25 Witchy Quotes For Fans of the ‘Witchy’ WebComic

If you are a fan of the ‘Witchy’ comic book, there is a possibility that you will also be interested in reading witchy quotes.

The quotes in this compilation are associated with different characters in the comic. 

We have also shared some interesting information about this comic book besides the quotes.

So, let’s start without any further delay!

What is Witchy?

Witchy is a popular ongoing webcomic written by Ariel Ries. 

Ariel also draws the characters.    

She is a full-time comic writer living in Melbourne, Australia. 

Hiveworks Comics is associated with managing and coding the official Witchy website.

Witchy Plot

It’s all about a young witch named Nyneve.

The death of her father haunts her.

Nyneve is also threatened for her life by the Witch Guard, an institute behind her father’s death.

As the story unfolds, Nyneve comes to a stage where she has to choose between the Witch Guard and her ideals. 

The story takes place in the witch kingdom Hyalin. 

Here, the length of hair determines the strength of one’s magic. 

The Witch Guard conscripts witches with strong magic.

These witches are responsible for enforcing the law during peace and protecting the land from intruders during the war. 

However, those with too long hair are referred to as the kingdom’s enemy and are annihilated. 

This process is known as witch burning.

Witchy Cast

Here are the characters included in the cast of this comic book:

  • Nyneve 
  • Banana
  • Batu
  • Prill
  • Veda

Awards Won by Witchy 

Witchy received a wide range of awards, including: 

  • Ignatz Award – 2020  (for Outstanding Online Comic)
  • Nominated for the 2015 Ignatz award
  • DINKy -2016 (for Outstanding Web Comic) Danish “Pingprisen” 2017 and 2018 (for Best Online Series) 
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Top 5 Witchy quotes 

Enjoy reading the top 5 witchy quotes from our compilation first! 

1. “My hair’s as much a burden as it is useless.” — Nyneve

2. “Cooking is supposedly the oldest form of magic.” — Teacher Kaveh

3. “Once you’re out of school, being different doesn’t matter.” — Veda

4. “Spirits are very sensitive to those with malicious intentions.” — Banana

5. “Hiding your hair is disrespectful to the spirits that blessed you with it.” — Viceroy Jung

Witchy quotes about magic and hair

In the kingdom of Hyalin, the strength of your magic is determined by the length of your hair. Let’s see what these witchy quotes say about magic and magical hair. 

6. “Even if I had no hair, I wouldn’t be that bad at magic.” — Nyneve

7. “You underestimate yourself. With hair like that, you’re capable of anything.” — Viceroy Jung

8. “Even with hair that short, Nyneve should be better than that. I bet she’s bald!” — Shino

9. “Everything about spell casting is to do with your intention and focus! There are no magic words to guide you.” — Teacher Idra

10. “Enchantment takes a lot of stamina. Find a spell you’re comfortable with and then try to maintain it for as long as possible.” — Teacher Kaveh

Witchy quotes about the Kingdom of Hyalin 

The following witchy quotes will talk about the magical kingdom of Hyalin. So, let’s see what we’ve got here. 

11. “When you are not working for the kingdom, it helps to have something else to anchor your magic where you want it.” — Teacher Kaveh

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12. “You can fight and die for this kingdom all you want. But I don’t want to die as its enemy. Which is what I could become eventually.” — Nyneve

13. “The judge will examine you individually, determining your potential as a soldier of Hyalin and as a witch. Try not to be intimidated.” — Teacher Idra

14. “A witch knight is trained in the magic arts to serve Hyalin. But they must also show valor, dedication, and most importantly, loyalty to their kingdom.” — Viceroy Jung

15. “Jung’s rule is corrupting this land. Under his command, the people are crushed by the guard. His reverence for the spirits is simply a facade he presents in order to keep the trust of the denizens of Hyalin.” — Banana

Bitter Witchy quotes 

Living in a magical kingdom is never easy. You are always supposed to abide by rigid laws and meet people’s expectations. 

16. “A witch must pay for crossing the spirits and unbalancing the natural order.” — Viceroy Jung

17. “I am not a rebel. Nor am I a hero. I cut my hair because I’m a coward and an idiot.” — Nyneve

18. “Nyneve, you’ve got the longest hair I’ve ever seen. If everyone knew, they wouldn’t even think about bullying you.” — Prill

19. “Nyneve, you cut your hair in the rebellion of this oppressive regime. You’re the first witch brave enough to do that.” — Banana

20. “I think Nyneve is just a normal kid who appeared at the right place at the right time to become the final cog in your little machinations.” — Teacher Kaveh

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More Witchy quotes 

Here are some more funny and miscellaneous witchy quotes. Hopefully, you will also enjoy reading and sharing them.  

21. “Looking away is no more polite than staring.” — Teacher Kaveh

22. “You’ll find people that love you regardless of your hair length.” — Veda

23. “I don’t trust ravens on a good day, especially not talking ones.” — Nyneve

24. “Some call me a wandering spirit, some call me a familiar curse, an auspicious sign, the sonic shadow…” — Banana

25. “There are myriad ways in which you can serve your kingdom. Don’t let today’s decision make or break your life.” — Viceroy the 

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