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46 Summer Walker Quotes From The Music Industry Sensation

These Summer Walker quotes and lyrics will help you see why she is killing it and literally making history!

Summer Marjani Walker is an American singer-songwriter who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a British father and an American mother.

Her parents ultimately divorced. Her family is not famous, and she hasn’t always been killing it on the Billboard charts.

From 2016 to 2018, Walker ran her own small cleaning business, while also being an exotic dancer in Atlanta.

This woman taught herself how to play the guitar by watching tutorials on YouTube. She started posting videos of herself performing song covers on YouTube.

It is no wonder that several of these Summer Walker quotes are about owning you are, as she is one fierce and determined woman!

Walker became so popular that she was signed to Love Renaissance and Interscope Records. They released her commercial mixtape, Last Day of Summer, on October 19, 2018. Girls Need Love earned her a place in the top 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

In January 2019, Walker released her debut EP, CLEAR. Her first studio album Over It debuted on October 4, 2019, and received acclaim from critics. Keep reading these Summer Walker quotes to see some of her song lyrics.

Don’t forget to also check out these lyrical H. E. R. quotes that will sing to your soul.

Summer Walker quotes from her songs and lyrics

1. “I been waiting so long for a love like this, it’s a feeling so strong, I don’t wanna resist.” — Summer Walker

Summer Walker Quotes about love

2. “On the brain all the time, thinkin’ of all the things that we did.” — Summer Walker

Summer Walker Quotes

3. “I thought that I was changing you, I can’t believe I praised you.” — Summer Walker

Summer Walker Quotes about change

4. “You don’t know what love is… If you never stayed up all night crying.” — Summer Walker

wise Summer Walker Quotes

5. “Baby, I’m talkin’ crazy, I need you right in my space.” — Summer Walker

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Summer Walker Quotes and lyrics

6. “I know you say you hit my line, I’m on your mind, and that you want this bad, so I’m cool with that. I’m just tryna match your words with your actions.” — Summer Walker

7. “I don’t know what it is, I can’t tell you what it is, but you got me goin’ crazy.” — Summer Walker

8. “Cause I learned what love is once I let it go.” — Summer Walker

9. “All I ever asked was you to pick up the phone when you alone, all I ever asked was you to show me some love, kisses, and hugs.” — Summer Walker

10. “If you claim you want me, it ain’t no thang.” — Summer Walker

11. “I don’t really need the pain, but I love to feel the pain.” — Summer Walker

12. “Cause we are way too involved, just to cut and not call.” — Summer Walker

Summer Walker quotes from Instagram captions

13. “Put it on my grave.” — Summer Walker

14. “Girls need love.” — Summer Walker

15. “Drape me in Gucci.” — Summer Walker

16. “I need more than satisfaction.” — Summer Walker

17. “I got options.” — Summer Walker

18. “I can’t take no shit.” — Summer Walker

19. “Show me love.” — Summer Walker

20. “You wanna wife it.” — Summer Walker

21. “They need more.” — Summer Walker

22. “That b*tch.” — Summer Walker

23. “Playing games.” — Summer Walker

24. “Show me off.” — Summer Walker

25. “Just wanna have fun.” — Summer Walker

26. “Make you forget about all them hoes.” — Summer Walker

Inspirational Summer Walker quotes about life and love

27. “Be careful of friends you ride with… Some don’t got you as much as you think.” — Summer Walker

28. “I don’t want to lose myself for someone else.” — Summer Walker

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29. “Wear your crown and go chase your dreams.” — Summer Walker

30. “They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.” — Summer Walker

31. “Hold on to your happiness for dear life… It slips away too easily.” — Summer Walker

32. “A true lady doesn’t demand, she thanks… and a true man doesn’t promise, he commits.” — Summer Walker

33. “Don’t try to rush things that needs time to grow.” — Summer Walker

34. “Starve your distractions. Feed your focus.” — Summer Walker

35. “Beyond blessed. My whole life changed in a year & a half, like literally a year ago I was scrubbing toilets and stripping. I’m now damn near financially free with a paid-off house & car without a care in the world, and it’s all cause of ya’ll so thank you.” — Summer Walker

Summer Walker quotes about being authentic

36. “Black women, I’m talking to you, because it’s not white women, it’s not Latino, it’s not Native American—I checked, it’s ya’ll. The self-hate is ridiculous. Why do you hate yourself so much, why do you hate your texture, why do you hate your culture, why do you hate your history?” — Summer Walker

37. “I fart. My backstage ritual is flatulence.” — Summer Walker

38. “Not everything is as it seems just be you; appreciate your imperfection.” — Summer Walker

39. “I been me from day one, I’m not about to start acting different, talking different, treating people different, or looking different.” — Summer Walker

40. “I take showers; I don’t like them because I like baths in very nice jacuzzi or garden tubs.” — Summer Walker

41. “I’m just a regular person, nothing more.” — Summer Walker

Summer Walker quotes about mental health

42. “Performing gives me so much anxiety.” — Summer Walker

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43. “At the end of the day, I’m a person. I have feelings. I get tired. I get sad.” — Summer Walker

44. “As you know, I have been very open about my struggle with social anxiety.” — Summer Walker

45. “I would be more at peace if I could just record music and slide it under the door.” — Summer Walker

46. “There’s a lot of people out here faking a smile on their face like they got it together but inside actually suffering from some sort of traumatic experience, a loss, depressed, fearful, envious, or whatever the case may be, but I can feel it.” — Summer Walker

Which of these Summer Walker quotes is your favorite?

Over It debuted in the number two spot on the Billboard 200 chart and went certified platinum. Playing Games, a single following the album, made the Billboard Hot 100 top 20 list.

For someone who hasn’t been doing this for long and taught herself she is on fire! Not only is she killing it, but she is literally making history!

In 2019, Walker’s debut album earned the biggest streaming debut week ever for a female R&B artist. She won Best New Artist at the 2019 Soul Train Music Awards., too.

She has also done remixes with some big names in the industry, including Drake, Justin Bieber, and DJ Khaled. She also performed “Session 32” and “Come Thru” with Usher at the 2020 BET Awards.

Walker released her next EP, Life on Earth, on July 10, 2020. She recently had her first daughter, and it seems like life is only going to get even better for Summer Walker from here on out.

Did you enjoy reading these Summer Walker quotes and lyrics? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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