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54 Earl Nightingale Quotes About Life and The Strangest Secret

Our latest collection of Earl Nightingale quotes on Everyday Power Blog! Enjoy!

Famous Earl Nightingale Quotes

1.) Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. – Earl Nightingale

2.) Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us. – Earl Nightingale

3.) We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we’ve established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile. – Earl Nightingale

4.) Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

Earl Nightingale Quotes 1

5.) Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality. – Earl Nightingale

6.) Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations. – Earl Nightingale

7.) All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. – Earl Nightingale

8.) The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career! – Earl Nightingale

9.) People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

10.) Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach. – Earl Nightingale

11.) When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself” – Earl Nightingale

12.) Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. – Earl Nightingale

13.) Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind. – Earl Nightingale

14.) We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it. – Earl Nightingale

15.) You are now, and you do become, what you think about. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

16.) Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; wherever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable. – Earl Nightingale

17.) Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. – Earl Nightingale

18.) Each of us must live off the fruit of his thoughts in the future, because what you think today and tomorrow, next month and next year, you will mold your life and determine your future. You are guided by your mind. – Earl Nightingale

19.) A person who does not read is no better than one cannot read. – Earl Nightingale

20.) Every one of us is the sum total of his own thoughts – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

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21.) If the grass is greener on the other side it’s probably getting better care – Earl Nightingale

22.) Each of us creates his or her own life largely by our attitude. – Earl Nightingale

23.) You can control your attitude. Set it each morning – Earl Nightingale

24.) It is our attitude toward life that determines life’s attitude toward us. We get back what we put out. – Earl Nightingale

25.) Most people begin their day in neutral. They will simply react to whatever confronts them. – Earl Nightingale

26.) Gratitude and expectancy are the best attitude. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

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27.) Our outlook on life is a kind of paint brush and with it we paint our world. It can be bright and filled with hope and satisfaction or it can be dark and gloomy. The world we experience is a reflection of our attitude. – Earl Nightingale

28.) Be positive, cheerful, grateful and expectant. – Earl Nightingale

29.) Always keep that happy attitude. Pretend that you are holding a beautiful fragrant bouquet. – Earl Nightingale

30.) Don’t wait for change. You change. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

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31.) Control your thoughts. Decide about that which you will think and concentrate upon. You are in charge of your life to the degree you take charge of your thoughts. – Earl Nightingale

32.) Don’t catch the bad and infectious attitudes of others. – Earl Nightingale

33.) Everything begins with an idea. – Earl Nightingale

34.) Excellence always sells. – Earl Nightingale

35.) Failures . . . believe that their lives are shaped by circumstances … by things that happen to them … by exterior forces. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

Earl Nightingale Quotes 10

36.) Find what you can do best that renders service to others and do it with all your might. – Earl Nightingale

37.) Goals reflect your choice of destination. – Earl Nightingale

38.) Ideas are elusive, slippery things. Best to keep a pad of paper and a pencil at your bedside, so you can stab them during the night before they get away. – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

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39.) Money is the harvest of our production and service. We in turn use it to obtain the production and service of others. – Earl Nightingale

40.) Mistakes are a natural part of growing up. They’re to be expected and made light of. But children bloom like spring flowers under praise. They want so much to be noticed and appreciated, to excel and have that excellence noticed. – Earl Nightingale

41.) Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm – Earl Nightingale

42.) We can let circumstances rule us, or we can take charge and rule our lives from within – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

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43.) All you have to do is know where you’re going. The answers will come to you of their own accord – Earl Nightingale

44.) The big thing is that you know what you want. – Earl Nightingale

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45.) A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change – Earl Nightingale

46.) The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.” – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

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47.) Whenever we’re afraid, it’s because we don’t know enough. If we understood enough, we would never be afraid. – Earl Nightingale

48.) Your world is a living expression of how you are using and have used your mind.” – Earl Nightingale

49.) The key that unlocks energy is ”Desire’.’ It’s also the key to a long and interesting life. If we expect to create any drive, any real force within ourselves, we have to get excited.” – Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale Quotes

50.) What’s going on in the inside shows on the outside.” – Earl Nightingale

51.) “Men credited with all kinds of ability, talent, brains and know how, including the ability to see into the future, frequently have nothing more than the courage to keep everlastingly at what they set out to do. They have that one great quality that is worth more than all the rest put together. They simply will not give up! When a man makes up his mind to do something then it’s only a matter of time. Staying with time take bulldog persistence. This seems to be the entrance examination to success – lasting success — of any kind!”
― Earl Nightingale

52.) “don’t worry. Worry brings fear, and fear is crippling. The only thing that could cause worry during this test is trying to do it all yourself. Know that all you have to do is to hold your goal before you. Everything else will take care of itself. Remember also to keep calm and cheerful. Don’t let petty things annoy you and get you off course.”
― Earl Nightingale

53.) “1. Give yourself a definite goal. 2. Quit running yourself down. 3. Stop thinking of all the reasons you cannot be successful and instead, think of all the reasons why you can. 4. Trace your attitudes back through your childhood and try to discover where you first got the idea you couldn’t be successful – if that’s the way you’ve been thinking. 5. Change the attitude you have of yourself by writing out the description of the person you’d like to be. 6. Act the part of the successful person you have decided to become.”
― Earl Nightingale

54.) “William James said: “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. We need only in cold blood act as if the thing in question were real, and it will become infallibly real by growing into such a connection with our life that it will become real. It will become so knit with habit and emotion that our interests in it will be those which characterize belief.” He also said,”If you only care enough for a result, you will almost certainly attain it. If you wish to be rich, you will be rich. If you wish to be learned, you will be learned. If you wish to be good, you will be good – only you must, then, really wish these things, and wish them exclusively, and not wish at the same time a hundred other incompatible things just as strongly.”
― Earl Nightingale

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