of hell. There’s no way around that. I’m here to tell you that you can do this ’cause you’re not a victim. You’re a survivor.” — Charlotte

51. “We’re junkies together. That makes us BFF’s in my book.” — Charlotte

Which of these Private Practice quotes is your favorite?

Like its predecessor, this series will tackle various medical cases but with a much lighter and heartwarming approach. Difficult topics such as ethics and abortion will also be a focus in this series.

And of course, it is so exciting to see several crossover episodes with the characters of Grey’s Anatomy and their interaction with the new Dr. Addison.

If you are going to watch this series, bear in mind that this is a different take on what Grey’s Anatomy has started and Private Practice shines in its own special way.

If you like these Private Practice quotes and sayings, you are free to share them with your friends and maybe now is a good time to watch the series or Grey’s Anatomy if you have some free time.

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