25 Woman Scorned Quotes From the Movie That Was Based on a True Story

Fans of movies based on true stories will love these A Woman Scorned quotes!

A Woman Scorned is a drama movie based on the true story of Betty Broderick’s adult life.

The movie was directed by Dick Lowry, written by Joe Cacaci, and is a CBS network special that was released in 1992.

The movie stars Meredith Baxter, Stephen Collins, Michelle Johnson, Kelli Williams, Stephen Root, and Lori Hallier, among other talented actors.

The movie has a run time of ninety-six minutes and has received good reviews from critics over the years.

The movie’s plot concerns a housewife and mother named Betty Broderick, who one day has her husband tell her he is divorcing her.

Come to find out, her husband Dan has been having an affair with his young assistant, and Dan ends up marrying her.

Take a look at these Woman Scorned quotes to learn more about the movie.

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Best Woman Scorned Quotes

These quotes lead into the story of what happened with Betty and Dan’s marriage.

1. “I mean, Dan’s even gone out and hired some new airhead assistant.” — Betty

2. “The Broderick man has spoken; let the seas part.” — Betty

3. “Come on, Betts, that’s the reason you married me.” — Dan

4. “I didn’t want to have this talk at home. This way, we can’t throw things at each other.” — Dan

5. “You call normal busing up a 16-year marriage over, over lunch?” — Betty

6. “He sold the house out from under me.” — Betty

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7. “It wasn’t as though he and Linda had a new life. It was as though Linda stepped into my life.” — Betty

8. “You criticize whatever I do or say. You’re clearly not happy.” — Dan

9. “And finally, when the ‘80s arrived, so did we. Our lifestyle becomes downright opulent.” — Betty

10. “I’m going to make this quick. I don’t want to ruin Kate’s day, as you seem to be intent on doing, but if you point that thing at me again, you’re going to be photographing the inside of your own throat.” — Linda

Woman Scorned Quotes by Dan

These quotes share a little of Dan’s side of the story.

11. “You’re one of a kind, Betts, you know that?” — Dan

12. “I swear to you, I’m not having an affair with Linda. Or anybody else.” — Dan

13. “It’s just gotten to the point where it’s not healthy for us, or for the kids if we’re living in the same house.” — Dan

14. “It’s become pretty obvious to me lately that I’m gonna need a full-time assistant, so if you’re interested in joining the team, the job’s yours.” — Dan

15. “It’s Christmas. If your mom wants to behave like a spoiled brat, let’s let her.” — Dan

16. “I just hope you all know I love you and Linda loves you. And I want you to know that our being married isn’t gonna take away from my relationship with you at all.” — Dan

Woman Scorned Quotes by Betty

These quotes from Woman Scorned show Betty’s fall and how she spiraled.

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17. “Admit it, Dan, you are sleeping with her.” — Betty

18. “Dan may be momentarily attracted to this little girl, but ultimately what turns him on is status. You know, best address, best clothes, best parties.” — Betty

19. “With all the money you lend him every time he asks, your own family could be living like aristocrats.” — Betty

20. “But I’ve never heard Dan say, ‘Wow, she’s pretty,’ about anybody. And then Kevin walked in with his new trophy.” — Betty

21. “Who goes to lunch for seven hours and with a 19-year-old whore to boot?” — Betty

22. “To make things extra special, I traipsed downtown with a bottle of champagne so we could watch the sun go down together, but you weren’t there.” — Betty

23. “Around 40 is when you reap the benefits of your 20s and 30s. It’s supposed to be the best time, when you’re young enough to still have fun and enjoy the money.” — Betty

24. “I really went there to shoot myself in front of them. I got nervous.” — Betty

25. “It always makes me mad when they say that Dan and Linda were the victims. There were two dead bodies, but there were five victims.” — Betty

How Does Betty Handle Her Husband Leaving Her For a Younger Woman?

Betty is devastated and shows signs of a mental breakdown as she begins her campaign of verbal assault and vandalism.

Betty cannot let her hurt go, and she ends up shooting and killing her ex-husband and his new wife.

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