51 Ring Quotes to Inspire Devotion

These excellent promise ring quotes demonstrate the extraordinary power of commitment.

Promise rings are popular among young people, but why do so many people like them?

Check out our promise ring quotes below to find out. 

What are promise rings?

Promise rings are symbols of commitment. 

Promise rings are often misunderstood, but ultimately, they signify what their name conveys: A promise. 

Some people refer to the rings as purity, commitment, or pre-engagement rings. 

Promise rings are very popular with younger generations. 

Promise rings have received negative attention because of media scandals centered around boy bands or the Disney channel, but at their core, they are a symbol of commitment. 

Here are some promise ring facts: 

  • Promise rings can have spiritual or romantic significance.
  • Promise rings have a variety of meanings attached to them.
  • Wearing rings as a sign of commitment is an ancient human tradition. 

Promise rings are tokens of connectivity and devotion. 

The rings are usually given before a formal engagement, indicating a proposal is on the way. 

Promise rings are sometimes preferred by partners who do not believe in marriage as a prerequisite symbol of love and affection. 

Why do people use promise rings?

It is natural for young people to copy what they see adults doing. 

Relationships are no different in that respect. 

Young people observe engagements, marriages, and ceremonies. 

Most young people are not financially independent or ready to own homes and households.

However, a promise ring is a placeholder for those commitments and responsibilities. 

Young people see adults do things, and they copy the “play” version of that activity.

Promise rings are a way for people to make a less binding commitment than an engagement. 

Where do promise rings come from?

The tradition of wearing a promise ring is hundreds of years old. In the Western sense, the practice of ring-bearing dates back very far. 

In ancient times, priests and bishops wore rings to symbolize their commitment to the God they worshipped. 

As early as the 2nd century B.C., Roman brides wore them as a symbol of strength. 

The promise rings we see today in the United States come from traditions that originated in England during the 16th century. 

They were initially called posy rings because they were engraved with short romantic messages. 

The rings gained in popularity during the Victorian and Georgian eras. 

In America, giving promise rings has become a popular trend among couples. 

In the past, men would gift the promise ring to a woman, but traditions have evolved, and now women or anyone in a relationship may choose to share a promise ring. 

If you want to learn more about promise rings and more awesome content, check out our promise ring quotes below. 

Short promise ring quotes about keeping your word

Promise rings encourage people to keep their word and stay committed to a goal. 

These quotes shine a light on that idea.

1. “I’ve had my ring since I was 12 years old.” Selena Gomez

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2. “Houston, I’d rather have the truth than this ring.” — Cassia Leo

3. “With this ring, I promise that my body and heart will be only yours.” — Carl A. Jones

4. “This ring means that I choose to spend the rest of my life with you.” — Portia De Rossi

5. “Don’t give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring that opens the door.” Paulo Coelho

6. “Don’t promise when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry, and don’t decide when you’re sad.” — Anonymous

7. “This ring represents my commitment to our love and will be replaced with an engagement ring one day.” — Carl A. Jones 

8. “I don’t need a ring or a license or a spectacular white dress. It’s not marriage so much, or at all really, that matters. It’s the promise.” — Nora Roberts

9. “Ring out the old, ring in the new, Ring, happy bells, across the snow: The year is going, let him go; Ring out the false, ring in the true.” — Alfred Lord Tennyson

10. “I’ve been poked and prodded in places I’d always prided myself on keeping untouched for that one special doctor who gives me a ring and a promise someday.” — Libba Bray

Cute promise ring quotes that will melt your heart 

Promise rings symbolize a couple’s commitment to each other before engagement or marriage. 

11. “That ring is my promise to tell you the truth, but only when the time is right.” — Cassia Leo

12. “He laughs, sucking his lip ring into his mouth. I promise I’ll go easy on you.” — Jessica Sorensen

13. “This is yours. It’s my promise to you. I swear I’m going to do everything I can to get that ring on your finger.” — Cassia Leo

14. “First there’s the promise ring, then the engagement ring, then the wedding ring … soon after,  comes Suffer…ring!” — Jay Leno

15. “At the time, Margaret had been very angry with God, angry that all she had left of her mother was the promise of a ring.” Diana Stevan

16. “I’m not doing anything, baby. I love you. I’m being faithful to you. He held up his ring, his thumb stroking the metal. I promised, I promise.” — S.C. Stephens

17. “It’s a promise ring,” he said solemnly. “The lady at the store said it’s what you give the girl you love. It means I want to marry you someday.” — Kristin Hannah

18. “The Spirit is like God’s engagement ring saying to us, “This promise is only the beginning. You have no idea how much I will bless you.” — Kevin DeYoung

19. “Would you do me the immense honor of wearing my ring, taking my name, and becoming not only my partner in life but, most importantly, my wife?” — Heidi McLaughlin

20. “I promise to do everything in my power to make you as happy as you’ve already made me. I’d do anything for you, Channie. No sacrifice is too great. Will you accept this ring as a token of that promise?” — Charlotte Abel

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His and her promise ring quotes about commitment 

These quotes convey the power of promises.  

21. “Use a promise ring as a placeholder for a stunning engagement ring.” — Carl A. Jones 

22. “It’s not the traditional promise ring. It’s basically to always stay truthful.” — Bella Thorne

23. “If you’re one of the Disney kids, it’s like you have to talk about having a promise ring, you know?” — Nolan Gerard Funk

24. “Set in a gold promise ring, three small diamonds glittered. One for you, one for me, one for us, he said sweetly.” — Ellen Hopkins

25. “The ring’s a promise of peace, and I’m greedy with hope. It’s a song that we sing in a tongue that we share.” — Melina Marchetta

26. “But for me, it’s not something I want to go around saying, ‘Hey, look what I have. It’s a promise I made to myself and God. ” — Selena Gomez

27. “So I’ll be your queen if you’ll be my king. My knight to defend my claimed heart. I need no crown, just your last name, and a ring.” — Phar West Nagle 

28. “Picking up the woman’s, he lifted my right hand. Sliding it on my finger, he softly said, You wear one. He slipped the man’s on the ring finger of his right hand, and I wear one.” — S.C. Stephens

29. “I swear to you, Nora Grey, on this day, from now and forever, to give myself to you. I am yours. My love, my body, my soul; I place in your possession and protection. He held out the ring, a single offering, a binding promise.” — Becca Fitzpatrick

30. “Jamie reached across and took my right hand in his, his fingers linking with mine, and the silver of my ring shone red in the glow of the flames. I looked up into his face and saw the promise spoken in his eyes, as it was in mine.” — Diana Gabaldon

Quotes about what to say when you give someone a promise ring

Carl A. Jones is one of the founders of the Diamond Market Insider Authority. 

These are some of his best quotes that show how you can express your feelings to someone when giving them a promise ring. 

31. “I promise to be faithful to you.” — Carl A. Jones 

32. “I promise to never stop loving you.” — Carl A. Jones 

33. “I promise to be my best self for you.” — Carl A. Jones 

34. “This ring shows that our love is patient.” — Carl A. Jones 

35. “I promise to be your biggest supporter.” — Carl A. Jones 

36. “Wear this ring to celebrate our pure love.” — Carl A. Jones 

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37. “This ring is our promise to stay chaste until marriage.” — Carl A. Jones 

38. “Wear this ring and know that I will always be at your side.” — Carl A. Jones 

39. “The diamond in this ring is just as bright as our future together.” — Carl A. Jones 

40. “This ring will remind of us of our promise to marry each other.” — Carl A. Jones 

The best promise ring quotes from songs

Artists have been singing about promise rings more and more; here are some of their best quotes. 

41. “I promise you today, would you wear my promise ring.” — Tiffany Evans, Promise Ring

42. “If you buy me a promise ring, I’ll give you my everything.” Jhene Aiko, Promise Ring

43. “Got my own diamonds, so I gave him back the promise ring.” — Trina, Single Again 

44.“Promise ring or Jacob watch that’s the way to win my heart.” — Jhene Aiko, Promise Ring

45. “I meant what I said when I gave you that promise ring.” — J. Holiday, Forever Aint Enough

46. “Her boyfriend gave her a promise ring. It was a prime example of puppy love.” Rittz, Amen 

47. “It’s like finding out your diamond is from her old promise ring.” The Band Perry, Postcards from Paris

48. “All eyes on me when I’m doing my thang, Ya girl’s independent I don’t need a promise ring.” — Cymphonique, Tell The DJ 

49. “Yes or no, boy don’t you say maybe, come be my baby, and I’ll be your girl, promise Ring.” — Jhene Aiko, Promise Ring

50. “And to run inside and curse the open door I once gave to my Rebekah a belated promise ring.” — Iron & Wine, Belated Promise Ring

51. “Let’s die young and swoon. Let’s both be doomed, feel, try to feel anything pretty boys, pretty girls, petty promise rings.” — Creeper, Born Cold

Are promise rings the same as engagement rings?

Engagement rings are different from promise rings

While both rings are themed behind commitment, they do not have the same gravity. 

Engagement rings are centered around romantic love. 

They are a symbol of two people’s devotion to one another. 

Promise rings can have many meanings, including celibacy, friendship commitment, or religious commitment. 

They have also been known to be part of pop bands’ merchandising campaigns, so they carry the same weight as engagement rings. 

Promise rings are more of a pre-engagement symbol of devotion in a romantic relationship. 

They are not legally binding and are based on a person’s word. 

People change their minds all the time, and promise rings are not symbolic symbols to stop anyone in a relationship from changing their mind. 

Engagement rings have a sacred meaning and are connected with joining hands in marriage. 

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