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The Sinner Quotes for the Detective in You

Get a glimpse of the Netflix detective series with The Sinner quotes below.

The Sinner is an intense police procedural series on Netflix.

It follows the story of Harry Ambrose, a police detective who investigates bizarre crimes committed by unlikely suspects.

Harry’s job is to unravel their motivation and the events that led them to their unlawful actions.

While the show was originally scheduled to only be a mini-series, it has been renewed for a fourth season.

It’s similar to other detective series but known for being harsher.

The show is also an alarming reminder that humans are inherently flawed and can be driven to do horrific things.

These The Sinner Quotes will keep you engaged and wanting to rewatch this suspenseful show.

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The Sinner Quotes by Cora

1. “I grew up with God in my house. All He brought was more pain.” ― Cora

2. “What kind of a god kills your baby but lets you survive?” ― Cora

The Sinner Quotes by Harry

3. “Everyone assumes we start out in the same place. We don’t.” ― Harry

4. “Fact is, most people have secrets, even the most unlikely ones.” ― Harry

5. “You’re what somebody did to us when we were young, I know it wasn’t our fault. I know we didn’t do anything wrong. But somehow, I don’t know what to do with it all.” ― Harry

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6. “There’s no way out of this that’s ever going to satisfy you.” ― Harry

The Sinner Quotes by Jamie

7. “Strange, isn’t it? That some letter should determine your fate.” ― Jamie

8. “We are living on a giant rock. We are flying through space, and no one knows anything. School makes you think they have the answers, but they don’t. No one does.” ― Jamie

9. “It’s strange, isn’t it. The one person I need to talk to is trying to lock me up.” ― Jamie

10. “ I want you to play the game. I want you to play the game, to look death right in the face, right where I am. No escape route.” ― Jamie

11. “So I don’t get to have a moment because I’m white?”  Jamie

12. “You did it, Harry. I had to pull the pipe. You had to believe you were gonna die. Nick did the same for me.”  Jamie

13. “When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.” ― Jamie

14. “It’s strange, isn’t it. The one person I need to talk to is trying to lock me up.” ― Jamie

15. “They’ll just put me away. I am not a lost cause. Help me. I’m gonna get my life back.” ― Jamie

16. “It’s weird. Everything looks different now. Like my house, I know it’s my house, but it’s not … quite. My hands. They don’t seem like my hands.”  Jamie

17. “You know, it kind of pisses me off the way you act like you care and then you just switch off. It’s really fucking manipulative. I’ve told you things I haven’t even told my wife.” ― Jamie

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18. “You’re no different than I am, you know. Don’t start thinking you are.” ― Jamie

19. “I’m a high school teacher living in the goddamned suburbs. I’m not driving around in the middle of the night digging graves for painters I don’t know. What is it with you? You keep showing up at my house, pretending we’re friends, and now you’re harassing me? If you have evidence to incriminate me, haul me in. Otherwise, I’m going back inside to my wife.”  Jamie

20. “Move on? Why does everybody say that? It’s like the only thing that matters is getting over things as fast as you can. I mean, death isn’t going away. If anything, it’s getting closer. And everyone I know is terrified, but no one wants to talk about it. We just hide it away in hospitals and old age homes. And we don’t even kill our own food, we just get our meat shrinkwrapped into these patties. It just feels like a lie.” ― Jamie

The Sinner quotes from memorable conversations within the show

21. Sonya: “Oh, you’ve been researching me.”

Ambrose: “I’m working a case.”

22. Harry: “Why didn’t you leave your house when I told you to?”

Sonya: “I, I knew it was dangerous, but I, I just couldn’t stop myself.”

23. Kowalski: “Is it true that in order to gain Mr. Burns’ trust, you agreed to be buried in a grave for eight hours.”

Ambrose: “That’s correct.”

24. Jamie: “You know, I came here to kill you.”

Sonya: “I thought that might be the case.”

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25. Jamie: “Why do you need me to jump with you? Why can’t you just jump on your own?”

Nick: “The only reason I was able to jump is because you were there with me.”

Which of these The Sinner quotes is your favorite?

The show is extremely heavy and suspenseful to watch, and some fans often pause it in the middle of unraveling scenes just to catch a breath.

However, this series’s unique deductive storytelling will easily hook you while you’re constantly sitting on the edge of your seat.

The Sinner touched complicated issues such as child abuse, religious hypocrisy, a flawed criminal justice system, trauma, norms, and many more.

This makes the show a brilliant psychological drama at its best.

It showcases how certain events in our lives can change how we think and act, leading to a lasting psychological impact.

So try to understand human psychology better and enjoy browsing these The Sinner quotes and lines.

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