25 TF2 Soldier Quotes For Team Fortress Fans

Prepare yourself for combat with our TF2 Soldier quotes. 

Team Fortress has grown to become one of the most successful games on the planet. 

Part of the game’s success comes from memorable characters such as the TF2 Soldier. 

If you are a Team Fortress fan, you will love our TF2 Soldier quotes below! 

Who is the Soldier in TF2?

Many of the game’s characters are archetypal representations of satirical American stereotypes. 

The soldier is a one-man wolf pack. 

His weapons include:

  • A shovel
  • A shotgun
  • A Rocket Launcher

What he lacks in people skills, he makes up for in technical know-how. 

He is passionate about fighting in the war and protecting his country but has never joined any official military.

He is self-taught and trained to kill. 

The soldier is rejected from the American military, so he sails to Europe on his own to hunt down Nazis on his own accord. 

He is kind of like a member of the Inglorious Bastards.

What is Team Fortress 2?

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter game from 2007. 

Initially, it came out on Windows and eventually jumped to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 

In the game, players can join the BLU or RED teams and pick nine different classes of characters, each with various strengths and weaknesses. 2

The game has received critical acclaim for its animation, character development, and humor. 

Why do people love the soldier in TF2?

The soldier is charismatic, hilarious, opinionated, and driven. 

He represents many of the best of American idealisms. 

In his own way, he models excellence through self-sufficiency and passion. 

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In other ways, he is a violent lunatic. 

Fans love the polarity!

The soldier comes equipped with a rocket launcher, shovel, and shotgun. 

He came to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and he is all out of bubble gum! 

To learn more, check out our TF2 Soldier quotes below. 

One word TF2 Soldier quotes

Let’s start with some one-word quotes from the courageous soldier

1. “Hooah!” — TF2 Soldier

2. “Charge!” — TF2 Soldier

3. “Booyah!” — TF2 Soldier

4. “Forward!” — TF2 Soldier

5. “Attaaack!” — TF2 Soldier

Short TF2 Soldier battle quotes

Check out these short quotes from the battlefield

6. “Heeeeelp!” — TF2 Soldier

7. “I need some help!” — TF2 Soldier

8. “Need some help here!” — TF2 Soldier

9. “We need to defend this point!” — TF2 Soldier

10. “Standing on friendly control point.” — TF2 Soldier

The best TF2 Soldier quotes about defending the point

Who defends better than TF2?

11. “Defend this point!” — TF2 Soldier

12. “You will help me defend my point!” — TF2 Soldier

13. “Standing on enemy control point.” — TF2 Soldier

14. “You will help me capture my point!” — TF2 Soldier

15. “This is my point, and you will help me defend my point!” — TF2 Soldier

The top TF2 Soldier quotes for rallying the troops

Here, the soldier reminds us that you cannot complete an objective without enthusiasm

16. “Need help capping this point!” — TF2 Soldier

17. “Stand on the point! Maggot!” — TF2 Soldier

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18. “Stand on the point! Maggots!” — TF2 Soldier

19. “Stand on the point! Numbnuts!” — TF2 Soldier

20. “Rally round, help me cap this point!” — TF2 Soldier

TF2 Soldier quotes and sayings about finishing the job

We end our list with these victory quotes from TF2 Soldier. 

21. “Heh heh heeeh!” — TF2 Soldier

22. “Give ’em hell, boys!” — TF2 Soldier

23. “Today is a good day!” — TF2 Soldier

24. “You’ve done me proud, boys!” — TF2 Soldier

25. “Last one alive, lock the door!” — TF2 Soldier

Look alive! The soldier is coming through.

If you have never played Team Fortress, you are in for a treat. 

The gameplay is fun, and you will love hilarious characters such as Soldier. 

We would love to know your favorite quote from the Soldier. 

Tell us below. 

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