25 Versace Quotes From and About the Famous Italian Fashion Designer

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Giovanni Maria Versace, known by most as Versace, was born in Reggio, Italy, in 1946 and died in Miami, Florida, in 1997 at the age of 50.

Versace is best known as an Italian fashion designer and businessman.

He is the founder of the highly successful high-end fashion company Versace.

Versace quickly became a success due to his bold and vivid sexy designs.

He was also a socialite, and his popularity with musicians and actors led his fashion designs to be popular with celebrities.

His fashion company eventually expanded into jewelry, make-up, fragrances, and even housewares.

In 1997, Versace was murdered by Andrew Cunanan outside his Miami home.

Take a look at these Versace quotes to learn more about the famous fashion designer.

Best Versace Quotes

Though he lived only 50 years, Versace had many things to say during his lifetime.

1. “I take care of my name.” — Versace

2. “I want always to be positive.” — Versace

3. “What interests me is their stories.” — Versace

4. “I want to be a designer for my time.” — Versace

5. “I am a typical Italian; I love the clan.” — Versace

6. “Glamour is back, but with a minimalist touch.” — Versace

7. “I’m a little like Marco Polo, going around and mixing cultures.” — Versace

8. “I am not interested in the past, except as the road to the future.” — Versace

9. “In those days, when I was a little kid, I met the truer, more authentic people of my life.” — Versace

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10. “Many men would like to wear this, but they are afraid – afraid to dress, afraid to be ridiculous, afraid of their friends who wonder why they aren’t putting on a jacket and tie.” — Versace

Versace Quotes About Fashion

Fashion was a big passion of Versace’s, as expressed in these quotes.

11. “I don’t believe in good taste.” — Versace

12. “Fashion, to me, is born and dies every day.” — Versace

13. “That is the key of this collection, being yourself.” — Versace

14. “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you.” — Versace

15. “If you’re not blind, you can find fashion everywhere.” — Versace

16. “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look.” — Versace

17. “Fashion goes with the feeling of the moment. It’s related to movies, to art, to young people’s taste.” — Versace

Inspirational Versace Quotes

Here are some Versace quotes to inspire you.

18. “I never fall down. I always fight.” — Versace

19. “I don’t pay much attention to the critics.” — Versace

20. “I try to contrast; life today is full of contrast.” — Versace

21. “I want to be the joy to people through my work.” — Versace

22. “It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.” — Versace

23. “I think it’s the responsibility of a designer to try to break rules and barriers.” — Versace

24. “If I was to design a failure of a collection tomorrow, it wouldn’t worry me in the slightest.” — Versace

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25. “Some say Versace is a genius; others say Versace has no talent. But I believe neither the one nor the other.” — Versace

Versace’s Early Life

Versace grew up with an older brother and younger sister after another sister of his named Tina died at the age of twelve.

His fashion was influenced by his dressmaking mother and by ancient Greek history.

After apprenticing under his mother, he became a designer for a successful youthful line and started his own company in 1978.

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