20 Scott Pilgrim Quotes For Graphic Novel Enthusiasts

These Scott Pilgrim quotes will have you excited to watch the movie or read the graphic novels!

Scott Pilgrim is the main character in both the graphic novels and the movie created by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

O’Malley wrote the first graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, in 2004.

He followed that up with five other graphic novels, all in the traditional writing style of Japanese manga series.

The novels were such a hit that a movie, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, was produced and released in 2010.

The novels and the movie have been hits with critics and fans and developed cult followings.

The story of Scott Pilgrim follows Scott, who lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Scott is a slacker and plays bass in a band part-time, but he meets a girl, both in his dreams and reality, that changes his life.

Ramona Flowers is the girl of Scott’s dreams, and she tells Scott she uses portals as part of her job to cross long distances to deliver items quickly.

One of these portals passes through Scott’s mind, which is why he saw her in his dreams.

When they begin getting closer, Scott is attacked by a man with mystical powers, one of Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends.

Scott has a video-game-style fight with him.

After defeating him, Scott and Ramona decide to start a relationship as long as he agrees to defeat Ramona’s remaining six evil ex-boyfriends.

Enjoy these Scott Pilgrim quotes to learn more about the popular character.

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Best Scott Pilgrim quotes

These classic Scott Pilgrim quotes introduce you to the character.

1. “I play better in a bad mood.” – Scott Pilgrim

2. “Sweet. Coins!” – Scott Pilgrim

3. “You know what really sucks? Everything.” – Scott Pilgrim

4. “Bread makes you fat?” – Scott Pilgrim

5. “Anyone can be vegan.” – Scott Pilgrim

6. “My last job is a long story filled with sighs.” – Scott Pilgrim

7. “She has the capacity to geek.” – Scott Pilgrim

8. “I have to go pee due to boredom.” – Scott Pilgrim

9. “No, I just spilled hot cocoa on my crotch!” – Scott Pilgrim

10. “Actually, muchacho, I put the coffee in this cup.” – Scott Pilgrim

More of the best Scott Pilgrim quotes

Fans of the character will enjoy some of his famous lines below.

11. “Hi, I was thinking about asking you out. But then, I realized how stupid that would be; so, do you want to go out sometimes?” – Scott Pilgrim

12. “I don’t think I can hit a girl. They’re soft.” – Scott Pilgrim

13. “Oh, come to this first round of this battle of the bands thing.” – Scott Pilgrim

14. “Being a vegan gives you superpowers?” – Scott Pilgrim

15. “I just woke up, and you were in my dream. I dreamt that you were delivering me this package.” – Scott Pilgrim

16. “So what you’re saying is we’re dating.” – Scott Pilgrim

17. “Yeah, well, my baggage doesn’t try to kill me every five minutes.” – Scott Pilgrim

18. “I love garlic bread. I could honestly eat it all the time, nonstop.” – Scott Pilgrim

19. “For one thing, I didn’t even get any. That was a joke.” – Scott Pilgrim

20. “Wait! We’re fighting over Ramona?” – Scott Pilgrim

Will Scott Be Able To Defeat All Seven Evil Ex-Boyfriends?

Scott continues to battle Ramona’s evil ex-boyfriends one by one, who all have different abilities and present different challenges.

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