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The Last Dance Quotes About the NBA GOAT

If you’re a sports fan, you will love this collection of The Last Dance quotes documenting the last run of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls.

There’s no arguing that Michael Jordan is the GOAT (greatest of all time) of the NBA. He won six championships with the Chicago Bulls during his fifteen-year career.

The list of his accolades is so long we’re not going to list them all here.

The ESPN mini-series, The Last Dance, tells the story of the final championships that Jordan won with the Bulls in the 97-98 season.

It was a ten-episode series that covered not just the final season, but also many of the stories leading up to it as well.

The following are some of the best The Last Dance quotes for sports fans to enjoy.

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The Last Dance quotes by Michael Jordan

1. “The Glove… I had no problem with The Glove.” — Michael Jordan

2. “I didn’t want Bill Cartwright to have the ball with five seconds left. That’s not an equal opportunity offense. That’s f**king bulls**t.” — Michael Jordan

3. “Everybody says I pushed off. Bulls**t. His energy was going that way. I didn’t have to push him that way.” — Michael Jordan

4. “We went from a shitty team to one of the all-time best dynasties. All you needed was one little match to start that whole fire.Chicago Bulls.” — Michael Jordan

5. “Phil, you let this dude go to vacation, we not gonna see him. You let him go to Vegas, we definitely not gonna see him.” — Michael Jordan

6. “Don’t ever talk trash to Black Jesus!” — Michael Jordan

7. “Well, everybody says I won all these championships. But I didn’t win without Scottie Pippen. That’s why I consider him my greatest teammate of all-time.” — Michael Jordan

8. “Republicans buy sneakers too.” — Michael Jordan

9. “It’s funny. A lot of people say they’d like to be Michael Jordan for a day or for a week. But let them try to be Michael Jordan for a year. See if they like it… Let them see that it’s no fun.” — Michael Jordan

10. “If I had the chance to do it all over again, I would never want to be considered a role model. It’s like a game that’s stacked against me. You know, there’s no way I can win.” — Michael Jordan

11. “Winning has a price, and leadership has a price. So I pulled people on when they didn’t want to be pulled and I challenged people when they didn’t want to be challenged. And I earned that right because my teammates came after me. They didn’t endure the things that I endured.” — Michael Jordan

12. “You ask all my teammates, the one thing about Michael Jordan was he never asked me to do something that he didn’t fucking do.” — Michael Jordan

13. “When people see this, they’re going to say, well he wasn’t really a nice guy, he was really a tyrant… Well that’s you, because you’ve never won anything.” — Michael Jordan

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14. “Look I don’t have to do this (documentary). I’m only doing this because it is who I am. That’s how I played the game. That was my mentality. If you don’t want to play that way, don’t play that way.” — Michael Jordan

15. “That’s the sign of a good man, if you can talk shit when it’s even score or talk shit when you’re behind score. When you’re ahead, it’s easy to talk.” — Michael Jordan

16. “You can show me anything you want. There’s no way you’re not going to convince me that he wasn’t an asshole.” — Michael Jordan

17. “My innate personality is to win at all costs. If I have to do it myself, I’m going to do it.” — Michael Jordan

18. “In ’91-’92, I was young, full of energy, hungry. In ’98, when, winning 6 out of 8, and yet being just as dominant as you were in ’91, that’s where the craftsmanship came in, and I think ’98 was much better than any of the other years because of how I was able to use my mind as well as my body.” — Michael Jordan

19. “It’s maddening because I felt like we could have won seven. I really believe that. We may not have, but man, just to not be able to try, that’s something that I just can’t accept.” — Michael Jordan

20. “I knew that Jerry Krause loved Dan Majerle and just because Krause liked him was enough for me. You think he’s a great defensive player? OK, fine. I’m going to show you he’s not.” — Michael Jordan

21. “Clyde was a threat. I’m not saying he wasn’t a threat. But me being compared to him, I took offense to that.” — Michael Jordan

The Last Dance quotes by Barrack Obama

22. “Any African American in this society that sees significant success has an added burden. And many times America is quick to embrace a Michael Jordan, or an Oprah Winfrey, or a Barack Obama so long as it’s understood that you don’t get too controversial around broader issues of social justice.” — Barack Obama

23. “There are certain sports figures who become a larger cultural force. Michael Jordan and the Bulls changed the culture.” — Barrack Obama

The Last Dance quotes by Dennis Rodman

24. “It’s boom, uh, click, and go back this way. Boom. Here, here. Click and go that way. Boom. That way. Click here, and go back this way.” — Dennis Rodman

25. “I’ll play the game for free, but you get paid for the bullshit after you leave the floor.” — Dennis Rodman

26. “You got the great Michael Jordan, the great Scottie Pippen, the great Phil Jackson. But if you take me away from this team, do they still win a championship? I don’t think so. I love Michael Jordan to death. I love Scottie Pippen, all these guys. But they really don’t do the things that I do.”  Dennis Rodman

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27. “Basketball is simple. It’s a simple game. But when you leave this confined zone, it’s hard. It’s hard.” — Dennis Rodman

The Last Dance quotes by Reggie Miller

28. “He and I have somewhat of a unique relationship. Most people feared Michael Jordan. And rightfully so. But I didn’t fear him like the rest of the league did. And we had to lock horns quite a bit.” — Reggie Miller

29. “He was one of the best trash-talkers in our game. Early in my career, we were playing against Chicago. And you’re going to go 110% because you’re trying to impress the vets on your team. In the first half I played well and I was riled up. MJ didn’t shoot the ball particularly great. And so I’m like, “Yeah, you’re Michael Jordan? The guy who walks on water?” He looks at me… Second half, I had like 2 points and he ended up with a lot more. And I remember him walking off the court and he said, “Don’t ever talk trash to Black Jesus.” — Reggie Miller

30. “In my mind, I was thinking, ‘Alright, this is it. You’re going to retire Michael Jordan.” — Reggie Miller

The Last Dance quotes by Scottie Pippen

31. “I’m not going to f**k my summer up” — Scottie Pippen

32. “Yes, I think the ‘96 BUlls are the greatest of all time. I think the 72-10 record speaks for itself and the fact that we were able to cap it off with a championship.” — Scottie Pippen

33. “It’s one of those incidents where I wish it never happened. But if I had a chance to do it over again, I probably wouldn’t change it.” — Scottie Pippen

The Last Dance quotes by Will Perdue

34. “He (Jordan) knows we would never play (cards) with him in the back (of the team plane), because it’s just too much money. But he would come up to the front and say, ‘What’re you guys doing? Mind if I play?’ And I remember John Paxson looking at him and going, ‘Why in the hell would you want to play with us? We’re playing for a dollar a hand.’ And I remember he looked at him he goes, ‘Because I want to say I got your money in my pocket.’” — Will Perdue

35. “Yeah, let’s not get it wrong: He was an a**hole. He was a jerk. He crossed the line numerous times. But as time goes on and you think about what he was actually trying to accomplish, you’re like, ‘Yeah, he was a helluva teammate.’” — Will Perdue

The Last Dance quotes from others

36. “Michael Jordan is the only player that could ever turn it on and off, and he never freakin’ turned it off.” — Roy Williams

37. “I was better than Michael Jordan… For about three weeks.” — James Worthy

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38. “It’s a great run, we’d had a wonderful time. Good team. Time to go.” — Phil Jackson

39. Tex Winter: “Are your shoes okay? I don’t want you sliding all over the damn place out there.

Michael Jordan: “I’mma slide a ring on your hand tonight, Tex. That’s all you need to know.”

40. “Sports are like a gunfight and we lost to the fastest gun.” — Charles Barkley

41. “When you see your leader working extremely hard in practice, you feel like, ‘man, if I don’t give it my all, I shouldn’t be here’.” — Horace Grant

42. “This is the way the game of basketball was played at the time. When you do come to Detroit, you will get your ass whooped.” — Todd Boyd

43. “Let’s leave him alone- you don’t put a saddle on a mustang.”  Brendan Malone

44. “Get the ball to Michael. Everybody get the fuck out of the way!” — Doug Collins

45. “I think it’s just God disguised as Michael Jordan.” — Larry Bird

46. “It’s unfortunate, you know, because I think I had a great game that game as well. But no one remembers that.” — Patrick Ewing

47. “I think Michael recognized that there were guys who were sort of overachievers, guys who maybe didn’t have that star power but came in and did what we could, and I’m sure he looked at me as an overachiever.” — Steve Kerr

48. “Most people struggle to be present… Most people live in fear because we project the past into the future. Michael’s a mystic. He was never anywhere else.” — Mark Vancil

49. “The big downfall of a lot of players who are otherwise gifted is thinking about failure. Michael wouldn’t allow what he couldn’t control to get inside his head. He would say, “Why would I think about missing a shot I haven’t taken?”” — David Aldridge

50. “I don’t get five championships here without him.” — Kobe Bryant

What did you learn from these The Last Dance quotes?

The Last Dance mini-series was well received by basketball fans and sports fans alike. Not only did people enjoy watching the story of Michael Jordan and the Bulls, but it aired at the perfect time.

The series premiered during the height of the pandemic when people were staying at home and there were no live sports happening.

It filled the void that sports fans were experiencing and gave people something to talk about other than the pandemic.

If you’re a sports fan that hasn’t yet watched The Last Dance, you can view it on Netflix. You’ll enjoy the nostalgia of watching 90s basketball and some of your favorite NBA stars.

If you’ve watched it before and enjoyed it, you’ll enjoy watching it again as you relive some of the greatest Michael Jordan moments. And until then, enjoy The Last Dance quotes and sayings above again and again.

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