13 Scarlet Letter Quotes From the Movie

Check out these intense Scarlet Letter quotes from the 1995 movie.

The Scarlet Letter is a romantic early American movie based on the 1850 novel of the same name by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

The novel is one of the most famous in history, but the movie was met with such negative reviews that many in the industry consider it one of the worst movies ever made.

Even with a cast that included stars like Demi Moore, Gary Oldman, and Robert Duvall, the movie only made $35 million at the box office against a $46 million budget.

The plot is set in 1667 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

It centers around Hester Prynne, who, believing her husband Roger Prynne is dead, falls in love with and gets impregnated by a young minister named Arthur Dimmesdale.

When the community finds out about her infidelity, she hides who her partner is and is forced to wear a scarlet “A” for adultery.

Her husband ends up being alive, and when he arrives and finds out what has happened, he tries to figure out who her lover is to kill him.

After killing the wrong person, Roger Prynne sets the scene so that the local Indians are blamed, starting a war between the Puritans and the Indians.

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Scarlet Letter quotes that tell the story

While the quotes below are short, they depict the story that unfolds in the film.

1. “Put it on, for it is not a badge of my sin but your own.” – Hester

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2. “I wonder if existence as a woman is worthwhile at all.” – Hester Prynne

3. “Are you sure God’s not punishing me?” – Hester

4. “Who is to say what is a sin in God’s eyes?” – Pearl

5. “Has this new land turned thee into a heathen?” – Dr. Roger Prynne

6. “Was I alive before I laid eyes on thee?” – Hester

7. “I’m not all counterpanes and coverlets.” – Hester

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More of the best Scarlet Letter quotes from the film

Get an inside peek into the film characters in these quotes.

8. “To be sure he’s punishing you, woman, he would be giving you a child.” – Harriet

9. “I should have announced my presence. What are you reading?” – Hester

10. “My mother never remarried or loved another. Some say that was a punishment.” – Pearl

11. “In God’s eyes, I am her husband.” – Reverand Arthur Dimmesdale

12. “I have dreamed of speaking my heart; I have prayed for it even as I have dreaded it.” – Hester

13. “My father died before I reached my teens. Some say that was a punishment.” – Pearl

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Revenge is Bittersweet

When Roger Prynne learned of his wife’s infidelity, he went into a rage and planned to kill her lover as revenge.

Not only did he kill the wrong person, but his actions also started a war between the Puritans and the Indians.

Realizing what his actions had caused, Roger Prynne killed himself.

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