5 Beliefs To Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life

Jeff Moore, CEO of Everyday Power

Check out these five empowering beliefs to get you into the best shape of your life!

With one little shift, we can transform our view of exercise, working out, and maintaining an overall fit lifestyle from a chore to a way that elevates all areas of our lives.

Our life experience is fundamentally rooted in the amount of energy we have, how we feel about ourselves, and our overall well-being.

Adopting these beliefs will drastically improve your health and your life.

Here are five ideas that have not only worked in my own life but have been transformative in the lives of others as well.

Use them, enjoy them, and tell me how it goes in the comment section!

Belief #1. I have more than enough time to be extremely healthy!

The number 1 excuse is…you know…wait for it…” I don’t have enough time!”

Many people love to blame work, school, or whatever, on why they cannot make the time to exercise, run, job, walk, lift, do yoga, or do anything else that sustains an elevated heart right.

But the reality is, if you manage your time right, you have the time to be healthy.

Your health, energy, and vitality are of utmost importance and play a critical role in your ability to achieve, contribute, and be.

Do not wait any longer, make the time for exercise now, so you have beneficial habits later.

Belief #2. I eat for fuel and energy.

Now this one was a major challenge for me and at times still is.

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I love food.

I’m a foodie!

Like most of you, when it’s time for dinner; it’s me vs. the plate.

However, a time came when I had to make a shift in my eating habits and more importantly in my perspective of food.

I had to let go of seeing food as a pleasurable activity and start seeing it as fuel for the only body I will ever have.

Fuel your body with the best.

Don’t try to change your mood with food; it’s a vicious cycle!

Belief #3. I am going to set a healthy lifestyle trend for my family!

Whether you have kids or not, come from a family with weight problems or not; dedicate yourself to starting the family tradition of health, exercise, and durability.

Many times, it is much more motivating if we are doing something that is bigger than ourselves.

Don’t just do it for you, do it for your family and future family. 

Belief #4. Exercise is the ultimate stress reliever!

Physical exercise has 3 main psychological benefits:

  • It releases tons of endorphins, which are basically feel-good hormones
  • It is meditation in motion because in order to workout successfully, you have to fully concentrate on what you are doing (blocking out all other internal dialogue)
  • It will improve your mood and overall self-image

Exercise will help you see yourself as self-reliant, a ‘go-getter,’ and someone who is literally moving in the right direction!

Belief #5. “It’s my body I can do what I want “…is wrong!

It’s your parent’s, children’s, grandchildren’s, friend’s, and the world’s body; and they all need you to be present and to be healthy.

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Similar to Belief #3, make your vision of yourself and your health larger.

Expand it.

See yourself as an already existing or potential parent or grandparent and contributing member of the world.

Be present for that gift and that experience.

Do not jade or blur your life experience with weakness, sickness, and chronic pain.

It’s your body, yes; and it’s also the body of everyone else who is counting on you!

Live accordingly!

As always,  I hope this helps.

Feel free to share this with your family, friends, and colleagues, and tell me which belief is most inspiring to you in the comment section!

All the best,

Jeff Moore

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Jeff Moore, CEO of Everyday Power
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