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White Lines Quotes From The British-Spanish Series

You will be amazed by the brilliant scriptwriting in these White Line quotes.

White Lines is a British-Spanish streaming series on Netflix.

It has a mix of mystery, thriller and action elements, making the show exciting and comparable to Hollywood movies.

To make it even more interesting, it was created by the same people behind Money Heist.

The series follows the story of Zoe Walker and her quest to solve the mystery of the death of her brother, Axel.

Axel was gone for 20 years and later found dead and presumed murdered, but police investigations were suspiciously called off.

Enjoy these White Lines quotes!

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White Lines quotes from Marcus Ward

1. “Falling in love with Anna was the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me. She made me feel like I could crush the world between me finger and thumb.” — Marcus Ward

2. “If you live like a god when you’re 20, how can you be happy after that? You’ve had it all: love, girls, the perfect life. After that, how could you not be sad? The good times are always behind you.” — Marcus Ward

3. “Good times are always behind you.” — Marcus Ward

4. “I’m a 44-year-old DJ and I live in Ibiza. Most of the time I wear flip-flops. I’m the man.” — Marcus Ward

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5. “I’m movin’ on up now!” — Marcus Ward

6. “Those little sh*ts call her ‘the croissant’.” — Marcus Ward

7. “Look, I know I screwed up. But we did really think he went to India. It was the kind of thing we used to do. Kind of like a spiritual journey.” — Marcus Ward

8. “No! I… I… I was his best friend. I… I raised the alarm when he went missing. Look, I was desperate to find him for f*ck’s sake!” — Marcus Ward

9. “Police control all the clubs.Look, Grigor, mate… I’m just a DJ with two kids. You know? I sell a bit when I’m playin’ to make ends meet, but… I don’t really fancy going to prison. Do you know what I mean?” — Marcus Ward

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White Lines quotes from Anna

10. “A sexy glance beats a blowjob every time.” — Anna

11. “They knew that life is best lived through the senses.” — Anna

12. “Crying and being turned on don’t usually come together.” — Anna

13. “Orgy. That is too vulgar a word for what’s gonna happen here tonight. Sex is a minor part of this evening.” — Anna

White Lines quotes from Duarte “Boxer” Silva

14. “I always wanted to try this. Plant a line of cocaine in the garden and water it until it grows.” — Duarte “Boxer” Silva

15. “Let’s get one thing straight, harpoon girl. No one drives me anywhere. I drive them. “ — Duarte “Boxer” Silva

16. “People look at a dancer and dream of fuc*king them. That’s it” — Duarte “Boxer” Silva

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17. “I like how you kiss.” — Duarte “Boxer” Silva

White Lines quotes from Zoe Walker

18. “I didn’t realize how destructive the truth could be.” — Zoe Walker

19. “I reckon I must’ve lived more in the last 24 hours than the last 24 years.”  Zoe Walker

20. “Spanish cops carry guns.” — Zoe Walker

21. “I’m not leaving Ibiza until I get what I came here for.” — Zoe Walker

22. “But in actual fact, he was killed, taken across the Mediterranean, and buried in the desert like a dog. Doesn’t sound very spiritual to me.”  Zoe Walker

23. “There you go. Here’s my DNA.” — Zoe Walker

24. “No, I don’t need you to drive me anywhere. I don’t need you to look after me, I don’t need you to calm me down with whiskey and joints. I just need you to stay away from me.” — Zoe Walker

White Lines quotes from Mike Walker

25.“You’re talking to the guy who picked you up when you couldn’t get out of bed. I’ve lived our whole marriage with the ghost of Axel. I won’t let it destroy you again.”  Mike Walker

The web of plot lines and mysteries in this series ties down to a mysterious utopian island called Ibiza, an isolated paradise in the middle of the Baltic sea.

Sprawling with nightlife, booze, and drugs.

The Ibiza adds a unique conflict setup that makes this story more interesting for many fans.

The series is filled with drama and action, which combined well together with the ongoing hunt for the murderer of Axel.

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If you like following along with a series telling the story of drug cartels, you’ll surely enjoy this show as well.

Set up your TV now, watch some more episodes of your favorite shows, and share these White Line quotes and sayings with someone.

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