25 Anger Management Quotes For Coping With Rage

Laugh out loud with our hilarious Anger Management quotes. 

Anger Management brings together two hilarious actors, Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson

The film depicts a therapist who finds success with unconventional methods. 

Learn more with our Anger Management quotes below. 

What is Anger Management about?

Anger Management is a 2003 film about a disgruntled businessman, Dave Buznik, played by Adam Sandler, who is sentenced to an anger management program. 

The program is led by Dr. Buddy Rydell, played by Jack Nicholson, an avant-garde therapist whose methods drive Buznik up the wall. 

When the two opposing forces meet, hilarity ensues. 

Check out these interesting facts about Anger Management

  • Meatball, the cat, wore a fat suit. 
  • Anger Management was Lynne Thigpenn’s last film.
  • Adam Sandler originally tried to get Eddie Murphy to play Dr. Rydell. 

How did audiences receive the film?

Anytime a film grosses more than it costs to make, it is a win. 

However, for actors like Jack Nicholson, movie-making is an art and cannot always be measured by financial success.

While Anger Management grossed $195 million on a $75 million budget, the film received mixed reviews from critics. 

Why should I watch Anger Management?

If you are a fan of buddy comedies, you will love Anger Management. 

Nicholson and Sandler have an amazing synergy and chemistry;

Their odd-couple-esque energy results in masterful engagement and side-splitting humor.

Both Sandler and Nicholson have created reputations for being hilarious while getting angry. 

This film brings together both of their unique skill sets and pulls the humor out of rage. 

They hilariously play off of each other’s anger and make for memorable exchanges. 

One of my personal favorites is when Dr. Rydell attempts to explain that there are two types of angry people in the world using the cashier analogy. 

To learn more, check out our Anger Management quotes below. 

Short Anger Management quotes from Dr. Buddy Rydell about anger

We open with some of Dr. Rydell’s hilarious supermarket temper analogy.

1. “Temper is the one thing you can’t get rid of by losing it.” — Dr. Buddy Rydell, Anger Management

2. “There are two kinds of angry people in this world: explosive and implosive.” — Dr. Buddy Rydell, Anger Management

3. “Implosive is the cashier who remains quiet day after day and finally shoots everyone in the store.” — Dr. Buddy Rydell, Anger Management

4. “Explosive is the kind of individual you see screaming at the cashier for not taking their coupons.” — Dr. Buddy Rydell, Anger Management

5. “You’re the cashier.” — Dr. Buddy Rydell, Anger Management

The top hilarious Anger Management quote from Dave Buznik

The chemistry between Dave and Dr. Rydell is magical in this film. 

6. “Over and over again. And she moaned like a wildebeest.”  — Dave Buznik, Anger Management 

7. “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty, oh, so pretty and witty and…” — Dave Buznik, Anger Management 

8. “I’m the guy hiding in the frozen food section dialing 911. I swear.” — Dave Buznik, Anger Managment 

9. “So I’m guessing that’s when you decided to shack up with your aunt.” — Dave Buznik, Anger Management 

10. “Oh, sorry. That’s a letter I’m writing to Geraldo Rivera.” — Chuck, Anger Management

The best Anger Management quotes from Chuck

John Turturro steals the spotlight as Chuck in this hilarious film. 

11. “I could be, but no. Half Irish, half Italian, half Mexican.” — Chuck, Anger Management

12. “Yeah? And I’m sure I just heard him mutter some kind of anti-Semitic remark.” — Chuck, Anger Management

13. “Here’s my phone number.” — Chuck, Anger Management

14. “Drinkin’ booze, shootin’ holes in the ceilin’, screamin’ myself to sleep; finally, my parents said I had to move out.” — Chuck, Anger Management

15. “After I got back, I went through a rough time.” — Chuck, Anger Management

Anger Management quotes and sayings from Stacy about the code of ethics in a threesome

Below, Stacy comically breaks down which rules not to break when engaging in group sex. 

16. “So in the middle of our session, I look up, and I see Gina kissing Milo on the mouth, which is totally NOT cool because it violates our threesome code of ethics!” — Stacy, Anger Management 

17. “Nice.” — Stacy, Anger Management 

18. “Yeah. One day, Gina was having sex with this Filipino guy Milo, which was totally cool cause it was in the script.” — Stacy, Anger Management

19. “We’re in the adult film industry.” — Stacy, Anger Management 

20. “Then Milo freaks out and calls me a crazy skank.” — Stacy, Anger Management 

Famous Anger Management quotes from Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight’s memorable cameo is full of laughable moments. 

21. “I’m going home!” — Bobby Knight, Anger Management 

22. “Yea, this is my first day.” — Bobby Knight, Anger Management 

23. “I hope this class cures me.” — Bobby Knight, Anger Management 

24. “Well to HELL WITH THIS!” — Bobby Knight, Anger Management 

25. “Anger? Isn’t this sexaholics anonymous?” — Bobby Knight, Anger Management 

Witness Jack at his finest

Look, it is not often we get treated to Jack Nicholson performances. 

As a veteran actor, he puts out movies when he feels like it. 

Anger Management is one of his hilarious performances. 

What is your favorite Anger Management quote?

Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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