35 Beautiful Love Picture Quotes That Will Make You Smile

We all love beautiful love picture quotes that can lift our spirits and make us think about someone special.

Love quotes can provide a powerful perspective since many times we are in love.

We are so clouded by our own feelings and emotions that many times, we don’t have the language.

15 Love Picture Quotes!

1. “The best proof of love is trust! Yes, yes and yes!” – Joyce Brothers

the best Love Picture Quotes

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2. We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Edgar Allan Poe

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3. “Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.” – Bob Marley 

Love Picture Quotes about money

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4. “All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” – Ed Sheeran 

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5. “And then my soul saw you and it kind of went “oh there you are. I’ve been looking for you.” – Iain Thomas   

Love Picture Quotes about soulmates

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6. “Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” – Zora Neale Hurston 

Love Picture Quotes that will make your day

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7. People build up walls not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.” – Socrates

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8. “Love is just a word, until someone special gives it a meaning.” – Paulo Coelho

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9. “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” — Aristotle

Love Picture Quotes about soulmates

10. “There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart.” — Jane Austen

Love Picture Quotes about tenderness

Short Must See Love Picture Quotes To Share With Your Love

11. “Love is friendship that has caught fire.” — Ann Landers

Love Picture Quotes about friendship

12. “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” — Lao Tzu

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13. “Oh, how a quiet love can drown out every fear.” — Jessica Katoff

Love Picture Quotes to drown out fear

14. “Life is a game and true love is a trophy.” — Rufus Wainwright

true Love Picture Quotes

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15. “The course of true love never did run smooth.” — William Shakespeare

true Love Picture Quotes and sayings

16. “Real love doesn’t meet you at your best. It meets you in your mess.” — J.S. Park

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17. “Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.” — Billy Graham

Love Picture Quotes about true love

18. “Love reminds you that nothing else matters.” — Amy Bushell

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19. Always protect your queen! And your queen can represent any partner you choose. Either way, protect them, love them, cherish them!

Love Picture Quotes and sayings

20. I like you a lottle. It’s like a little, except a lot. (Just cuteness overload!)

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21. If she doesn’t scare the hell out of you a little, she’s not the one. Love is amazing, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or even familiar. Love takes work and it takes courage to invest the time and work.

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22. I still fall for you everyday. Love grows stronger with time.

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23. I love you every step of the way. Awwww, me too!

Love you Picture Quotes

24. The best kind of kiss is when you have to stop because you can’t help but smile. 😉

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25. We go together like copy and paste. Computer Love!

Love Picture Quotes

Must See Love Picture Quotes To Express Your Special Feelings 

26. “I love you to the moon and back.” — Sam McBratney

27. “I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.” — William Blake

28. “Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have, always will.” — Elaine Davis

29. “I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow.” — Leo Christopher

30. “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you…” —  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

31. “I love you begins by I, but it ends up by you.” — Charles de Leusse

32. “I love you with every beat of my heart.” — Armaan

33. “My love for you is past the mind, beyond my heart, and into my soul.” — Boris Kodjoe

34. “If I know what love is, it is because of you.” — Herman Hesse

35. “I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald

36. “In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.” ― Janos Arany

37. “Love is friendship set on fire.” ― Jeremy Taylor

38. “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” ― Paulo Coelho

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39. “Love is the cause and result of energy.” ― Greg Henry Quinn

40. “Love is defined as that wish that seeks that others enjoy happiness.” ― Dalai Lama

41. “Love evolves just as people do.” ― Kate Holmily

42. “Love is happiness, Love is life.” ― Thomas Henry Burrowes

43. “Love is quivering happiness.” ― Kahlil Gibran

44. “Love is an energy that is shared because we have it.” ― Anne Wilson Schaef

45. “In showing love to someone else, your own complaints will lessen.” ― David Jeremiah

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