25 Kaz Brekker Quotes From the Star of the Six of Crows Novel and Netflix Series

Fans of the author Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse will love these Kaz Brekker quotes from the novel Six of Crows.

Kaz Brekker is a fictional character created by author Leigh Bardugo for the novel Six of Crows, published in 2015.

Also known as “Dirtyhands,” Kaz is a 17-year-old known for his skill as a thief and his willingness to do anything for money.

He is about six feet tall with dark hair, pale skin, and a thin build.

Kaz learned at a young age that he lived in a rough world when his only parent died when he was nine, and he and his older brother had to move to the city of Ketterdam to live.

There they were conned by a man named Pekka Rollins, and when his brother dies of an infection, Kaz is forced to fend for himself.

He becomes a skilled fighter and thief and rises to be the leader of a gang called the Dregs at seventeen.

Take a look at these Kaz Brekker quotes to learn more about this character.

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Best Kaz Brekker Quotes About the Character

Here are some telling quotes from the popular character.

1. “No Saint has ever watched over me. Not like you have.” — Leigh Bardugo

2. “We’ll be Kings and Queens, Inej. Kings and Queens.” — Leigh Bardugo

3. “Our hopes rest with you, Mister Brekker. If you fail, all the world will suffer for it.” — Leigh Bardugo

4. “I love puzzles. Trickery is just my native tongue.” — Leigh Bardugo

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5. “You can only sharpen a blade so far; in the end, it comes down to the quality of the metal.” — Leigh Bardugo

6. “Crows remember human faces. They remember the people who feed them, who are kind to them.” — Leigh Bardugo

7. “Though he’d trusted her with his life countless times, it felt much more frightening to trust her with his shame.” — Leigh Bardugo

8. “That boy had betrayed his weakness in a single glance, had ceded the war for the sake of a single battle, and put Inej–all of them–in danger.” — Leigh Bardugo

9. “Let’s start by getting out of here and finding you some proper clothes. Oh, and Inej, don’t ever sneak up on me again.” — Leigh Bardugo

10. “She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he might die to earn again.” — Leigh Bardugo

Kaz Brekker Quotes from Others

Find out what others thoughts of Brekker and their interactions in these quotes.

11. “Everything is a negotiation with you, Brekker. You probably bartered your way out of the womb.” — Leigh Bardugo

12. “In the end, Kaz Brekker was just a boy, and she’d let him lead her to this fate.” — Leigh Bardugo

13. “I hope he didn’t cross Kaz Brekker.” — Leigh Bardugo

14. “You’ll get what’s coming to you someday, Brekker.” — Leigh Bardugo

15. “It was because she was listening so closely that she knew the exact moment when Kaz Brekker, Dirtyhands, the bastard of the Barrel and deadliest boy in Ketterdam, fainted.” — Leigh Bardugo

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16. “I will have you without armor, Kaz Brekker. Or I will not have you at all.” — Leigh Bardugo

17. “There was no part of him that was not broken, that had not healed wrong, and there was no part of him that was not stronger for having been broken.” — Leigh Bardugo

More Kaz Brekker Quotes

Learn more about the character in the following quotes.

18. “Sometimes, the only way to get justice is to take it for yourself.” — Leigh Bardugo

19. “I’ll just hire Matthias’ ghost to kick your ghost’s ass.” — Leigh Bardugo

20. “You might say I’m a lockpick.” — Leigh Bardugo

21. “I want you to stay. I want you to … I want you.” — Leigh Bardugo

22. “A liar, a thief, and utterly without conscience. But he’ll keep to any deal you strike with him.” — Leigh Bardugo

23. “You see, every man is a safe, a vault of secrets and longings. Now, there are those who take the brute’s way, but I prefer a gentler approach – the right pressure applied at the right moment, in the right place.” — Leigh Bardugo

24. “I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing.” — Leigh Bardugo

25. “If it were a trick, I’d promise you safety. I’d offer you happiness. I don’t know if that exists in the Barrel, but you’ll find none of it with me.” — Leigh Bardugo

What Happens to Kaz?

A seemingly honest merchant offers Kaz a large sum of money if he can rescue a drug creator.

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Kaz then uses his street contacts to assemble a skilled team and pulls off the rescue, only to have the merchant doublecross him and kidnap one of his crew.

Kaz has to decide if he will abandon his ruthless nature to save a friend that could cost him his life.

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