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Girl Wash Your Face Quotes to Improve Your Mindset

Transform your mindset and your life with these popular Girl Wash Your Face quotes.

If you’re a woman that struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of women that are believing lies about themselves that are negatively impacting the way that they live their lives. 

Rachel Hollis had lived through the same struggles herself and learned how to stop believing those lies about herself, which allowed her to transform her life. This is what she wrote about in her book Girl Wash Your Face. These Girl Wash Your Face quotes will give you a taste of what you can find in the book. 

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Girl Wash Your Face quotes about taking control 

1. “It’s not about talent, skill, money, or connections.It’s because when they went after their dreams and came up against a roadblock, when they experienced rejection, or when someone or something told them no . . . they listened.I am successful because I refused to take no for an answer. I am successful because I have never once believed my dreams were someone else’s to manage.That’s the incredible part about your dreams: nobody gets to tell you how big they can be.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

2. “Once you understand that you are the one who is truly in control, you’ll get up and try again. And you’ll keep going until being in control feels more natural than being out of control. It’ll become a way of life, and you’ll become the person you are meant to be.’’ Girl Wash Your Face

3. “The truth? You, and only you, are ultimately responsible for who you become and how happy you are.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

4. ‘’You must choose to be happy, grateful, and fulfilled. If you make that choice every single day, regardless of where you are or what’s happening, you will be happy.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

5. “Every single part of your life–your gratitude, the way you manage stress, how kind you are to others, how happy you are–can be changed by a shift in your perception.” – Girl Wash Your Face

6. “Is it going to be hard? Absolutely! But taking the easy way out is how you end up on the sofa, fifty pounds overweight, while life passes you by. Will change happen overnight? No way! This is a lifelong process.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

7. “The precious life you’ve been given is like a ship navigating its way across the ocean, and you’re meant to be the captain of the vessel. Certainly there are times when storms toss you around or cover the deck with water or break the mast clean in half—but that’s when you need to fight your way back, to throw all the water off the boat bucket by bucket. That’s when you battle to get yourself back to the helm. This is your life. You are meant to be the hero of your own story.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

8. “Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you, you are in control of the fight.” – Girl Wash Your Face

9. “Digging into the why of how I behave as an adult is what makes me able to overcome unhealthy habits.” – Girl Wash Your Face

10. “Regardless of how you were raised or what you were taught to believe, you get to decide where your story goes from here.” – Girl Wash Your Face

Girl Wash Your Face quotes about lies, comparisons, and others’ opinions

11. “If you constantly make and break promises to yourself, you’re not making promises at all. You’re talking.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

12. “Why do we do it, ladies? Why do we gossip? Why do we rag on each other? Why do we say hello on Sunday mornings with the same tongues we use to lash others behind their backs a few days later? Does it make us feel better about ourselves? Does it make us feel safer to mock someone who has stepped outside of the parameters we deem acceptable? If we can point out their flaws, does doing so diminish our own? Of course, it doesn’t. In fact, the stones we most often try and fling at others are the ones that have been thrown at us.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

13. “What I want to say is that we all judge each other, but even though we all do it, that’s not an excuse. Judging is still one of the most hurtful, spiteful impulses we own, and our judgments keep us from building a stronger tribe . . . or from having a tribe in the first place. Our judgment prohibits us from beautiful, life-affirming friendships. Our judgment keeps us from connecting in deeper, richer ways because we’re too stuck on the surface-level assumptions we’ve made. Ladies, our judging has to stop. So does our compulsion to compete with everyone around us.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

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14. “We live in an all-or-nothing society that says I need to look, act, think, and speak perfectly or just throw in the towel and stop trying altogether. That’s what I worry about the most—that you’ve stopped trying.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

15. “Someone else’s opinion of you is none of your business.” – Girl Wash Your Face

16. “In so many instances judgment comes from a place of feeling as though you’ve somehow got it all figured out when they do not. Judging each other actually makes us feel safer in our own choices.” – Girl Wash Your Face

17. “If we’re already judgmental (and let’s be honest, most of us are), we have to work hard on policing ourselves. When I find myself judging someone in my head, I force myself to stop and think of compliments about that person. By doing this, I’m learning to look for the positive instead of reaching for the negatives.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

18. “Have you ever believed that you aren’t good enough? That you’re not thin enough? That you’re unlovable? That you’re a bad mom? Have you ever believed that you deserve to be treated badly? That you’ll never amount to anything?All lies.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

19. “I established the rule in my life that I would no longer break a promise to myself no matter how small it was.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

Girl Wash Your Face quotes about moving past difficult times

20. “Sadness and pain are things you have to sit with and get to know or you’ll never be able to move on.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

21. “Girl, get ahold of your life. Stop medicating, stop hiding out, stop being afraid, stop giving away pieces of yourself, stop saying you can’t do it. Stop the negative self-talk, stop abusing your body, stop putting it off for tomorrow or Monday or next year. Stop crying about what happened and take control of what happens next. Get up, right now. Rise up from where you’ve been, scrub away the tears and pain of yesterday, and start again… Girl, wash your face!” – Girl Wash Your Face

22. “I needed to endure personal hardships and discouragement and one rejection on top of another—all so I could stand right here and say to you, ‘Your dream is worth fighting for, and while you’re not in control of what life throws at you,you are in control of the fight.’” – Girl Wash Your Face

23. “Childhood trauma is not a life sentence. Extreme emotional pain doesn’t guarantee emotional pain for the rest of your life.” – Girl Wash Your Face  

24. “Perception is reality, and I’m here to tell you that your reality is colored much more by your past experiences than by what is actually happening to you. If your past tells you that nothing ever works out, that life is against you, and that you’ll never succeed, then how likely are you to keep fighting for something you want? Or, on the flip side, if you quit accepting no as the end of the conversation whenever you run up against opposition, you can shift your perception and fundamentally reshape your entire life.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

25. “You will get through this season. This too shall pass. Don’t set the rest of your life up on a downhill slope because of one hard season.” – Girl Wash Your Face

26. “The difficult seasons we walk through are how we learn to build up strength to manage any situation. The strongest people you know? They’re probably walked some pretty hard roads and built up the skills necessary to be emotional giants. When they encounter hard things, their seasoned bodies rely on the good antibodies they’ve built up to handle that sort of scenario.” – Girl Wash Your Face

Girl Wash Your Face quotes about happiness

27. “When you’re engaged and involved and choosing to enjoy your own life, it doesn’t matter where you are, or frankly, what negative things get hurled at you. You’ll still find happiness because it’s not about where you are but who you are.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

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28. “When you force yourself to admit to all the things you have accomplished, you’ll realize that it’s wrong to be so hard on yourself for all the things you haven’t.” – Girl Wash Your Face

29. “You become who you surround yourself with. You become what you consume. If you find yourself in a slump or feel as though you’re living in a negative space, take a good hard look at who and what you see every day.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

30. “Work just as hard for fun moments, vacation moments, and pee-your-pants-laughing moments as you do for all the other things. I encourage you to take a walk, call a friend, have a glass of wine, enjoy a bubble bath, or take a long lunch. All of that work will be there when you get back, and a little time away can recharge your batteries and give you the energy to battle that ever-growing to-do list.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

31. “Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

32. “Very few people intentionally choose the things that bring them joy. No, I don’t mean that you can build a life around massages and lavish dinners (or maybe you can, fancy pants!). I mean that you should spend more time doing things that feed your spirit: more long walks with your dog, less volunteering for that thing you feel obligated to do but actually hate. You are in charge of your own life…’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

Girl Wash Your Face quotes about relationships

33. “Sometimes choosing to walk away, even if it means breaking your own heart, can be the greatest act of self-love you have access to.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

34. “As long as you allow someone to treat you badly, they will continue to do so. If you’re not able to value yourself, no one else will either.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

35. “We often become whoever we surround ourselves with. If your friends are full of gossip and vitriol, I promise you’ll start to develop the habit. When you’re looking for a community of women, look for the ones who want to build each other up instead of tear each other down.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

36. “Your judgment is easily clouded when you’re in love.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

37. “People will treat you with as much or as little respect as you allow them to, and our dysfunctional relationship started the first time he treated me badly and I accepted it.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

Girl Wash Your Face quotes about consistency

38. “Keep your eyes on your goal, regardless of what gets in your way.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

39. “If you recognize that your words have power and that your commitments carry covenant weight, you won’t agree to anything so easily. You’ll have to ask yourself if you really, truly have time to meet that friend for coffee this week. You’ll have to decide if working out four times before Sunday is a real possibility, or if it’s more realistic and achievable to commit to two beast-mode sessions and then one power walk with your neighbor. You’ll slow down and think things through. You won’t just talk about a goal; you’ll plan for how you can meet it.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

40. “It’s much easier to add a habit than to take one away.” – Girl Wash Your Face

41. “Blowing off a workout, a date, an afternoon to organize your closet or some previous commitment to yourself doesn’t seem like a big deal—but it is. It’s a really big deal. Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

42. “Don’t you get it? Nothing that lasts is accomplished quickly. Nobody’s entire legacy is based on a single moment, but rather the collection of one’s experiences. If you’re lucky, your legacy will be a lifetime in the making.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

43. “Don’t you dare squander the strength you have earned just because the acquisition of it was painful.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

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Girl Wash Your Face quotes about choices and behavior

44. “Be honest with yourself about what you’re blowing off. A little cancellation here or a bow-out there can add up . . . but only if you refuse to acknowledge your actions. If you take a good hard look at what you’ve canceled on in the last thirty days, you might be shocked to discover how you’re training yourself to behave.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

45. “You should be the very first of your priorities! Are you getting enough sleep, enough water, the right nutrition? You cannot take care of others well if you’re not first taking care of yourself. Also, one of the best ways to ensure that you stop trying to run from your problems is to face them head-on.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

46. “If you can’t get through the front door, try the side window. If the window is locked, maybe you slide down the chimney. No doesn’t mean that you stop; it simply means that you change course in order to make it to your destination.” – Girl Wash Your Face

47. “Slow down your yes. Only commit to things you know you can accomplish because they’re incredibly important to you. Otherwise, you set yourself up for continued failure.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

48. “Were it not for my therapist, I never would have realized that the drive for accomplishment can actually be harmful. I cannot recommend therapy enough, and if I had Beyoncé’s money, the first thing I’d do is pay for therapy for every woman I could find.” – Girl Wash Your Face

49. The only thing worse than giving up is wishing that you hadn’t.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

50. “Usually our judgment and gossip come from a deep well of our own insecurities. Get to the bottom of what’s going on with you. What’s making you lash out at others? The first step toward becoming the best version of yourself is being honest, truly honest, about what makes you tick.’’ – Girl Wash Your Face

51. “When you really want something, you will find a way. When you don’t really want something, you’ll find an excuse.” – Rachel Hollis

52. “Friends, it’s not about the goal or the dream you have. It’s about who you become on your way to that goal.” – Rachel Hollis

More Girl Wash Your Face quotes

53. “Life is not supposed to overwhelm you at all times. Life isn’t meant to be merely survived—it’s meant to be lived.” – Rachel Hollis

54. “God has perfect timing, and it’s highly possible that by not being where you thought you should be, you will end up exactly where you’re meant to go.” – Rachel Hollis

56. “I cannot continue to live as half of myself simply because it’s hard for others to handle all of me.” – Rachel Hollis

57. “Decide that you care more about creating your magic and pushing it out into the world than you do about how it will be received.” – Rachel Hollis

58. “You were not made to be small. You are not a little girl. You are a grown woman, and it’s time you grew up.” – Rachel Hollis

59. “Our society makes plenty of room for complacency or laziness; we’re rarely surrounded by accountability.” – Rachel Hollis

60. “I recognized a great truth: if I wanted a better life than the one I’d been born into, it was up to me to create it.” – Rachel Hollis

61. “When it comes to your dreams, no is not an answer.” – Rachel Hollis

Ready for some more?  

If the Girl Wash Your Face quotes above resonated with you then you’ll get even more out of reading the book. If you are tired of living life feeling like you’re not enough, this book can help you to dramatically change your life for the better. 

Rachel shares her own personal story throughout the chapters of the book giving you something to relate to while also helping you learn what changes you can make to transform your life. The quotes above give just a small taste of what you can expect. If you’re ready to take responsibility for your life and get an improved mindset, this book is for you. 

What’s your biggest takeaway from these Girl Wash Your Face quotes and lines? Do you have any other favorite quotes to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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