22 Ugly Quotes From the Indian Thriller Movie

Check out these Ugly quotes from the thriller movie!

Ugly was released in 2013 as an Indian thriller movie written and recorded in Hindi-language.

The movie was directed, written, and co-produced by Anurag Kashyap and stars Rahul Bhat, Ronit Roy, Madhvi kumari Singh, and many other talented actors.

Ugly received positive reviews from critics and audiences upon release and grossed almost 1.5 times its budget.

The movie’s plot follows a ten-year-old girl named Kali who lives with her mom and stepdad, a police officer.

Her mother is depressed, and Kali saves her from a suicide attempt.

Later Kali goes with her dad to work and is abducted, but no one knows who kidnapped her.

Take a look at the following Ugly quotes to learn more about this thriller.

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Ugly Quotes that Tell the Story of Kali’s Kidnapping

These quotes begin to fill you in on the details of the story.

1. “I know you hate papa…” — Kali

2. “Why have we stopped here, papa?” — Kali

3. “I’ll be back soon, ok?” — Rahul

4. “She treats me like I’m going to kidnap my own daughter!” — Rahul

5. “Where the f*** did you get this…?” — Rahul

6. “I’ll get the role! Then I’ll pay you back…all together!” — Rahul

7. “Shalini, I didn’t marry you to solve your family problems.” — Shoumik Bose

8. “Get me everyone who’s on our list… now!” — Shoumik Bose

9. “Sir, there was a little girl in this car… did you see her anywhere?” — Chaitanya

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10. “No one recalls the girl in that crowded market. But we found some of her things.” — Police Officer

11. “Shouldn’t you be looking for her instead of questioning us…?” — Rahul

12. “Oh, he’s a ‘big hero’! He leaves a little kid alone in the car.” — Police Officer

13. “That guy pushed him, escaped, and got hit by a car.” — Rahul

14. “Did you inform the mother that you were leaving her kid alone?” — Police Officer

More Ugly Quotes from the Film

These quotes from the film show the search and unfortunate results for Kali.

15. “She’s rich…! And she has a physical trainer…!” — Shalini

16. “You both have different versions…” — Police Officer

17. “Rahul’s pic flashed on the screen, and I realised it’s Kali’s phone.” — Chaitanya

18. “And send a search party behind the theme park.. with the sniffer dogs!” — Shoumik Bose

19. “We know that both of you are doing some sh*t with kids.” — Shoumik Bose

20. “I’ve called my daughter several times from my phone, but I’ve never seen ‘Papa calling’ in my life.” — Police Officer

21. “Sir, it was Shrilal, our primary suspect, who kidnapped her…and left her here, unconscious.” — Police Officer

22. “Or have your hearts paused just a bit, for a brief second… to mourn me…?” — Kali

What Happens to Kali?

When Kali’s stepdad learns of her kidnapping, he immediately starts an investigation and will not let any obstacle stand in his way.

We learn that Kali’s real dad was an abusive husband to her mom and is a bad man.

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Kali’s stepdad continues his investigation but sadly eventually finds Kali dead.

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