50 Frog Quotes From Nature’s Hoppy Environmentalists 

Leap into some new knowledge about our croaky amphibian friends with these frog quotes!

Frogs are an ancient species and a noble member of Earth’s diverse fauna. 

Technically, a frog is any member of tailless amphibians of the Anura order.

They are smooth-skinned, leaping creatures who are often confused with their warty look-alikes, toads. 

Check out these amazing frog facts:

  • The Earth has over 6,000 species of frogs!
  • Fossil evidence suggests frogs have been on Earth for over 200 million years. 
  • The West African Goliath Frog can grow to 15 inches and weigh over 7 pounds. 

Get inspired by the wisdom that these amazing amphibians have to offer with the frog quotes below!

Why are frogs important?

Let us make it clear that all life on Earth is vital, but frogs have an extraordinary role on our planet. 

Frogs eat billions of insects each year, making them a valuable asset for farmers and agriculture. 

They are also essential food sources for snakes, birds, fish, and other wildlife

Frogs are nature’s siren

Earth has many voices that speak for her. 

One of those voices is the frog. 

Scientists have observed that whenever an environmental change occurs that impacts the natural habitat, frogs are the first casualties. 

As an integral part of nature’s delicate tapestry, frogs die off first when organic environments are altered. 

They serve as a natural alarm warning for endangered ecosystems. 

What does the future hold for frogs?

We have a responsibility to our world. 

While thousands of frog species exist on our planet, we have to remember that life is fragile. 

Scientists say we are in the middle of a mass extinction, and most people are too concerned with other things to know it. 

Let’s take the steps to preserve the precious biodiversity we have.

To learn more, check out our frog quotes below. 

Short frog quotes celebrating those affable amphibians

Let us begin with these short quotes about frogs. 

1. “If a frog becomes a king, he will make the whole kingdom muddy!” — Mehmet Murat Ildan

2. “Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog.” — William Shakespeare

3. “A frog in the mud is happier than a man because he has no ambition to reach the stars!” — Mehmet Murat Ildan

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4. “It’s not easy being green.” — Kermit The Frog

5. “If you can’t be a frog. Marry a prince.” — Loesje

6. “Joe Schmidt, he couldn’t motivate a frog.” — Howard Cosell

7. “Never try to catch two frogs with one hand.” — Chinese Proverb

8. “And back by popular demand… is the hit musical ‘Frog and Toad.’” — Tom Thayer

9. “The frog started to loosen last week and shed during the gallop.” — Richard Mandella

10. “When we have our frog jumping contests, we have to import frogs.” — Delphine Palmer

The top frog proverbs and quotes for Lilly Pad wisdom

There is much we can learn from frogs.

11. “The hasty hand catches frogs for fish.” — Arab Proverb

12. “Even a frog would bite if it had teeth.” — Italian Proverb

13. “If you are a mouse, don’t follow frogs.” — Italian Proverb

14. “A frog in a well shaft seeing the sky.” — Chinese Proverb

15. “Where there are no swamps, there are no frogs.” — German Proverb

16. “Three women, three geese, and three frogs make a fair.” — German Proverb

17. “When the master is absent, the frogs hop into the house.” — Buganda Proverb 

18. “The frog will jump back into the pool, although it sits on a golden stool.” — Dutch Proverb

19. “Though you seat the frog on a golden stool, he’ll soon jump off again into the pool.” — German Proverb

20. “If you have to swallow a frog, try not to think about it. If you have to swallow two frogs, don’t swallow the smaller one first.” — Irish Proverb 

The best frog quotes from the amphibian kingdom

These quotes remind us why people have been fascinated by frogs for a long time. 

21. “If frogs had side pockets, they’d carry handguns.” —  Dan Rather

22. “It is at courts as it is in ponds; some fish, some frogs.” — English Proverb

23. “There is no way I am kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day.” — Tiana

24. “The toad and the frog kind of split up the vote and allowed the salamander to slip in.” — Pat Quinn

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25. “That is the way it is done, the way it has always been done. Frogs have every right to expect it will always be done that way.” — John Steinbeck

26. “I spent six hours becoming one with a shrubbery last night. There were three cloudbursts and a rain of small and very confused frogs.” — Charles Stross

27. “You cannot eat every tadpole and frog in the pond, but you can eat the biggest and ugliest one, and that will be enough, at least for the time being.” — Brian Tracy

28. “I like snakes. I like hummingbirds. There’s nothing on earth I don’t like. Frogs. Salamanders. The bunnies, the giraffes, the hippopotamuses.” — Ted Turner

29. “They said [the baby’s] got, er, lovely big eyes, er, really big hands and feet. Now, that doesn’t sound like a nice baby to me. I felt like sayin’ it sounds like a frog.” — Karl Pilkington

22. “We think too small, like the frog at the bottom of the well; he thinks the sky is only as big as the top of the well. If he surfaced, he would have an entirely different view.” — Mao Zedong

Frog quotes and sayings from the pond

Check out these clever frog quotes. 

31. “I’m not a diva. I’m a tadpole trying to be a frog.” — Toni Braxton

32. “Frog in a little pond can be much happier than fish in a vast ocean!” — Mehmet Murat Ildan

33. “I felt like a toilet frog during the last three decades of the preceding century.” — Frans De Waal

34. “I’d like to know how to catch a girl. I’ve caught frogs, I’ve caught snakes, earthworms.” — Sam The Sham

35. “And I kissed a lot of frogs as well, but no, I kissed a lot of frogs, and now I’ve found my prince.” — Joan Collins 

36. “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” — Mark Twain

37. “I think looking back to my own childhood, the fact that so many of the stories I read allowed the possibility of frogs turning into princes, whether that has a sort of insidious effect on rationality, I’m not sure. ” — Richard Dawkins

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38. “When I was really young, I used to collect frog spawn. I made a pond out of an old sink, and I loved to spend hours watching the frogs grow.” — Beth Orton

39. “It is said that a frog will jump out of a pot of boiling water. Place him in a pot and turn it up a little at a time, and he will stay until he is boiled to death.” — Deb Caletti

40. “How many beers do y’all think it takes before one international scientist turns to another and says, Dude, bet you twenty bucks I can levitate a frog with a magnet?” — Robyn Schneider

Famous frog quotes for hoppy people

They say if you are feeling froggy, you should leap!

41. “Whip it like a frog, ribbit.” — Nappy Rootz

42. “If you feeling froggy, then leap.” — 2Chainz

43. “Height of bad luck will be when I will dare to kiss a prince, and he will turn into a frog.” — Upasana Banerjee

44. “The idea I could eat things like snails or frogs legs or things like that was mind-blowingly cool.” — Graham Elliot

45. “When I drove for British teams, they called me The Tadpole because I was too small to be a frog.” — Alain Prost

46. “I enjoy music lots of different types of music. So I wanted to go with some kind of musical frog.” — Andrea Cooper

47. “There is no place in a city that can’t be better. There is no toad that can’t be a princess, no frog that can’t become a prince.” — Jaime Lerner

48. “I want you to begin keeping a calendar of who you see and when: the first day each year you see buttercups, the first day frogs start singing.” — Derrick Jensen

49. “She found a hedgehog and a snakeskin, but no snake, and a rock that looked just like a frog, and a toad that looked just like a rock.” — Neil Gaiman

50. “Frogs enjoy life from pad to pad. I would very much like to be a frog.” — Zephyr

Be like a frog

You will never see a frog stressing.

They know how to keep cool, enjoy life’s pond, and hop to the next adventure. 

What is your favorite frog quote?

Be sure to let us know in the comments. 

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