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Wonder Woman Quotes that Make You Want to Save the World

Ready to take on the bad guys and restore right in the world? These Wonder Woman quotes will help.

Do you remember watching the Wonder Woman movie when it came out? It was the perfect combination of humor, empowerment, and character winning out.

It was impossible to truly watch the movie without walking away feeling empowered to want to make a difference in the world. You may have even felt invisible and ready to take on the problems that society is facing.

If you are looking to recreate that feeling you had after watching the movie, reading through these quotes can help put you back in that place.

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Wonder Woman quotes about findingyour strength

1. “What one does with the truth is more difficult than you think. I learned this the hard way, a long, long time ago. And now, my life will never be the same. – Diana

2. “Women seem like sissies because you don’t know their true strength.”

3. “You are stronger than you believe.” – Antiope

4. “You have greater powers than you know.” – Antiope

5. “And between my prayers, I made a vow that I would always be aware of my strength. And that of my opponents, my friends, and my victims…”

6. “I’m willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.” – Diana

7. “This war is a great big mess, and there’s not a whole lot you and I can do about that. I mean, we can get back to London and try to get to the men who can.” – Steve

8. “I am the man who can.” – Diana

9. “Only the fiercest among us even could, and that is not you, Diana.” – Queen Hippotya

10. “I can save today, you can save the world.” – Steve

11. “I came here to parley. But do not mistake a desire to avoid violence for the inability to deal it.”

12. “The war to end all wars! Weapons far deadlier than you can imagine. Whoever you are, you are in more danger than you realize!” – Steve Trevor

WonderWoman quotes about fighting for your country

13. “Get strong! Earn your living and fight for your country!”

14. “Where I come from generals don’t hide in their offices. They stand beside their soldiers. They die with their soldiers.” – Diana Prince

15. “It is our sacred duty to defend the world.”

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16. “I used to want to save the world, this beautiful place. But I knew so little then. It is a land of magic and wonder, worth cherishing in every way.”

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WonderWoman quotes about character

17. “Power without self-control tears a girl to pieces!”

18. “Peace is a virtue. A state of mind, a disposition for benevolence, confidence and justice. It is not simply the absence of war.”

19. “I’d like to keep the illusion that there is a shade of moral difference between us and those we fight.”

20. “It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love. Only love will truly save the world.”

21. “Feeding people is a just and dignified occupation.”

22. “Bonds of love never make the wearer weaker — they give him greater strength!”

23. “A deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable.”

24. “Diana, fighting does not make you a hero.” – Queen Hippotya

25. “I cannot stand by while innocent lives are lost.”

26. “Fight? We use our principles. Although I am not opposed to engaging in a bit of fisticuffs should the occasion rise.” – Etta Candy

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WonderWoman quotes about taking action

27. “You will train her harder than any Amazon before her, five times harder, ten times harder, until she is better than even you. But she must never know the truth about what she is.” – Queen Hippotya

28. “To the war!” – Diana Prince

29. “Bullets never solved a human problem yet!”

30. “Everyone’s fighting their own battles, just as you are fighting yours.”

31. “This is no man’s land, Diana! It means no man can cross it, alright? This battalion has been here for nearly a year and they’ve barely gained an inch. All right? Because on the other side there are a bunch of Germans pointing machine guns at every square inch of this place. This is not something you can cross. It’s not possible.” – Steve Trevor

32. “I guess I gotta try. My father told me once, ‘if you see something wrong happening in the world, you can either do nothing, or you can do something.’ And I already tried nothing.”- Steve

33. “No — we are doing something. We are! We just … we can’t save everyone in this war. This is not what we came here to do.” – Steve Trevor

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34. “Never let your guard down. You expect the battle to be fair.” – General Antiope

35. “If you need to stop an asteroid, you call Superman. If you need to solve a mystery, you call Batman. But if you need to end a war, you call Wonder Woman.”― Gail Simone

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EmpoweringWonder Woman movie quotes

36. “I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. And I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. A choice each must make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know, that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be.”

37. “I love fire, don’t you? It is like a living act of entropy. The ultimate weapon of destruction. Reminding us that in the end everything eventually returns to the ash it came from.” – Steve Trevor

38. “She was right. My mother was right. She said the world of men do not deserve you. They don’t deserve our help.” – Diana Prince

39. “I don’t know which one of us has been more blind… you, in your refusal to adapt to a changing world… or me for following you this far down your well-intentioned path.”

40. “Which will hold greater rule over you? Your fear or your curiosity?”

41. “Death is necessary. It is part of life, and if we say life is a blessing, we must say that death is a blessing, as well.”

42. “It’s… it’s not about deserve. Maybe, maybe we don’t. But it’s not about that, it’s about what you believe. You don’t think I get it, after what I’ve seen out there? You don’t think I wish I could tell you that it was one bad guy to blame? It’s not! We’re all to blame!” – Steve Trevor

43. “The gods made the Amazons to restore peace to the world, and it’s what I’m going to do.” – Diana Prince

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More wonder woman quotes to inspire you

44. “If you choose to leave, you may never return.” – Queen Hippotya

45. “You have been my greatest love. Today you become my greatest sorrow. Be careful, Diana. They do not deserve you.” – Queen Hippotya

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46. “I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons. In the name of all that is good, your wrath upon this world is over.” – Diana Prince

47. “No! After everything, I saw it can’t be. It cannot be! They were killing each other. Killing people they cannot see. Children. Children! No, it had to be him, it cannot be them.” – Diana Prince

48. “If no one else will defend the world from Ares, then I must. I have to go.” – Diana Prince

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49. “Though I love Paradise, I yearn for more from my life… I yearn for purpose!”

50. “Kal looks to the future, Batman looks to the past… and I reside in the present, securely bridging the two.”

51. “Of all people you know who I am. Who the world needs me to be, I’m Wonder Woman.”

52. “Wonder Woman is a fighter, better than most, but it’s what she fights for that is important. It’s her vision of a future of peace and acceptance that makes her the right ambassador for everyone.” – Gal Gadot

53. “We want to teach a better way and to be a hero, and there’s no one like Wonder Woman to do it.” – Patty Jenkins

54. “Wonder Woman is out there very much defending the right and being strong and being a positive role model.” – Paul Dini

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Which of these wonder woman quotes inspired you to make a difference?

Maybe you aren’t the secret weapon that hasthe power to make a huge difference in the world. But what if you are? What ifyou were able to muster up your courage and step into a role bigger than youcould have imagined?

Or, maybe your’s isn’t a role as big as savingthe world. Maybe your role is smaller. Remember that even if that’s true itdoesn’t mean that your actions won’t hold the power that others need to win theday.

Use these Wonder Woman quotes to step out in your power and abilities to make a difference in the world around you.

Did you enjoy these wonder woman quotes? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear all about it.

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