20 The Craft Quotes From the Hit Movie

Fans of supernatural horror will love these The Craft quotes from the popular movie.

The Craft is a teen supernatural horror movie released in 1996 and directed by Andrew Fleming.

The movie is based on a screenplay by Andrew Fleming and Peter Filardi.

It stars Robin Tunney, Fairuza Falk, Neve Campbell, and Rachel True, among many talented actors.

The movie received mixed reviews but has become a cult classic and grossed more than $55 million against a $15 million budget.

The movie’s plot follows four high school girls that are all outcasts for various reasons, and they decide to practice witchcraft to become more powerful and control their lives.

Sarah, Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle then cast spells on others to get their way.

Take a look at these The Craft quotes to learn more about the movie.

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Classic The Craft Quotes

Check out these classic quotes from the movie.

1. “The almanac says today will bring an arrival or something.” – Bonnie

2. “Nothing makes everything all better again.” – Sarah

3. “We are the weirdos, mister.” – Nancy

4. “You don’t even exist to me!” – Nancy

5. “Relax, it’s only magic. Now who’s pathetic?” – Sarah

6. “Yeah, well, you know what they say. You are who you hang with.” – Sarah

7. “You know, in the old days, if a witch betrayed her coven… they would kill her.” – Nancy

8. “No one can help me.” – Chris

9. “You girls watch out for those weirdos.” – Bus Driver

10. “Well then understand this: whatever you send out, you get back times three.” – Lirio

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Dark Craft Quotes

Here are some of the darkest quotes from the movie.

11. “You’re in deep shit. He says you’ve abused the gifts that he’s given you, and now you’re going to have to pay the price.” – Sarah

12. “True magic is neither black nor white… it’s both because nature is both. Loving and cruel, all at the same time.” – Lirio

13. “What’s the matter? Why doesn’t she use magic on us?” – Rochelle

14. “He gave you something honey, but it ain’t the power.” – Nurse

15. “Excuse me, but I’ve spent a big chunk of my life being a monster, and now that I’m not and having a good time, I’m sorry that bothers you.” – Bonnie

16. “I’m not trying to win them over; you’re paranoid.” – Rochelle

17. “She doesn’t want to be white trash anymore. I told her, ‘You’re white, honey! Just get over it.’” – Rochelle

18. “You know, every morning, I wake up, and for a second, I think I’m normal. But then I remember.” – Bonnie

19. “You can defeat those who challenge you, but you must surrender yourself to the high power.” – Lirio

20. “Run up to your room like a little coward you are. She’s so pathetic!” – Nancy

Does Casting Spells Work For the Girls?

Although the girls are able to successfully cast the spells, they find out that using their power and casting these spells has negative consequences.

Nancy becomes power-hungry and even kills a young man.

Sarah sees what is happening and gets in a fight with Nancy to stop her.

Once Sarah defeats Nancy, she warns Bonnie and Rochelle to be careful not to let their power control them as Nancy did.

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