25 After Life Quotes That Will Make You Smile, Think, and Feel Deeply

These After Life quotes will make you think and maybe make you a little emotional while also helping you contemplate the positive things in life.

After Life is a British black comedy-drama television series, meaning it makes light of topics that are usually painful or serious to discuss.

The show premiered on Netflix on March 08, 2019.

Ricky Gervais, an award-winning actor and director, was in charge of creating, writing, producing, directing, and starring in this series.

The story follows Tony and his quest to explore and contemplate life and death after his wife died from breast cancer.

This series presents realistic themes that anyone can encounter during their lifetime.

Grief, sadness, depression, and the resilience of optimism.

This series is a comedy with a heart.

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After Life quotes from Tony Johnson

1. “Life is precious because you can’t watch it again. I mean, you can believe in an afterlife if that makes you feel better. Doesn’t mean it’s true.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes from Tony Johnson

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2. “Once you realize you’re not gonna be around forever, I think that’s what makes life so magical.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes that's what makes life so magical

3. “One day you’ll eat your last meal, smell your last flower, hug your friend for the very last time. You might not know it’s the last time, so that’s why you should do everything you love with passion, you know? Treasure the few years you’ve got because that’s all there is.” — Tony Johnson

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After Life quotes about love with passion

4. “Women are better than men. And they never stop trying to bring us up to their standard.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about women are better than men

5. “Why would people rather be famous for being s*** than not famous at all? When did that start?” — Tony Johnson

Inspirational After Life quotes

6. “People think that all those things I miss doing with Lisa, I could just do them anyway, and that would make me feel better. But they’re missing the point. I don’t miss doing things with Lisa, I miss doing nothing with Lisa. Do you know what I mean? Just sitting at home, wouldn’t even have to go out, or do anything, or even talk, you know, just sitting there, knowing she was there.” — Tony Johnson

More After Life quotes

7. “Most things are a good excuse for a drink.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about most things are a good excuse for a drink

8. “Don’t worry about your past. Worry about your future.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about your past

9. “You never know what’s around the corner, do you? One minute you’re happy and safe and smug about it, the next minute, everything’s taken away from you.” — Tony Johnson

Other After Life quotes

10. “You can’t not care about things you actually care about. You can’t fool yourself.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about careing

11. “You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about you can't change the world

12. “We’re all screwed up in one way or another. It sort of makes you normal.” — Tony Johnson

Wise After Life quotes

More After Life quotes from Tony Johnson

13. “There’s no advantage to being nice and thoughtful and caring and having integrity. It’s a disadvantage, if anything.” — Tony Johnson

More After Life quotes from Tony johnson

14. “When you do find a fella, dance with him when he wants.” — Tony Johnson

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After Life quotes when you do find a fella, dance with him when he wants

15. “There is no bright future in journalism. By the time you’re a features writer, there won’t be newspapers as we know them because it’ll just be a s*** storm on the Internet. People posting nasty, f***ing hateful opinions that aren’t even theirs because their editor told them to, to get clickbait for f***ing advertisers because the world is full of f***ing morons. It’s awful. It’s an awful future.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes in bright future in journalism

16. “That’s why funerals are usually a nightmare. Ten members of the family coming up with s*** ideas. “It’s what he would’ve wanted.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes that's why funerals are usually a nightmare

17. “It is everything. Being in love, I mean. You just don’t need anything else. You realize that even more when they’re not around.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about being in love

18. “If you’re a good person, doing things you want to do is the same as doing good.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about good person

19. “If I become an a***hole, and I do and say what the f*** I want, for as long as I want, and then when it all gets too much, I can always kill myself. It’s like a superpower.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about superpower

20. “I’d rather be nowhere with her than somewhere without her.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about somewhere without her

21. “Here’s what’s what, humanity is a plague. We’re a disgusting, narcissistic, selfish parasite, and the world would be a better place without us. It should be everyone’s moral duty to kill themselves.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about humanity

22. “Hardly scarred for life. She’s 93. If she lives to 100, she’s only been scarred for seven percent of her life.” — Tony Johnson

After Life quotes about hardly scarred for life

23. “Everything’s bad for you. We’re all dying. Being healthy is just dying more slowly.” — Tony Johnson

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After Life quotes about everything's bad for you

24. “All drunks hurt themselves. Just the trick is to be a good drunk and not hurt other people.” — Tony Johnson

Meaningful After Life quotes

After Life quotes from Anne

25. “Happiness is amazing. It’s so amazing, it doesn’t matter if it’s yours or not.” — Anne

After Life quotes about happiness

Which of these After Life quotes is your favorite?

This series shows us how we should treasure life and know the difference between existing and living.

When Tony’s wife died, he decided that his superpower would be saying and doing whatever he felt like whenever he felt like it.

With the help of his family and friends, he turns into a better person while overcoming his grief.

Similar to real life, we may find ourselves in the darkest of times when we are grieving, but it does not mean that things will not get better.

Remember to give yourself time to heal.

Read on these After Life quotes and sayings when you want to feel uplifted.

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