25 Shadow and Bone Quotes That Will Help You Gear Up for the 2nd Season of the Show

If you’re a fan of the book and television series, you will appreciate these Shadow and Bone quotes.

Shadow and Bone is a Netflix series that began airing in 2021.

It’s based on the Grisha Trilogy and the Six of Crows duology written by Leigh Bardugo.

The series is a fantasy drama that follows the storyline and characters of the novels.

The story follows an orphan named Alina who eventually learns she is a Grisha with a unique power to control the light.

This power puts a target on her back.

She has to carefully determine who she can trust and who she can’t as she navigates through her journey.

Get a taste for the first season of the series in these Shadow and Bone quotes.

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Shadow and Bone quotes to gear up for the 2nd season of the show

1. “When I got older, I learned that darkness is a place, and it’s full of monsters.” ― Alina

2. “I’ve never been welcome here, because I look like my mother, and she looked like the enemy.” ― Alina

3. “They aren’t the monsters. They’re just boys.” ― Alina

4. “I’m old enough to know the only way out is through.” ― Alina

5. “We can’t hide forever. We can run together.” ― Alina

6. “One look and I can tell…criminals.” ― Dreeson

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7. “No businessman worth his salt bargains for what he can take.” Kaz Brekker

8. “Now bring me Alina Starkov.” ― Dreeson

9. “Our enemies are threatened by your mere existence.” ― General Kirigan

10. “Never make decisions out of fear, Jesper. Only out of spite.” ― Kaz Brekker

11. “Well greed always worked for me.” ― Jesper

12. “The bone road ebbs and and the bone road flows.” ― Alina

13. “Cardinal North is a direction on a map. True North is home. You have always been my true north, Mal.” ― Alina

14. “I’d rather starve than be a traitor.” ― Nina

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Shadow and Bone quotes from Mal and others

15. “I’ll find my way back to you.” ― Mal

16. “Needing anyone else is weak.” ― Baghra

17. “I have been an outsider before, that is no excuse.” ― Alina

18. “So there is a brain inside all the muscle.” ― Nina

19. Alina: “Thank you for finding me.”

Mal: “Always. I’ll always find you.”

20. “No ordinary tracker. No ordinary girl.” ― General Kirigan

21. “I’m sorry that it took me so long to see you, Alina, but I see you now.” ― Mal

22. “We are in the worst place in the world, on a ship full of people who want us dead, surrounded by monsters who want us in their gullets.” ― Jesper

23. “Today, we redraw all the maps. With the power of the Sun Summoner at my command, I control the Fold and its monsters. I can move it to any border I like, engulf any harbor, consume any city. Take what you have seen back to your home countries. Tell the Fjerdans. Tell the Shu Han. There will be no more war with Ravka. All countries will answer to us. For who would oppose us now?” ― Kirigan

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24. “We set out with a clear mission, a prize of a million kruge. And a new member on our crew. So, what did we learn? People with trains are evil. You can’t kidnap a human sunbeam. And maybe, just maybe, greed is a poor motivator. True wealth is the friends you make along the way.” ― Jesper

25. “I still don’t like you, but I’m grateful for you. So remember this — Saints become martyrs before they get to be heroes. So, stay alive.” ― Zoya

Which of these Shadow and Bone quotes is your favorite?

Both the book series and television series have been well received.

Fans of the Netflix series have rated the show highly.

People have really enjoyed both the costume design along with the world-building aspect of the fantasy series.

One critique of the series that is similar to a critique of the book is that the elaborate storyline can be confusing to follow at times.

However, the consensus feels that both the book and television series offer enough in other areas to continue following along.

If you enjoyed the Shadow and Bone quotes and lines above, you might like reading the book series to get ready for the release of season two.

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