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Attraction is a driving force of nature.

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What are the benefits of reading these attraction quotes?

In our universe, celestial bodies like planets, stars, and moons attract one another, locking into each other’s orbit.

Many forms of attraction are happening all around us.

In our everyday lives, we all experience attraction in very different ways.

Many types of attraction will overlap with our life experiences.

Psychologists have six forms of attraction that can impact our desires.

The six forms of attraction that draw us to people are:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • romantic
  • sexual
  • intellectual
  • aesthetic

Why we are attracted to something or someone is not always so cut and dry.

Such an experience can be confusing sometimes.

We can experience multiple forms of attraction at once, and we do not always know precisely why.

Getting in touch with ourselves and being mindful of our feelings can help us better understand our attractions.

Check out this great book if you are interested in learning more about the psychology behind attraction.

Short attraction quotes

1. “What you seek is seeking you.” ― Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi

2. “Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes.” Juliette Binoche

3. “Marriage is… OK, it’s rooted and grounded on love and attraction.” ― Mary Archer

4. “It’s the unknown that draws people.” ― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

5. “The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.” Andy Warhol

6. “Of course, it’s complicated. If it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be interested in you.” Iain Thomas

7. “There’s always a common attraction to universal needs of love and a feeling of worthiness.” Moran Atias

8. “I don’t fancy colors of the face; I’m always attracted to colors of the brain.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson

9. “The number one mistake people make in attraction is either doing too much or too little.” ― Matthew Hussey

10. “The problem with human attraction is not knowing if it will be returned.” Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush

Physical and sexual attraction quotes

11. “The power of sexual attraction is a real thing.” Lela Loren

12. “You’re intoxicated by my very presence.” Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

13. “For me, physical beauty is never the reason for attraction to anyone.” Katrina Kaif

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14. “I tried to look presentable for a show but not for sexual attraction. It was strictly for show business.” Little Richard

15. “In our society, women are valued for their sexual attraction. I’d like to get away from the sex symbol idea of what beauty is.” Jessica Chastain

16. “One of the reasons Krushna fell for me was my sexiness, and for any relationship to be alive, I believe physical attraction is a must.” Kashmira Shah

17. “No matter what anybody says, relationships are based on physical attraction. The first time I saw my wife, it was pure animal whatever.” Denis Leary

18. “Sexy is the attraction that is given as an encomium to women or men or the capacity to attract the attention of the opposite sex because of their physical attributes.” Miriam Defensor-Santiago

19. “Yes, the companionship is amazing. You know, you can get that physical attraction that happens is great, but then there’s an awful lot of time and the rest of the day that you have to fill.” Vince Gill

20. “I don’t have a type. But one thing I can say from my dating experience is that a physical attraction will only take you so far. So you definitely have to have a strong intellectual connection as well.” Jesse Metcalfe

Interesting attraction quotes to ponder

21. “Progress is the attraction that moves humanity.” Marcus Garvey

22. “The people and places that cause terror in childhood cause attraction in adulthood.” Drew Pinsky

23. “The soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that which it fears.” James Allen

24. “We are all, in a sense, experts on secrecy. From earliest childhood we feel its mystery and attraction.” Sissela Bok

25. “Attraction is what happens between you. It’s not universal. And it’s not conventional. And thank God for that.” Rainbow Rowell

26. “Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence.” William Blake

27. “You get beyond that and realize the attraction in any human being has more to do with what they give to someone rather than just being face candy.” Alison Moyet

28. “I believe very strongly that when it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction, that things are never black and white, things are very much shades of grey.” Brian Molko

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29. “I often think a lot of women’s attraction to vampires is based on the fact that vampires come from centuries ago, from eras of chivalry and courtly virtues.” Stephen Moyer

30. “I was happier when pursuing success than I was when savoring its fruits; the attraction, perhaps the addiction, was in the process, as much as in its end.” Michael Steinhardt

What people are attracted to quotes

31. “I have a kind of magnetic attraction to situations of violence.” Wole Soyinka

32. “Certainly, I have no attraction to misery. I don’t intentionally go for dark.” Christian Bale

33. “I’m comfortable only when there’s a mutual attraction. That’s what anyone wants.” Nathan Fillion

34. “My initial attraction was just the beauty. The colors were so beautiful; the spheres were so nearly perfect.” Tom Noddy

35. “I think that obviously, there is a perverse attraction to a fundamentally changed world or the end of the world.” John Hodgman

36. “As far as I’m concerned, attraction, in its most rudimentary form, comes from the way a person naturally smells.” Rachel Nichols

37. “I definitely have a little attraction to bad guys, but they have to be sweethearts underneath. After all, I like to be treated well.” Carly Rae Jepsen

38. “I’d say that within the first five seconds of ‘inhaling’ someone, I know if there’s an attraction or not. This may sound animalistic―and it is.” Rachel Nichols

39. “If I find out she’s not attracted to me, it brings down my level of attraction to her. If I’m interested and find out she’s not, I tend to cool off.” Nathan Fillion

40. “You have to be able to carry a conversation. I think after the initial attraction kind of dies down. The lust dies down. There has to be the thing that engages you.” Chris Pine

Attraction quotes about all kinds of things

41. “I have never fallen in love with my own voice, but I’ve always had an attraction for it.” Tom Snyder

42. “To me, the biggest attraction is a woman’s charisma, her soul, her inner strength.” Fabio Lanzoni

43. “Part of my attraction to ancient art is that there is an element of risk, of speculation.” Michael Steinhardt

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44. “The city has become a serious menace to our civilization… It has a peculiar attraction for the immigrant.” Josiah Strong

45. “Building the future holds more attraction than ancestor worship, whichever ancestor we’re talking about.” Douglas Alexander

46. “I was immediately smitten with an attraction to this culture, not in the sense of high culture but of the basic way people behaved towards one another.” Harry Mathews

47. “Marriage of attraction is a gamble anyway, so you might as well marry into a family that is similar to your own and make that much less of an adjustment.” Mira Nair

48. “That is why, as soon as I felt a real attraction for my first passion, which was the motorcycle, and in spite of the danger it could represent, they encouraged me.” Jacky Ickx

49. “For all its ubiquity and its universality, war offers the attraction of the extraordinary―the escape from the gray every day, from the humdrum into higher things.” Drew Gilpin Faust

50. “You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to surmise that war has a perverse appeal for the human race, nor is the attraction limited to religious fanatics committing mass murder and suicide for the greater glory of God.” Ellen Willis

What are your thoughts about attraction?

Our attractions drive our excitement.

Artist Andy Warhol once said, “The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”

People make many assumptions about attractions.

For example, when we find ourselves drawn to or intrigued by someone in our lives, we do not always know why.

It could be one thing or an array of reasons.

People generalize attraction as romantic or sexual feelings, sometimes confusing them with a desire for an intimate relationship.

We need to ask ourselves honest questions about our feelings.

Sexual attraction involves a desire to become sexually involved with somebody else.

It is important to remember that just because often sexual attraction can occur alongside romantic attraction; they are not always the same thing.

Sexual attraction can happen without romantic attraction and vice versa.

Being familiar with interests and knowing the types of attractions can help us better understand how we feel.

Tell us your favorite attraction quote in the comment section below.

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