25 Yasuo Quotes from League of Legends

Check out our Yasuo quotes from the League of Legends swordsman.

Yasuo is a fan favorite in League of Legends

Find out why people love Yasuo with our quotes below. 

Who is Yasuo?

Yasuo is an accomplished swordsman from the sovereign nation of Ionia. 

He is a master swordsman who uses the wind in his technique.

He was wrongly accused of murdering his master and spent days hunting down the mysterious killer. 

  • He was born with magical abilities that enhanced his fighting style
  • After years of training, Yasuo reached the level of a master swordsman
  • Yasuo can manipulate the wind and air currents. He can create tornadoes, windshields, and flight.

Why is Yasuo a wanderer?

Fans of the series know that Yasuo is synonymous with the wind. 

The wind guides his sword in his fighting style, but it also guides his movements in life.

Men like Yasuo strive to be as easy-going as the clouds, never being tethered to one place.

For Yasuo, moving like a cloud means he no longer develops attachments to anything. 

How did Yasuo become like the wind?

Yasuo was wrongly accused of murder and betrayed by his community. 

They believe he murdered his master.

This conflict ultimately led to Yasuo crossing swords with his brother, Yone.

Yasuo bests his brother in battle, and Yone is killed before forgiveness or closure occurs. 

Is Yasuo a villain or a hero?

In life, we learn that nothing is ever black and white. 

Almost everything has a gray area.

One person’s hero is another person’s villain.

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To many, Yasuo is a backstabbing villain who violently murdered his master in cold blood. 

However, those who know Yasuo know he is a peace-seeking warrior.

His vengeance is fueled by the justice he seeks for his master’s murder. 

This conflict is what makes his story compelling.

While clearing his name of a dishonorable act, he must fight his own people.

A catch-22 is when a person is forced to choose where neither option is desirable. 

Yasuo’s situation is a classic catch-22.

Check out our Yasuo quotes below for more awesome League of Legends-inspired content. 

Short Yasuo quotes from League of Legends

Check out these short and sweet Yasuo quotes. 

1. “Who taught you that?” — Yasuo, League of Legends

2. “Just looking for a road home.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

3. “Justice. That’s a pretty word.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

4. “This story is not yet finished.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

5. “Brother, what have you become?” — Yasuo, League of Legends

The best Yasuo quotes about ninjas

Yasuo has no respect for those who hide behind ninja masks. 

6. “Ninjas; I hate those guys.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

7. “Scurry back to your shadows, ninja.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

8. “Cute mask. Your, uh, mom sew that?” — Yasuo, League of Legends

9. “An unworthy blade meets a cursed mask.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

10. “The road to ruin is shorter than you think.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

The top Yasuo quotes about swords and blades

Yasuo talks about swords, a lot. 

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11. “Another wind blade?” — Yasuo, League of Legends

12. “Broken sword. Broken spirit.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

13. “This blade never gets any lighter.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

14. “A sword’s poor company for a long road.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

 15. “Which weighs more? Your blade, or your past?” — Yasuo, League of Legends

Philosophical Yasuo quotes

16. “Sleep is for the guiltless.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

17. “Everyone faces a reckoning.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

18. “Is a leaf’s only purpose to fall?” — Yasuo, League of Legends

19. “Virtue is no more than a luxury.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

 20. “Honor is in the heart, not the name.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

Yasuo League of Legends quotes about following your path in life

Yasuo knows each of us must walk our path regardless of the roadblocks.  

21. “I will not forget who I am.” — Yasuo, League of Legends 

22. “A wanderer isn’t always lost.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

23. “No one is promised tomorrow.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

24. “I will follow this path until the end.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

25. “Follow the wind, but watch your back.” — Yasuo, League of Legends

What inspires you?

Yasuo is inspired to clear his name and find his master’s true killer.

What inspires you?

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