50 The Last Kingdom Quotes for Fans Everywhere

The Last Kingdom quotes will give you a peek into the series.

One of the best British historical fiction series is The Last Kingdom.

The series, which first aired on the BBC in 2015 and later on Netflix, is based on the bestselling novels of Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories and has been a notable must-watch for many historical drama fans.

The story is set in the year 866 when the Great Heathen Army arrived in Britain and strengthened the relationship between the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons.

It focused on the Kingdom of Wessex and how it resisted the incursions of Vikings into Southern England.

The main character in focus is Uhtred of Bebbanburg, the successor of Saxon earldom, who was captured by the Danes.

He was raised by the Danes as their own. However, upon growing up, he had to face the reality of choosing between his ancestors and avenging the death of the people who raised him.

Uhtred wanted to regain Bebbanburg from his uncle, who wanted him dead, to rule the kingdom for himself while also looking after the Danes where he grew up.

Through Uhtred’s eyes, viewers get to experience the conflicts between the Saxons and the Danes and the political machinations of the time.

One of the key strengths of The Last Kingdom is its talented ensemble cast.

Alexander Dreymon, who plays Uhtred, brings depth and nuance to his character, capturing both his inner turmoil and his cunning as a warrior.

Other standout performances include Ian Hart as the wise and cunning Beocca and David Dawson as the power-hungry King Alfred.

The Last Kingdom has been praised for its compelling storytelling, rich characters, and gripping action sequences.

It has received positive reviews from both audience and critics and has been renewed for several seasons.

Enjoy these The Last Kingdom quotes.

The Last Kingdom Quotes

1. “Aethelwold, you’re as much a warrior as you are a King.” — Uhtred

2. “I do not seek battles. Battles just seem to seek me.” — Uhtred

3. “I have given half my life to Wessex. I will give no more.” — Uhtred

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4. “It does not matter what they call us, so long as they obey.” — Uhtred

5. “My journey continues. My paths leads north to blood fields. To revenge and to Bebbanburg. Destiny is all.” — Uhtred

6. “Not everybody enjoys a fool.”  Brida

7. “Soon, all of the kings in England shall be kings of nothing.” — Ravn

8. “To advise a king is a great honor. But it can also be a curse.” — Beocca

9. “To fight, men need a lord who can lead them into battle without fear.” — Uhtred

10. “We can be enemies or lovers. We can suffer or we can rule.” — Skade

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The Last Kingdom Quotes Full of Wisdom

11. “You cannot invite a serpent into the garden and be surprised when it slithers on the ground.” — Beocca

12. “A country is its history, the sum of all its stories, we are what our fathers made us.” — Alfred

13. “A good King relies upon good advice.” — Alfred

14. “A king must be a king on his own terms. He cannot be his father. He can only be himself.” — Uhtred

15. “An empty throne provokes more trouble than a weak king.” — Uhtred

16. “Courage is finding the will to overcome your fear, nothing more.” — Uhtred

17. ”Fear is within all of us. As is strength.” — Alfred

18. “Fighting is expected. Disobedience is not.”  Earl Ragnar

19. “Good service past is no excuse for breaking the law of the land.” — Alfred

20. “I fear no number of kneeling clergymen will change what a heathen’s axe has already decreed.” — Odda

The Last Kingdom Quotes for You to Enjoy

21. “If you want wealth, you take it. You can’t ignore what’s true.” — Brida

22. “Men who take their orders from the gods are unpredictable.”  Ravn

23. “Not every sword stroke is a kill! A kill is something you must fashion.” — Uhtred

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24. “What binds a man to his land? What power within allows him to give his life to preserve his land and the lives of the families who work it? It can only be love.” — Uhtred

25. “God created everything that surrounds me, the fields, rivers, the forests. The land is my church.” — Uhtred

26. “Fear can be expelled with knowledge.” — Alfred

27. “Whatever I discover about my enemies is written down.” — Alfred

28. “We are one, you and I. From the moment I took your hand on the steps of the great hall of Eoferwic, we were bound as one. You may dislike me, hate me if you wish, despise me at times. But love is immortal. It goes on.” — Uhtred

29. “To Uhtred, the true Lord of Bebbanburg. A man I have never understood, but without whom I would not die a king.” — Alfred

30. “There’s no justice here. Only the church.” — Uhtred

31. “You will never be rid of me. Accept it. Accept me.” — Skade

32. “When one side seeks to destroy the other, you must choose in order to survive.” — Sigtryggr

33. “Revenge will not bring you peace, only death.” — Beocca

34. “I fear no number of kneeling clergymen will change what a heathen’s axe has already decreed.” — Odda

35. “Courage without the sword is the more difficult path. It must, in time, become the only path.” — Alfred

36. “The truth of a man lies not in the land of his birth, but in his heart.” — Uhtred

37. “The promises you have made will stand. Blood feuds last a lifetime. What you do, arseling, is you keep living each day until the last.” — Leofric

38. “The priest doesn’t lie. Despite him being a priest.” — Uhtred

39. “The heathen cares only for personal gain.” — Alfred

40. “The future is fate, it won’t change.” — Uhtred

More The Last Kingdom Quotes

41. “The act of committing ink to parchment gives a deed permanence.” — Alfred

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42. “One path looks like another.” — Uhtred

43. “Nothing finishes an evening in an alehouse so well as a fight.” — Uhtred

44. “Leofric. How did you manage to get such a big head into such a small helmet?” — Brida

45. “Land and silver is what all men desire and I’m no different.” — Uhtred

46. “It does not matter what they call us, so long as they obey.” — Uhtred

47. “If your God’s with you, you’re a lucky man.” — Uhtred

48. “I would rather be at the top of a hill than on the flat.” — Alfred

49. “I want them to know that I am alive. I need them to know that I’m alive because they hold what’s mine.” — Uhtred

50. “I prefer the company of the Gods to stupid men.” — Brida

Indeed, Cornwell’s novels played a major role in the build-up of the story throughout the series.

Major events of the series were derived from Cornwell’s The Last Kingdom and The Pale Horseman novels.

For the second season, events from The Lords of the North and Sword Song novels were injected.

Although there were some plot changes, The Burning Land and Death of Kings novels were notably the inspiration behind the third season.

The whole series covered over four decades which spanned four seasons.

The Last Kingdom was first aired via BBC America and BBC Two.

However, due to its increased viewership for its superb storyline, The Last Kingdom was aired via Netflix during the ten episodes of its third season, which was considered to be a positive feat for the show.

It was then renewed for the fourth and final season also under Netflix.

Aside from the magnificent storyline, The Last Kingdom is lauded for the beautiful cinematography infused in every episode.

This fictional historical drama is often likened to another fan-favorite series The Game of Thrones.

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