50 Quotes on PowerPoint for Perfect Presentations

If you make or watch a lot of presentations, you will enjoy these funny and relatable quotes on PowerPoint.

Developed by Microsoft, PowerPoint is an amazing tool for creating presentations. 

PowerPoint has revolutionized the way we used to share or present information.

Now anyone can use text and visuals while presenting thoughts, ideas, or plans to an audience. 

Reasons for the Popularity of PowerPoint 

If you wonder why PowerPoint is so popular, here are some of the key reasons for this:

  • Visual Engagement
  • Multimedia Integration
  • Clarity and Simplicity 
  • Organizational Structure
  • Customization and Flexibility 
  • Reference and Visual Aid 

Visual Engagement

Among other primary benefits of PowerPoint, visual engagement is the most noteworthy. 

It comes with many templates, design options, and multimedia integration.

This tool makes creating compelling slides and capturing the audience’s attention extremely easy. 

Visual engagement allows the straightforward placement of elements like videos, images, graphs, and charts. 

This significantly helps with the presentation and understanding of the information.

Multimedia Integration

With PowerPoint, it is possible to integrate the required multimedia elements. 

These include:

  • Images
  • Audio 
  • Videos

Using the elements mentioned above can elevate the level of a presentation. 

You can illustrate the concepts and demonstrate the information via multimedia and visual aids.

Clarity and Simplicity 

PowerPoint helps the presenters to convey complex ideas with visually appealing PowerPoint slides.

This helps you to focus on the key points without any distractions.

Being a presenter, you can convey your message succinctly and clearly. 

With powerful visuals and concise text, it is possible to create an effective slide.

Organizational Structure

PowerPoint offers a typical and well-structured framework.

It makes it possible to organize the content coherently and logically.

For instance, you can use a variety of elements like bullet points, headings, and subheadings.

With these options, presenters can easily communicate their messages without any hassle. 

Customization and Flexibility 

PowerPoint provides a high degree of customization and flexibility. 

It allows presenters to customize their slides. 

You can choose fonts, schemes, and various other elements.

Top 10 PowerPoint Quotes

We’ve compiled the top 10 PowerPoint quotes that you can likely relate to.

1. “PowerPoint makes us stupid.” — Jim Mattis

2. “Vision isn’t a template in PowerPoint.” — Roger McNamee

3. “If you like overheads, you’ll love PowerPoint.” — Edward Tufte

4. “Power corrupts, and PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.” — Vinton Cerf

5. “If you’d put it in a Powerpoint deck, don’t put it in your ad” — Lee Clow

6. “I hate the way people use PowerPoints instead of thinking.” Steve Jobs

7. “Using PowerPoint is like having a loaded AK-47 on the table.” — Peter Norvig

8. “People who know what they’re talking about don’t need PowerPoint.” — Walter Isaacson

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9. “If anything, Powerpoint, if used well, would ideally reflect the way we think.” — Steven Pinker

10. “You cannot switch teachers on and off as if they were PowerPoint presentations.” — Andy Hargreaves

Quotes on PowerPoint Presentations

These quotes reflect all that is good and bad with PowerPoint presentations.

11. “PowerPoint presentations too often resemble a school play – very loud, very slow, and very simple.” — Edward Tufte

12. “Vitellius would’ve given Percy an hour-long lecture on the subject, probably with a PowerPoint presentation.” — Rick Riordan

13. “Work hard, but make time for your love, family, and friends. Nobody remembers PowerPoint presentations on your final day.” — Chetan Bhagat

14. “I was the type of person that would show a PowerPoint presentation about why I should do something versus crying and screaming over it.” — Brie Larson

15. “I actually began my career by convincing my parents to let me be an actress when I was 12 with a PowerPoint presentation describing acting and my goals.” — Sydney Sweeney

16. “We have met the Devil of Information Overload and his impish underlings, the computer virus, the busy signal, the dead link, and the PowerPoint presentation.” — James Gleick

17. “Powerpoint presentations are a kind of theater, a kind of augmented stand-up. Too often, it’s a boring and tedious genre, and audiences are subjected to the bad as well as the good.” — David Byrne

18. “A simple MS Word document, or a Powerpoint presentation, has its limits, particularly the unpredictability in how the page will actually display.” — Michael Bierut

19. “The most used program in computers and education is PowerPoint. What are you learning about the nature of the medium by knowing how to do a great PowerPoint presentation? Nothing.” — Sherry Turkle

20. “Critics can say what they like about the films, but very often, there’s a certain expectation of documentaries that they’re supposed to be like PowerPoint presentations. I see documentaries as movies.” — Alex Gibney

Insightful PowerPoint Quotes

Presented below are quotes on PowerPoint that will make you think.

21. “PowerPoint is the Rodney Dangerfield of software. It gets no respect.” — Ken Goldberg

22. “Powerpoint could be the most powerful tool on your computer. But it’s not.” Seth Godin

23. “If you cannot get your initial point across without using a PowerPoint, it may be time to revisit your messaging.” — Loren Weisman

24. “PowerPoint may not be of any use for you in a presentation, but it may liberate you in another way, an artistic way.” — David Byrne

25. “PowerPoint is like being trapped in the style of early Egyptian flatland cartoons rather than using the more effective tools of Renaissance visual representation.” — Edward Tufte

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26. “Let me just say that, if you ever have the choice of putting your words in PowerPoint or having them carved into 30-foot high marble, I’d say go for the marble.” — Peter Norvig

27. “Humans simply aren’t moved to action by ‘data dumps,’ dense PowerPoint slides, or spreadsheets packed with figures. People are moved by emotion.” — Jonathan Gottschall

28. “Launch your product or service before you have funding. See how people respond to it before you have a PowerPoint and business plan – have something people can use, and go from there.” — Chad Hurley

29. “My best advice is to not start in PowerPoint. Presentation tools force you to think through information linearly, and you really need to start by thinking of the whole instead of the individual lines.” — Nancy Duarte

30. “I’m this big believer that culture is not what you say; it’s what you do. Who cares about your PowerPoint and about what you’ve carved into your cornerstone? If it’s not being modeled, it won’t be readable.” — Marc Randolph

Quotes on PowerPoint, Meetings, and Communication

Here are quotes from people with various stories and perspectives about PowerPoint.

31. “My belief is that PowerPoint doesn’t kill meetings. People kill meetings.” — Peter Norvig

32. “Was a master of the PowerPoint presentation nearly a century before it existed.” — Scott Anderson

33. “I come from Wall Street, and you’ll never see me do a PowerPoint because I’m all about Excel spreadsheets.” — Safra A. Catz

34. “Not to brag, but I do think I’ve gotten pretty adept on PowerPoint… except that I can’t figure out how to use Excel!” — Jennifer Egan

35. “I am not one of the new media experts working all the time with my computers and the PowerPoints and things of that sort.” — Ahmed H. Zewail

35. “We are trying to eliminate the need for pitches. I’d rather sit there and applaud. Customers buy products, not Powerpoint presentations.” — Scott Cook

37. “My parents wouldn’t let me shave it earlier, so I made a PowerPoint presentation to convince them. I strategically put pictures of bald women in there.” — Emma Gonzalez

38. “When I was 14 -years old, I made this PowerPoint presentation, and I invited my parents into my room and gave them popcorn. It was called ‘Project Hollywood 2004’, and it worked.” — Emma Stone

39. “I’ve got a PowerPoint deck that I use for internal presentations, and there’s a slide on it that asks, ‘What percentage of your game is combat versus exploration versus puzzle solving versus platforming,’ and I refuse to answer that question.” — Warren Spector

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40. “I work intentionally to try and make sense of complex things. We can move between genres and forms, from something that looks like a PowerPoint lecture to something that looks like an infomercial to something that looks like a cinematic melodrama.” — Elizabeth Price

Some Funny Quotes on PowerPoint

Here are quotes highlighting the humor power of PowerPoint presentations.

41. “At the morning’s PowerPoint. It’s full of unique bullet points” — Richard L. Ratliff

42. “Nothing stands for content-free corporate bullshit quite like PowerPoint.” — Charles Stross

43. “There are many true statements about complex topics that are too long to fit on a PowerPoint slide.” — Edward Tufte

44. “Way to defuse a situation. It’s tough to enjoy a good bloodbath in the middle of a PowerPoint presentation.” — Nina Bangs

45. “…I took Advanced PowerPoint last semester. You guys are always misunderestimating me. I’m totally ready to handle the big stuff.” — Libba Bray

46. “Our first two weeks at SpaceX, we’ve got about 3,000 pages of academic material dropped on us, and it was just kind of death by PowerPoint, over and over, until you absorb it all.” — Jared Isaacman

47. “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good your PowerPoint slides are or your strategy or concept. What it really comes down to is your team.” — Jeremy Gutsche

48. “SERE is a classified program, but every person informed of it is ‘read in’ to the details of the program. Even the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency, which administers SERE, starts its PowerPoint presentation with a slide outlining the agency’s origins.” — Malcolm Nance

49. “We have a space agency desperately in need of purpose, whose employees and capabilities have been wasted for decades on make-work projects and dead-end PowerPoint pioneering placebos designed to do nothing more than keep the billing high.” — Rick Tumlinson

50. “The resistance is the voice in your head telling you to use bullets in your PowerPoint slides…It’s the voice that tells you to leave controversial ideas out of the paper you’re writing because the teacher won’t like them.” — Seth Godin

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