25 Klaus Mikaelson Quotes From One Of The “Original Vampires”

There’s just something about vampire dramas that keeps people coming back for more as you’ll see in these Klaus Mikaelson quotes.

If you don’t know the name “Klaus Mikaelson” you’ve never watched Vampire Diaries before.

He is a character that began on the CW show Vampire Diaries, which was based on a popular vampire book series.

This character is known for being in the line of the Original Vampires.

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He eventually leaves the show to go on the spinoff CW show called The Originals.

Klaus is the son of a witch and a werewolf and is working to create a line of hybrids, which are part werewolf and part vampire.

The character was played by Joseph Morgan, a British actor and director.

Enjoy these Klaus Mikaelson quotes!

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Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about Life and Death

1. “Death offers more peace than you deserve.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about death

2. “You know, it’s funny how often a person’s sharp tongue can end up cutting their own throat.” – Klaus Mikaelson

thought-provoking Klaus Mikaelson Quotes

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3. “What we need to do is focus.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about focus

4. “Hatred, a pure and perfect hatred that’s greater now than the day I first took your life.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about hatred

5. “Allow me to entertain you with today’s list of priorities.” – Klaus Mikaelson

memorable Klaus Mikaelson Quotes

6. “Death dances silently in everyone’s shadow, and she doesn’t give a damn. So why give a damn about her?” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes on Death dances silently

7. “There is not a thing on this earth that will matter enough for me to waste even thirty more seconds of my time.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about earth

8. “Either way, a new day is coming whether we like it or not. The question is will you control it, or will it control you?” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes on coming whether

9. “But in the one moment you two could have chosen to stand by me, you chose to stand against me, to side with my enemies.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes to stand by me

10. “You remain ever the wise counsel, brother. The rest of the family could learn something from you.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about learn something from you

11. “After 1,000 years, one might expect life to be less keenly felt, for its beauties and its sorrows to diminish with time.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes to diminish with time

12. “Tonight you’ll sleep and you’ll dream of a world far better than this one. A world where there is no evil no demons and all people desire only to be good.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes on dream

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about Pain and Healing

13. “The pain may fade, but scars serve as a reminder of our suffering and make the bearer all the more resolved never to be wounded again.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about pain and healing

14. “Your pain will fade.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about your pain will fade

15. “They say the passage of time will heal all wounds, but the greater the loss, the deeper the cut and the more difficult the process to become whole again.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about the passage of time

16. “There’s no power in love! Mercy makes you weak! Family makes you weak!” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about the power of love

17. “You judge me evil, yet it was your lust that made me what I am.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes that made me what I am

18. “What is done is never undone. It remains within ourselves, A story we tell ourselves so that we know who we are.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about what is done is never undone

19. “We can cling to the past or embrace the inevitability of change and allow a brighter future to unfold before us.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about embrace the inevitability of change

20. “In the one moment when you two could have chosen to stand by me, to believe in me, believe my intentions for my own child were pure, you chose to stand against me.” – Klaus Mikaelson

wise Klaus Mikaelson quotes

21. “There’s the briefest of moments before we kill, where we literally hold their life in our hands and then rip it away, and we’re left with nothing.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Inspirational Klaus Mikaelson quotes

Klaus Mikaelson Quotes about Love and Family

22. “A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about love and family

23. “I have had enough family to last me a lifetime. Why would I possibly want anymore?” – Klaus Mikaelson

Other Klaus Mikaelson quotes

24. “This family makes me want to murder people.” – Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson quotes about this family makes me want to urder people

25. “You never learned that the bonds of family far outweigh anything else. Such bonds trump petty jealousies, they overcome great feuds, and yes, they even allow one monster to pardon the great sins of another.” – Klaus Mikaelson

more Klaus Mikaelson quotes

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If you loved watching these two shows when they were airing on the CW, then you probably enjoyed reading through these quotes and being reminded of some of your favorite characters and storylines.

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  1. Ken

    August 17, 2021 at 4:17 AM

    “”Don’t you think for a moment that you’ve failed me. You inspired goodness in me, and unlike all of souls I’ve encountered and forgotten in the long march of time. I will carry you with me.””
    —Klaus to Camille before her death.

    I had a love hate thing with the character Cami but in the end i like her more then dislike her.i know my quote was on on your list sorry.

  2. Fiery King

    August 17, 2021 at 12:11 AM

    “We are the demons lurking in the shadow, We are the savage villains in fairy tales told to children. But not for my child. Not for Hope. In her story, we are the knights in shining armor. Without you by my side, I don’t think I can survive my own love for my daughter. I need you. I need you, brother. The monster in me can only be checked by the monster in you. Only together can we defeat our demons and save our family.” – Klaus Mikaelson
    I love this one

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