50 Volkswagen Quotes About the German Car Company

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Volkswagen, also known as VW, is a German car company founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front under the Nazi party.

The company is headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, and after World War II, was revived into a global brand by British Army Officer Ivan Hirst.

Volkswagen has become a well-known and large corporation known not only for the iconic “Beetle” but many other cars, which led to VW becoming the largest auto manufacturer by worldwide sales in 2016 and 2017.

In 2022 alone, Volkswagen generated a revenue of over 279 trillion Euros against an operating income of approximately 22 trillion Euros.

Volkswagen’s largest market is China, which accounts for 40 percent of Volkswagen’s sales and profits.

Take a few minutes to read these Volkswagen quotes about the flourishing car manufacturer.

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The Best Volkswagen Quotes

Here are some of the best Volkswagen quotes for your enjoyment.

1. “Let me out of your Volkswagen bus at the next corner.” — N.D. Wilson

2. “A drunk truck driver ran over me. I was in a Volkswagen.” — Robert David Hall

3. “If you’re built like a freight train, you can’t drive around like a Volkswagen.” — Clark Gillies

4. “What do I want with a Rolls-Royce when I can have a Volkswagen or a bike?” — Chuck Fenney

5. “Dorian Yates and I have nothing in common, physically speaking. He’s a Volkswagen; I’m a Porsche.” — Shawn Ray

6. “I could barely find the heart of my VW-it was too confusing, and there were too many routes.” — Christopher Boucher

7. “The Volkswagen Group has proved that it can remain firmly on track even when the terrain is slippery.” — Martin Winterkorn

8. “People like Chris Nolan are shooting isolated sequences in IMAX. Those cameras are the size of a Volkswagen.” — Steven Soderbergh

9. “I drove around in a Volkswagen Rabbit I shared with one of my roommates, and it didn’t have a roof. It doesn’t rain much in L.A., but when it did, it was utterly miserable.” — John Hamm

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10. “One of the key problems is that the Germans know what they do because everywhere they go there’s a ‘made in Germany’ label on it – they can feel proud of Volkswagens and Audis and Mercedes.” — Evan Davis

Iconic Volkswagen Quotes

Check out these iconic Volkswagen quotes!

11. “The U.S. market has the highest priority for Volkswagen.” — Martin Winterkorn

12. “What’s wrong with these Volkswagen model names anyway?” — Sienna McQuillen

13. “What good is a beautiful dame with a Rolls-Royce frame and a Volkswagen brain?” — J-Ro

14. “I have a wide nose like a Volkswagen, and I have never had a red nose that fitted me.” — Lenny Henry

15. “I have a little Volkswagen Bug from the ‘Drive it? Hug it?’ phase. I run it on biodiesel.” — Woody Harrelson

16. “Obviously, a lot of people involved with Volkswagen’s emissions were aware of the diesel car software cheat.” — Steven Magee

17. “Sneaky would be a lime-green Volkswagen. Nobody would suspect the assassins in the lime-green Volkswagen.” — Adam Rex

18. “I brought the Beetle to life with a roar. Well. Not really a roar. A Volkswagen Bug doesn’t roar. But it sort of growled.” — Jim Butcher

19. “I just don’t like the word ‘fun’–it’s like Volkswagen, or bell-bottoms, or patchouli-oil or bean-sprouts…it rubs me up the wrong way.” — Tom Waits

20. “My thing only worked if Grace was here to make it work. Without Grace, I have an emotionally unbalanced wolf and a Volkswagen.” — Maggie Stiefvater

Classic Volkswagen Quotes

Here are some classic quotes about Volkswagens!

21. “I heard you’ve had your eye on a Volkswagen.” — Becca Fitzpatrick

22. “I was in this restaurant, and I asked for something herby. They gave me a Volkswagen with no driver.” — Tim Vine

23. “Volkswagen is the world’s biggest brand, selling over four million cars a year, so there is really nothing to compare.” — Winfried Vahland/

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24. “A car for the people, an affordable Volkswagen, would bring great joy to the masses, and the problems of building such a car must be faced with courage.” — Adolf Hitler

25. “And sitting in this limo, compared to my fifteen-year-old Volkswagen Beetle I’d bought off a friend, was as quiet as sitting at the bottom of a lake wearing earplugs.” — Haruki Murakami

Volkswagen Quotes From the Movie Herbie the Lovebug

Here are some quotes from everyone’s favorite Volkswagen Beetle in the movie Herbie the Love Bug.

26. “Herbie’s all right.” — Tennessee Steinmetz

27. “Won’t Herbie love that!” — Tennessee Steinmetz

28. “This little car saved his life.” — Police Officer

29. “This little car, a lot of nuts and bolts.” — Jim Douglas

30. “Well, why don’t you let the little car alone?” — Jim Douglas

31. “Door’s stuck. That’s how it is with cars sometimes.” — Carole Bennett

32. “Now wait a minute, there’s something cockeyed about this. How did that little car get here?” — Jim Douglas

33. “We take machines, and we stuff ’em with information until they’re smarter than we are. Take a car.” — Tennessee Steinmetz

34. “I don’t know how you rigged it, but I’m sure that car is a real cut-up when a convention comes to town.” — Jim Douglas

35. “Well, there’s nothing essentially wrong with the car. It’s just that it wants to go one way, and I’d like to go the other.” — Jim Douglas

36. “Very well, even though my personal inclination is to have Mr. Douglas clapped into jail and this four-wheeled contrivance dropped into the Bay!” — Mr. Thorndyke

37. “They make ten thousand cars, they make them exactly the same way, and one or two of ’em turn out to be something special. Nobody knows why.” — Jim Douglas

38. “Allow me to say that I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. You come billowing up in that beastly little car and assault my personal Rolls Royce.” — Mr. Thorndyke

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Volkswagen Quotes From the Movie Herbie Rides Again

Here are some quotes from everyone’s favorite Volkswagen Beetle in the movie Herbie Rides Again

39. “Honk!” — Herbie

40. “Good for Herbie!” — Mrs. Steinmetz

41. “I’ll go and pick the car up myself!” — Alonzo Hawk

42. “Well, hurry! We can’t just stand here.” — Nicole Harris

43. “She has a little car she goes everywhere in.” — Lawyer

44. “Good night, Herbie. Pleasant dreams.” — Nicole Harris

45. “Don’t listen to him, Herbie. Just move it.” — Nicole Harris

46. “Now you’ve done it, Mr. Hawk! You’ve made Herbie very angry!” — Grandma Steinmetz

47. “Why do you pretend to talk to this car? Some people might wonder.” — Willoughby Whitfield

48. “I don’t think you should’ve said that. Herbie’s very sensitive about his appearance!” — Nicole Harris

49. “Miss Haris, let’s stop kidding ourselves, okay? This is just an ordinary little car.” — Willoughby Whitfield

50. “Of course I have to humor Herbie. He used to be a famous racing car, but his driver went off to Europe to drive foreign cars, so he’s a little sensitive.” — Grandma Steinmetz

Volkswagen History

The German Labour Front founded the company under the Nazi Party.

After World War II, British Army Officer Ivan Hirst made Volkswagen a global brand.

In 1955 Volkswagen of America was formed.

It helped make some models popular in the United States In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Today many people know Volkswagen for their iconic cars, the “Beetle” and the “VW Bus,” but many other models, including the Passat, Jetta, and many more, are popular.

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