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Diamond Quotes About Lasting Forever and Shining Bright

Samantha Williams
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These beautiful diamond quotes about sparkling gemstones will fill you with glee.

Diamonds are a luxurious and special gift beloved by people all around the world.

These brilliant quotes about diamonds will amuse and delight anyone who reads them.

If you love gemstones and jewelry, you’re sure to enjoy these sayings.

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A study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, found that most people associate diamonds with feelings of love, commitment, and celebration, making them a popular choice for engagement rings and other special occasions. 

This reflects the cultural and emotional significance that diamonds hold for many people.

What makes diamonds special?

Diamonds are a sign of wealth and opulence that translates across all languages.

These gems are important for expressing love, gratitude, and significance.

If you plan on proposing marriage to someone, having a diamond is almost essential.

Keep these diamond quotes in mind the next time you’re thinking about sparkling jewelry and precious gemstones.

The best sayings about diamonds will make you want to live in the lap of luxury.

Use these words to motivate yourself towards a path of success and riches.

One day, you could be dripping in jewels.

These quotes about dazzling diamonds come from the minds of legendary celebrities and wealthy spenders.

If you love all things that sparkle and shine, you’ll be drawn to these gemstone proverbs.

Read and share these quotes about diamonds to celebrate their timeless beauty.

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Diamond quotes about sparkling gemstones

The Diamond Producers Association reports that diamonds are a finite resource, with only a limited supply of high-quality gemstones for jewelry use.

 This scarcity adds to the value and allure of diamonds, particularly for those seeking a truly unique and special piece of jewelry.

1. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” – Marilyn Monroe

Diamond Quotes About girls

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2. “Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made. You have to find them. Each one is unique.” – Jaclyn Smith

Diamond Quotes About angels

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3. “A diamond is a chunk of coal that is made good under pressure.” – Henry Kissinger

Diamond Quotes About pressure

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4. “It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.” – Dolly Parton

short Diamond Quotes

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5. “A diamond on the finger of a man of wit and a pebble in the hand of a fool.” – Joseph Roux

Diamond Quotes About life

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6. “The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.” – Daniel Defoe

Diamond Quotes About Soul

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7. “I never worry about diets. The only carrots that interest me are the number you get in a diamond.” – Mae West

Diamond Quotes About Carrots

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8. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and dogs are a man’s best friend. Now you know which sex has more sense.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

Diamond Quotes About Best Friends

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9. “Many individuals have, like uncut diamonds, shining qualities beneath a rough exterior.” – Juvenal

Diamond Quotes About Quality

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10. “True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.” –  Nicole Richie

Diamond Quotes About True Friends

Diamond quotes that will amuse and delight you

The Gemological Institute of America reports that diamonds come in a wide range of colors, including pink, blue, green, and yellow, with some of the rarest and most valuable diamonds exhibiting intense and vivid hues. 

This adds to the beauty and diversity of diamonds and underscores their unique and exceptional nature.

11. “I don’t exercise. If God had wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.” – Joan Rivers

Diamond Quotes About Exercise

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12. “Big girls need big diamonds.” – Elizabeth Taylor

Diamond Quotes About Girls

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13. “At the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls.” – Aberjhani

Smart Diamond Quotes

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14. “My style is not that big. I wear heels, tight pants, and I wear diamonds.” – Donatella Versace

Diamond Quotes About Style

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15. “Diamonds never leave you … men do!” – Shirley Bassey

Diamond Quotes About Men

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16. “Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old secondhand diamonds than none at all.” – Mark Twain

Funny Diamond Quotes

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17. “I am fascinated by diamonds. When I put diamonds on my hands shake.” – Debra Messing

Diamond Quotes About Being Fascinated

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18. “No pressure, no diamonds.” – Thomas Carlyle

Diamond Quotes About Pressure

19. “Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.” – Peter Singer

Diamond Quotes About Purity

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20. “I’m a dirt person. I trust the dirt. I don’t trust diamonds and gold.” – Eartha Kitt

Diamond Quotes About Dirt

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Diamond quotes that will fill you with glee

According to the Natural Diamond Council, the demand for diamonds is on the rise, with global sales expected to increase by 7-9% per year between 2021 and 2030.

This indicates that diamonds will continue to be a highly valued and sought-after commodity in the years to come.

21. “Diamonds are forever – my youth is not.” – Jill St. John

Diamond Quotes About Youth

22. “Every diamond has the ability to shine when there is someone to recognize its good facets and inhibit its flaws.” – Wes Fesler

Diamond Quotes About Shining

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23. “Diamonds – that’ll shut her up … for a minute!” – Ron White

Witty Diamond Quotes

24. “I don’t mind a repetitive chorus; I mind repetitive verse. I mean, it’s the same amount of space. Why would you have only three diamonds if you can have six?” – Lou Reed

Playful Diamond Quotes

25. “Life keeps throwing me stones. And I keep finding the diamonds.” – Ana Claudia Antunes

Diamond Quotes About Stones

26. “Diamonds are intrinsically worthless, except for the deep psychological need they fill.” – Nicky Oppenheimer

27. “There are many sham diamonds in this life which pass for real, and vice versa.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

28. “I think diamonds represent luxury, indulgence, and class. So any time you can incorporate a gift that is synonymous with all those attributes, you know the other person will love it. I would challenge someone to find something that better represents Valentine’s Day more than diamonds!” – Chris Evans

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29. “Diamonds are to be found only in the darkness of the earth, and truth in the darkness of the mind.” – Victor Hugo

30. “Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world.” – Jean de la Bruyere

Diamond quotes about the finer things in life

Diamonds have been associated with numerous positive qualities throughout history, including love, strength, purity, and power.

This reflects the enduring symbolism and cultural significance of diamonds, which have captured the imaginations of people across generations and cultures.

31. “Anything I get to wear to the Met Ball is huge. I’m not a fashion girl, so it’s cool to be dolled up and have those diamonds where they send armed guards with you.” – Chrissy Teigen

32. “As the earth dies your spirit will bloom; as the world fades your soul will rise and glisten. Amongst the dehydrated crevices of a desert earth you will stumble upon your diamonds; in between the dry skulls and cracked bones you will find your sapphires.” – C. JoyBell C.

33. “I have never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back.” – Zsa Zsa Gabor

34. “I’ve never been against women. That anti-feminist rap is bogus. I think men should be nice to women, buy them diamonds.” – Sam Kinison

35. “The more the diamond is cut the brighter it sparkles; and in what seems hard dealing, there God has no end in view but to perfect His people.” – Thomas Guthrie

36. “Rough diamonds may sometimes be mistaken for worthless pebbles.” – Thomas Browne

37. “A diamond doesn’t start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular. I’m that diamond.” – Solange Nicole

38. “I celebrate my life, whether it’s being a single mother, wearing diamonds, or holidaying in exotic places.” – Sushmita Sen

39. “Perhaps I should just bury myself and become a diamond after thousands of years of intense pressure” – Lemony Snicket

40. “On every birthday, I ask my wife, ‘What would you like this year?’ and her instant reply is, ‘Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds!’ I’m always living in hope that one day she’ll say she just wants me!” – Akshay Kumar
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More diamond quotes to inspire and motivate you

According to the Gemological Institute of America, diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man, with a score of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

This fact emphasizes the durability and strength that diamonds represent, making them a powerful symbol for lasting love and commitment.

41. “Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust.” – John Webster

42. “It’s not about how skinny you are or how much money or how many diamonds you have – that’s the fluff that people sometimes look at as being the main thing. It’s about understanding that the things that make you fabulous are all inside of you.” – Kimora Lee Simmons

43. “I carry a little collection of jewelry I love with me, in case I need diamonds.” – Liv Tyler

44. “It’s diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next.” – Jolene Blalock

45. “I work with gold that holds our past and diamonds that see the future and rubies that long for love. It’s just a way of telling a story.” – Waris Ahluwalia

46. “Last year my boyfriend gave me a painting – a very personal one. I really prefer personal gifts or ones made by someone for me. Except diamonds. That’s the exception to the rule.” – Minnie Driver

47. “We seem to live in an age where we are quietly appalled by the idea of appetites, whether they be for sex, food or diamonds.” – Jojo Moyes

48. “Wear your diamonds on the inside.” – Megan Dodds

49. “Diamonds are created through the pressures of earth and then have to go through a million dirty roads to get to the cutter who turns it into a beautiful massage. And that’s like human beings. They go through a lot to be who they are in front of you.” – Jeremy Sisto

50. “Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy; feminine things took a while to find their place in my world. But diamonds made me understand the magic and beauty of jewelry.” – Erika Christensen

Short diamond quotes

The global diamond industry was valued at $80 billion in 2019, with the United States accounting for nearly half of the global diamond jewelry market.

This data highlights the enduring popularity and widespread appeal of diamonds, which can lend further weight to the significance of diamond quotes in everyday life.

51. “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” — Emma Goldman

52. “Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes its value only to its scarcity.” — Samuel Johnson

53. “Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.” — Malcolm Forbes

54. “A girl never cares who casts the first stone at her – as long as it’s a diamond.” — Evan Essar

55. “Your rebel soul shines like a diamond pulled from dust: bright, clear and flawless.” ― Jay Long

56. “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself!” — Mae West

57. “Colleges are places where pebbles are polished and diamonds are dimmed.” — Robert Green Ingersoll

58. “I like pressure. Diamonds are made under pressure, and I definitely enjoy it.” — Caroline Buchanan

59. “You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own acres of diamonds.” — Earl Nightingale

60. “We shall find peace. We shall hear angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.” — Anton Chekhov

Other beautiful and thought-provoking diamond quotes

A study published in the journal Psychological Science found that participants who received a gift of a diamond reported feeling significantly more grateful than those who received a gift of a different type of luxury item, such as a purse or watch.

This research suggests that diamonds can be particularly effective at eliciting positive emotions and fostering a sense of appreciation.

61. “The more you get past pain, the more it goes from coal to diamond.” – Jodi Picoult

62. “A real diamond is never perfect.” – Anthony Doerr

63. “Be like a diamond precious and rare not like a stone that is found everywhere.” – Rita Gatourey

64. “Each of us is like a diamond, and each of us has the potential to be brilliant.” – Simon T. Bailey

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65. “Treason is like diamonds; there is nothing to be made by the small trader.” – Unknown

66. “It is no more easy to make a good picture than it is to find a diamond or a pearl. It means trouble and you risk your life for it.” – Vincent Van Gogh

67. “In our ever busy world, patience is not easily found like diamonds.” – Martin Uzochukwu Ugwu

68. “I prefer liberty to chains of diamonds.” – Mary Wortley Montagu

69. “Diamonds are a key component in the campaign to make poverty history.” – Nicky Oppenheimer70. “A tooth is much more to be prized than a diamond.” – Miguel de Cervantes

Additional diamond quotes

According to a report by De Beers Group, diamond jewelry sales in China have consistently risen over the past decade, with a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2010 and 2019.

This statistic reflects the increasing importance of the Chinese market in the diamond industry, and underscores the potential reach of diamond-related articles and content.

71. “This diamond has so many carats it’s almost a turnip.” – Richard Burton

72. “I bought my wife a beautiful diamond ring and I even had it engraved – with the price.” – Michael McIntyre

73. “A diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor a person perfected without trials. Someone is enjoying shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffett

74. “The next time you feel slightly uncomfortable with the pressure in your life, remember no pressure, no diamonds. Pressure is a part of success.” – Eric Thomas

75. “Wit must be foiled by wit: cut a diamond with a diamond.” – William Congreve

76. “My reason for choosing diamonds is that, dense as they are, they represent the greatest worth in the smallest volume.” – Coco Chanel

77. “Mathematical proofs, like diamonds, are hard and clear, and will be touched with nothing but strict reasoning.” – John Locke

78. “Some people have remarked that if the surface of the moon were covered with diamonds, it would hardly be worthwhile bringing them back.” – James Alfred Van Allen

79. “There are two kinds of diamonds in this world: The diamond itself and the eyes full of love!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

80. “Diamonds are only lumps of coal that stuck at it no matter how much heat or pressure they faced.” – Jeffery Fry

Illustrative diamond quotes

80. “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.” -Confucius

81. “Good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished and hoarded and worshipped and fondled like a priceless diamond.” -Hunter S. Thompson

82. “Better to be a strong man with a weak point, than to be a weak man without a strong point. A diamond with a flaw is more valuable that a brick without a flaw.” -Wiliam J.H. Boetcker

83. “A fine quotation is a diamond in the hand of a man of wit and a pebble in the hand of a fool.” -Joseph Roux

84. “Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.” -Thomas Carlyle

85. “I thought of the soul as resembling a castle, formed of a single diamond or a very transparent crystal, and containing many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions.” -Saint Teresa of Avila

86. “I loved being outside. We’d hold lightning bugs in our fingers and pretend they were diamond rings.” -Loretta Lynn

87. “Anybody is able to doubt me. I say, ‘Come with your criticism to polish the diamond of the truth.’” -Wim Hof

88. “My teachers treated me as a diamond in the rough, someone who needed smoothing.” -Mary Harris Jones

89. “Pressure can make a diamond.” -Robert Horry

90. “Proverbs are mental gems gathered in the diamond fields of the mind.” -William R. Alger

Diamond quotes about enduring pressure

91. “Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough.” –Mary McLeod Bethune

92. “The hardness of a diamond is part of its usefulness, but its true value is in the light that shines through it.” –B.K.S. Isengar

93. “On the difficult days, when the world is on your shoulders, remember that diamonds are made under the weight of mountains.” –Author Unknown

94. “Oh the joy of the Lord, it will be my strength.  When the pressure is on, He’s making diamonds.” –Hawk Nelson

95. “And when you become a diamond, you’ll see why life had to pressure you.” –The Idealist

96. “Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone.” –Cyrus A. Bartol

97. “Pressure makes diamonds.” –George S. Patton, Jr

98. “Pressure can burst a pipe, or pressure can make a diamond.” – Robert Horry

99. “Life is like that. Some days are diamonds and some days are stones.” –Jann Arden

100. “Challenges are your stepping stones. No one can explore their potential without meeting obstacles. Bear the pressure to emerge like a sparkling diamond.” –Anastasia Verg

Diamond Quotes On Beauty Of Diamonds

101. “You are a diamond, unbreakable if it is so, and broken, in any shape, remains still a diamond.” ― Ehsan Sehgal

102. “A diamond’s luster is dull before revealing brilliant magnificent breathtaking shine.” — Melody Lee

103.“There comes a moment when the silence between two people can have the purity of a diamond.” ― Philippe Djian

104. “Perhaps time’s definition of coal is the diamond.” ― Khalil Gibran

105. “Life tries to crush her, but only succeeds in making a diamond.” ― John Green

106. “Be a diamond studded unicorn. Unbreakable and unique.” ― Coco

107. “Shine bright like a diamond…” — Rihanna

108. “Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on.” ― Sope Agbelusi

109. “Shine on you crazy diamond…” — Pink Floyd

110. “A powerful woman knows how to dust herself off and shine just like a diamond, even after the worst has happened to her.” ― Gift Gugu Mona

Diamond Quotes That It’s A Hard Substance

111. “I had a dream that my boyfriend went back to his ex…I woke up and giggled because you don’t pick up a rock after finding a diamond.” ― Starley Ard

112. “I don’t understand this irony – valuable things like cars, gold, diamonds are made up of hard materials but most valuable things like money, contracts and books are made up of soft paper.” ― Amit Kalantri

113. “You were never born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Don’t think that way. You were born with a diamond spoon in your palm. Carry it by your own hand. Now, feed yourself” ― Israelmore Ayivor

114. “Diamond being the toughest thing on the face of earth is still the prettiest object; pretty is not always being honeyed.” ― Priyansh Shah

115. “Allow God to use the difficulties and disappointments in life as polish to transform your faith into a glistening diamond that takes in and reflects His love.” ― Elizabeth George

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116. “Oh – a diamond ring – and Rhett, do buy a great big one!” ― Margaret Mitchell

117. “Writing makes it even harder than concrete. Writing makes it hard as a diamond.” ― Caitlín R. Kiernan

118. “I don’t like flowers, chocolate, cakes or diamonds either, I am definitely not a hard one to impress.” ― Pushpa Rana

119. “A diamond is a woman’s last resort to love.” ― Anthony Liccione

120. “Diamond is the hardest substance, but the Irony, it is also brittle.” ― Pushkar Saraf

Diamond Quotes About Their Precious Virtue

121. “We are starving for education… It’s like a precious gift. It’s like a diamond.” — Malala Yousafzai

122. “Dope and diamonds, dope and diamonds, that’s all that I want.” — Lana Del Rey

123. “Watch me, diamonds shining, looking like I robbed Liberace.” — Tupac Shakur

124. “Under the beautiful moonlight, there remains no ugly reality; even muds turn into diamonds!” — Mehmet Murat Ildan

125. “Your children….are like diamonds…they may need polish.. and education of the right kind will impart this luster.” — George Q. Cannon

126. “I don’t care how cheap the box is that you put a diamond ring in, nothing about the box diminishes the value of the content.” — T. D. Jakes

127. “And we laughed at the world. They can have their diamonds, And we’ll have our pearls.” — Jill Sobule

128. “Come up and be a kite, on a diamond flight!” — Kate Bush

129. “If you give that gal a diamond ring, you’ll get a diamond back. She’s just a venom wearin denim, boy, she’s always making tracks.” — Junior Brown

130. “Life isn’t all diamonds and roses… but it should be.” — Lisa Vanderpump

Diamond Quotes for Precious Value

131. “Diamonds cut diamonds.” ― John Ford

132. “If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I wonder if blood diamonds are a girl’s best friend 5 days out of the month?” ― Chelsea Handler

133. “I’m a free spirit. A spirit that evolves. I’m a diamond. I’m just refining it. Polishing it. Glossing it up.” ― Simeon Rice

134. “Ya know it was a toss-up whether I go in for diamonds or sing in the choir. The choir lost.” ― Mae West

135. “While the angels sing, I’d ask you to marry me, give you the sun for a diamond ring, if I could do those things.” ― R. Kelly

136. “I am a black diamond, unfaceted. Black diamonds are rare, hard to cut, and therefore uncommercial.” ― Karl Lagerfeld

137. “What precious drops are those, Which silently each other’s track pursue, Bright as young diamonds in their faint dew?” ― John Dryden

138. “I wear black diamonds instead of regular ones because I’m not flashy, just flossssy.” ― Justin Bieber

139. “We write a subscript to our mortality. We make our lives tiny diamonds in the cosmic sands.” ― Ronald Dworkin

140. “Watch out for the medallion, my diamonds are reckless, Feels like a midget is hangin from my necklace!” ― Ludacris

Diamond Quotes for a Precious Jewel

141. “The brilliant sparkle of the diamond ring wooed the whim of a charming your thing.” ― W.H. Shuttleworth

142. “Diamonds can be imitated but not duplicated.” ― Cozette R. Garrett

143. “Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to humanity.” ― Cozette R. Garrett

144. “Diamonds only can cut diamonds; and no such comments on Scripture as the Scripture.” ― Fuller

145. “Wherever diamond exists, it carries, its worth and value with it; similarly, a visionary-figure also stays as like as that.” ― Ehsan Sehgal

146. “Life tried to crush her, but only succeeded in creating a diamond.” ― John Mark Green

147. “There are only diamonds in the whole world, diamonds and perhaps the shabby gift of disillusion.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

148. “You are as like a diamond, unbreakable if it is breakable, and broken in any way, remains still the diamond.” ― Ehsan Sehgal

149. “No one knows how precious you are. You are a diamond in the rough and with a little polishing, you will shine.” ― Loung Ung

150. “To say the diamond of others like the stone, and own stone like the diamond is the easiest task, but to prove that, is hard.” ― Ehsan Sehgal

Powerful Diamond Quotes About Their Beauty

151. “All I want is your loving, feel the earth move when we kiss. I don’t need a big ol’ diamond, but I’ll take it baby if you insist.” ― Mindy McCready

152. “The little and short sayings of nice And excellent men are of great value, like the dust of gold, or the least sparks of diamonds.” ― John Tillotson

153. “Like cats’ eyes gleaming in the gloom, the precious diamonds rest.” ― Robert B. Leighton

154. “Without a whole lot of pressure, a diamond is just a piece of coal.” ― Miriam

155. “In too deep to see the diamond, down too dark to see the gold. Now he won’t let go of the shovel, and he cannot dig out of the hole.” ― Randy Travis

156. “For me, luxury isn’t just the real thing. It’s also fake. Swarovski crystals or real diamonds? It’s a game. You have to be luxurious nude.” ― Sonia Rykiel

157. “Love is priceless. And all I really want is a good night kiss. So if tears were diamonds, more valuable gold, then a fortune in the corners of my eyes I would hold.” ― Drew Chadwick

158. “The nut of the thing is that if what you make is hard like a diamond, you can put it anywhere. You can put it up your and it will still be beautiful.” ― Iggy Pop

159. “Inside every lump of coal there’s a diamond waiting to get out.” ― Terry Pratchett

160. “A diamond is forever, and forever is a long time.” ― De Beers

Which of these diamond quotes most inspires you to live a life of luxury?

These insightful words and funny quips about diamonds will make you want to buy expensive gemstones.

Whether you like wearing diamonds in your rings, watches, or necklaces, everyone enjoys showing off and looking good.

Fine jewelry makes the wearer look stylish and important.

Remember these quotes about diamonds the next time you go on a luxury shopping spree.

If you really want to dazzle a room, wearing diamonds is a good start.

These quotes about diamonds perfectly illustrate the true power of the gemstones.

People are naturally drawn to the beauty and opulence of the gem.

You’ll be inspired to buy your own jewels after you read these lavish sayings.

Share these sparkling diamond quotes with your friends and remind them to enjoy the finer things in life.

What are your favorite quotes about diamonds, gems, and jewelry?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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