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Two-Word Quotes That are Short but Powerful

These short two-word quotes will show you that even just a few words can matter.

Quotes can have an inspiring impact on our lives, which is one reason we love them!

They do not have to be long and wordy to be profound.

Words are, after all, powerful tools!

You do not have to string many of them together to learn a lesson or feel something.

These two-word quotes are easy to remember, and when the moment is right, you will be able to recall them from your mind.

Often, just a few words are enough to have a great impact.

These inspiring two-word quotes are catchy and can still help motivate you when you need a little push!

There are also some great two-word quotes for captioning your photos.

Don’t forget to also check out these short inspirational quotes to fuel your day.

Inspiring two-word quotes

1. “You can.” — Unknown

2. “Try again.” — Unknown

3. “Be yourself.” — Unknown

4. “Dream big.” — Unknown

5. “Rise above.” — Unknown

6. “You matter.” — Unknown

7. “Stay focused.” — Unknown

8. “Trust yourself.” — Unknown

9. “Move forward.” — Unknown

10. “Accept yourself.” — Unknown

Two-word Quotes About Love

11. “Love all.” — Unknown

12. “Love life.” — Unknown

13. “True love.” — Unknown

14. “Love much.” — Unknown

15. “Love fiercely.” — Unknown

16. “Good vibes.” — Unknown

17. “Stay beautiful.” — Unknown

18. “Love endures.” — Unknown

19. “Love fearlessly.” — Unknown

20. “Unconditional Love.” — Unknown

Two-word quotes for Instagram

21. “Inner peace.” — Unknown

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22. “Loosen up.” — Unknown

23. “Mind matters.” — Unknown

24. “Never settle.” — Unknown

25. “Rock on.” — Unknown

26. “Screw perfect.” — Unknown

27. “Sunday funday.” — Unknown

28. “Warning sign.” — Unknown

29. “Pretty awesome.” — Unknown

30. “Throwback Thursday.” — Unknown

Positive two-word quotes

31. “Be kind.” — Unknown

32. “Enjoy today.” — Unknown

33. “Shine on.” — Unknown

34. “Keep calm.” — Unknown

35. “Amplify hope.” — Unknown

36. “Hakuna Matata.” — Unknown

37. “Happy endings.” — Unknown

38. “Inhale exhale.” — Unknown

39. “Pretty awesome.” — Unknown

40. “Miracle happens.” — Unknown

Scary two-word quotes

41. “I’m pregnant.” — Unknown

42. “It’s over.” — Unknown

43. “Forget you.” — Unknown

44. “Shut up.” — Unknown

45. “Get out.” — Unknown

46. “Cancer sucks.” — Unknown

47. “FIRE, RUN!” — Unknown

48. “That’s enough.” — Unknown

49. “Screw you.” — Unknown

50. “Watch out!” — Unknown

Sometimes a two-word quote might be all you need

One reason we turn to quotes is that the words of someone else can resonate with a situation we are facing.

We draw inspiration, laughter, and a sense of camaraderie.

Quotes can help us see something from a different perspective, or sum up our thoughts more eloquently than we can.

These two-word quotes might not be the most eloquent words spoken, but they can still inspire you.

Hopefully, some of them made you laugh.

Others might have made you feel empowered or less alone.

Do you have any other favorite two-word quotes and sayings you think might help someone else?

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Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.

Danielle Dahl, Lead Contributor
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