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Six Feet Under Quotes from the Series’ Characters

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Six Feet Under was a drama TV series on HBO that was considered one of the best and most affecting shows on small screens over 15 years ago.

This multi-award-winning series shows the roller-coaster lives of a family from Los Angeles who own a funeral home.

This drama series covered a broad spectrum of issues in real-life situations such as relationships, faith, love, life and death depicted in the lives of the Fishers.

The Fisher’s soon come to life realizations as their lives turn around with the death of the family’s pillar, Nate Fisher.

Here are some Six Feet Under quotes that might bring joy and tears to your eyes.

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Six Feet Under quotes from Nate Fisher

1. “Stop listening to the static.” — Nate Fisher

2. “Everybody forgives everybody for everything.” — Nate Fisher

3. “I just feel like all I do, all day long, is just manage myself, try to fuckin’ connect with people. But it’s like, no matter how much energy you pour into getting to the station on time, or getting on the right train, there’s still no fuckin’ guarantee that anybody’s gonna be there for you to pick you up when you get there.” — Nate Fisher

4. “It’s hard sometimes, relationships aren’t easy. You just have to work at it every day. Can’t expect everything to be perfect all the time, and can’t get shaken when it isn’t.” — Nate Fisher

5. “If there’s a moment when I feel like I’m in prison, I just have to think about all those moments when it feels safe, and remind myself that those moments outweigh the prison moments.” — Nate Fisher

6. “Love isn’t something you feel, it’s something you do. If the person you’re with doesn’t want it, do yourself a favor and save it for someone who does.” — Nate Fisher

7. “I hit a new low. I made the bereaved vomit.” — Nate Fisher

8. “The only god I know is a mean-spirited comedian in ugly pants whose every joke has the same damn punchline.” — Nate Fisher

9. “All that lives, lives forever. Only the shell, the perishable passes away. The spirit is without end. Eternal. Deathless.” — Nate Fisher

10. “You can pump him full of chemicals. You can put makeup on him. You can prop him up for a nap in the slumber room; but the fact remains, David, that the only father we’re ever gonna have is gone!” — Nate Fisher

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11. “You can’t take a picture of this. It’s already gone.” — Nate Fisher

12. “I’m just saying you only get one life. There’s no God, no rules, no judgments, except for those you accept or create for yourself. And once it’s over, it’s over. Dreamless sleep forever and ever. So why not be happy while you’re here. Really? Why not?” — Nate Fisher

13. “None of us know how long we’ve got, which is why we have to make each day matter.” — Nate Fisher 

Six Feet Under quotes from Brenda Chenowith

14. “I think it’s all about timing. I think timing is everything.” — Brenda Chenowith

15. “I’m sick of being so fucking conscious all the time. It’s like I’m this incredibly boring, watered-down of myself.” — Brenda Chenowith

16. “I say, if life offers you a new beginning, take it.” — Brenda Chenowith

17. “I wouldn’t change anything. If you change one thing, that changes everything. And some things are the way they should be.” — Brenda Chenowith

18. “Academia is one huge circle jerk. All the sequestered people desperately defending the one good idea they have had in their lives.” — Brenda Chenowith

19. “What is this, some Quaker thing? You fuck someone’s husband to death, then you bring them a quiche?” — Brenda Chenowith

20. “I really don’t feel like making dinner for a woman who hates me.” — Brenda Chenowith

21. “I can’t believe how much money I’ve spent fucking up my life.” — Brenda Chenowith

22. “All we have is this moment, right here, right now. The future is just a fucking concept that we use to avoid being alive today. So be here… now.” — Brenda Chenowith

23. “You know what I find interesting? If you lose a spouse, you’re called a widow or a widower. If you’re a child and you lose your parents, then you’re an orphan. But what’s the word to describe a parent who loses a child? I guess that’s just too fucking awful to even have a name.” — Brenda Chenowith

24. “No mistake, you guys are undertakers. You take every fucking feeling you have, put it in a box and bury it.” — Brenda Chenowith

25. “Well, we’re all wounded. We carry our wounds around with us through life, and eventually they kill us. Things happen that leave a mark in space, in time. In us.” — Brenda Chenowith

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Six Feet Under quotes from Ruth Fisher

26. “I guess we all wanna be loved. It’s hard to say no to that, no matter who it’s coming from.” — Ruth Fisher

27. “Oh, go give yourself a handjob!” — Ruth Fisher

28. “Just leave me alone so I can shrivel up in peace.” — Ruth Fisher

29. “You want me to complain? Alright then, Fuck this. Fuck you; fuck all of you and your sniveling self-pity, and fuck all your lousy parents. Fuck my lousy parents while were at it. Fuck my selfish, bohemian sister and her fucking bliss. Fuck my legless grandmother. Fuck my dead husband, and my lousy children with their nasty little secrets. And fuck you Robby for dragging me to this terrible place and not letting me have a Snickers bar. I’m going to get something to eat!” — Ruth Fisher

30. “You both look so happy. Just enjoy it while it lasts. Which isn’t very long. You think you have forever, but you don’t.” — Ruth Fisher

31. “No matter what you do, you end up alone, not knowing who you are or what you really want!” — Ruth Fisher

32. “There’s been an accident. The new hearse is totaled. Your father is dead. Your father is dead, and my pot roast is ruined.” — Ruth Fisher

33. “I am surrounded by these relics of a life that no longer exists.” — Ruth Fisher

34. “We were such children when we met. Then we watched those children disappear.” — Ruth Fisher

Six Feet Under quotes from Claire Fisher

35. “Well it’s like how many evildoers do you have to kill before you become one yourself, you know?” — Claire Fisher

36. “Society propagates this vision of people hooking up and staying together forever. In reality, how often does that actually happen?” — Claire Fisher

37. “The world is ending out there, and people are just getting cosmetic surgery and watching debutantes get screwed up the ass.” — Claire Fisher

38. “Haven’t you noticed a lot of straight guys knit these days? It’s like a macho thing. Like, ‘I’m so straight I can even knit!’” — Claire Fisher

39. “I’m just trying to prepare for the worst so when it actually happens, I don’t feel so awful.” — Claire Fisher

40. “If we live our lives the right way, then every single thing we do becomes a work of art.” — Claire Fisher

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41. “I wish that just once people wouldn’t act like the clichés that they are.” — Claire Fisher

42. “Oh god, can’t I just get upset without having to focus on what’s really making me upset?” — Claire Fisher

43. “Everyone is too obsessed with what everyone else thinks about them to think about anyone else!” — Claire Fisher

44. “You know, it’s polite for the first person downstairs to make the coffee, even if that person has a penis!” — Claire Fisher

Six Feet Under quotes from David Fisher

45. “Thank you, Nate, I appreciate your honesty, wrapped as it was in such a bouquet of condescension.” — David Fisher

46. “I felt so free for a week. But then, all of a sudden, within days I went from ‘Yay, I’m independent’ to ‘Holy fuck, I’m gonna die alone.’” — David Fisher

47. “All she told the police is that he was boring.” — David Fisher

48. “Hi! You’ve reached David and Keith, but we can’t come to the phone right now because we’re too gay!” — David Fisher

49. “We’ve been clutching so desperately to the past, and for what?” — David Fisher

50. “One day when your mind isn’t on Fisher & Sons, I will find you or someone you love. I’m not saying anyone’s going to die. There are tragedies far worse things than death: things you couldn’t even dream of, you spineless, candy-ass, corporate fuck. Just give me a reason. Are we worth the trouble, Mr. Gilardi? Lunch is over, get lost.” — David Fisher

Which of these Six Feet Under quotes is your favorite?

Six Feet Under is a show that makes the viewers dive deeper into the meaning of life and death. Each episode revolves around someone’s death, setting the tone of the series as it signifies the end of someone’s journey and point of new beginnings for the living.

The series was able to make the audience feel connected with the characters by portraying real-life scenarios and reflections about the aftermath of someone’s death.

Each episode provides moral values as it surrounds the viewers with a powerful and engrossing mood. This show is a reminder to share precious moments with people who matter to you while they are still around.

So why not share these precious Six Feet Under quotes and sayings with your friends to start a quick conversation.

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