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What is Axe?

An axe is one of history’s oldest and most widely used tools. 

You can use an axe for various purposes, including wood chopping and clearing land for creating agricultural fields. 

Axes are available in different sizes and shapes. 

Different Types of Axes

Listed below are the most prominent types of axes: 

  • Carpentry Axe
  • Felling Axe
  • Hatchet
  • Splitting Maul
  • Broad Axe

Common Uses of Axes

Axes can be used both commercially and domestically. 

Some of their most common uses include:

  • Cutting Wood: It is the primary use of an axe, which helps cut trees, split logs, or chop firewood.
  • Clearing Land: With a specific type of axe, clearing land by removing small bushes or plants is possible.
  • Carpentry: Carpentry axes perform the task of shaping or trimming wood for creating furniture or other items.

How to Choose the Right Axe

When finding a suitable axe, make sure to keep the following aspects in mind: 

  • Determine the purpose or primary use.
  • Consider the weight of the axe that you are going to buy.
  • Also, consider the length of an axe’s handle, which is critical to its performance.
  • Besides, it would be best to consider the shape of your axe’s blade. 

Safety Precautions

No doubt, an axe is a powerful tool. 

Hence, it is necessary to take proper safety precautions before using it. 

Below, we have listed a few of the most essential tips to ensure your safety when using an axe:

  • Don’t forget to wear protective gear like safety glasses and gloves.
  • Keep the blade sharp and remove the cracked handle.
  • Ask others to keep a safe distance from you while using an axe.

Overall, the axe proves to be a handy and versatile tool. 

The best practice is to choose only the most suitable type of axe depending on the task you need to perform. 

Top 10 Axe Quotes

The top 10 axe quotes are listed below.

1. “And where the offense is, let the great axe fall.” William Shakespeare

2. “When I first started to sing, I just swung at it with an axe.” — Hozier

3. “A word aptly uttered or written cannot be cut away by an axe.” — Nikolai Gogol

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4. “Do not remove a fly from your friend’s forehead with a hatchet.” — Roger Waters

5. “A book must be an ice-axe to break the seas frozen inside our soul.” Franz Kafka

6. “He laughed a great rolling laugh, put down his axe, and came forward.” — J.R.R. Tolkien

7. “Last week my tie caught on fire, some guy tried to put it out with an axe.” Rodney Dangerfield

8. “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” Albert Einstein

9. “The Vikings were the last people to fight with axes, which must have been horrible.” — Travis Fimmel

10. “An axe, wood to split, and a determination to keep warm is enough to keep any fire burning.” — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Axe Quotes on Trees

See the illustrative quotes better to understand the complex relationship between trees and axes.

11. “A little axe can cut down a big tree.” — Franz Kafka

12. “The axe falls first upon a straight tree.” — Albert Einstein

13. “Even the highest tree has an axe waiting at its foot.” J.R.R. Tolkien

14. “A small sharp axe can cut down more trees than a big dull one.” — Matshona Dhliwayo

15. “If you are the big, big tree, we are the small axe, ready to cut you down!” Bob Marley

16. “Virtue pardons the wicked, as the sandal-tree perfumes the axe which strikes it.” — Saadi

17. “And many strokes though with a little axe hew down and fell the hardest-timbered oak.” — William Shakespeare

18. “The size of the tree you cut determines the weight with which you have to throw the axe.” — Israelmore Ayivor

19. “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Abraham Lincoln

20. “There is the head of the axe and the head of him who wields it. And if both are sharp, the size of the axe and the height of the tree doesn’t matter.” — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Insightful Axe Quotes

Let’s check out some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking axe quotes credited to notable individuals who appreciate its significance and share their experiences.

21. “God grinds the axes he intends to use.” — Dave Sim

22. “An axe at home saves hiring a carpenter.” — Friedrich Schiller

23. “An axe without a shaft is no threat to the forest.” — Albert Einstein

24. “When making an axe handle, the pattern is not far off.” — Gary Snyder

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25. “Once again, you show all the sensitivity of a blunt axe.”J. K. Rowling

26. “An axe cuts through a forest, not because of its size, but its endurance.” — Matshona Dhliwayo

27. “This is the first thing I have understood: Time is the echo of an axe within a wood.” — Philip Larkin

28. “The axe is the most important bush tool there is. Outside of fire, nothing may contribute to your comfort and leisure than a well-chosen axe.” — Mors Kochanski

29. “It takes sharper axes to chop bigger trees just as it takes deeper enthusiasm to overcome stronger challenges. Timidity only increases your fears.” — Israelmore Ayivor

30. “Learn to use an axe, and respect it and you can’t help but love it. But abuse one, and it will wear your hands raw and open your foot like an overcooked sausage.” — Richard Proenneke

Amazing axe Quotes

Here are some amazing and motivational quotes about the axe, from ancient proverbs to modern-day sayings that will surely motivate you.

31. “I have no axe to grind; only my thoughts to burnish.” George Santayana

32. “Bread that must be sliced with an axe is the bread that is too nourishing.” Fran Lebowitz

33. “It is impossible to abolish either with a law or an axe the desires of men.” — Walter Lippmann

34. “She would die as she had lived, with an axe in her hand and a laugh upon her lips.” — George R. R. Martin

35. “The axe of intemperance has lopped off his green boughs and left him a withered trunk.” — Jonathan Swift

36. “You are axes in a world of wood. And the wood remembers when it has been cut, even if the axe forgets.” — John Amaechi

37. “Outside the ring of dancing warriors with spears and axes stood wolves at a respectful distance, watching and waiting.” — J. R. R. Tolkien

38. “Crime is redeemed by remorse, not by a blow of the axe or slipknot. Blood has to be washed by tears but not by blood.” Victor Hugo

39. “You may loan your last dollar to a friend; but never loan him your axe, unless you are certain that he knows how to use it.” — Horace Kephart

40. “Humility has such power. Apologies can disarm arguments. Contrition can defuse rage. Olive branches do more good than battle axes ever will.” Max Lucado

Axe Quotes by Actors & Musicians

In addition to providing entertainment through their art, actors and musicians have also provided great axe quotes that would enchant you.

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41. “To me, an audition is 30 crazed people in a room waiting to be axed.” — Kathie Lee Gifford

42. “I don’t lecture and I don’t grind any axes. I just want to entertain.” — Gregory Peck

43. “When you’re a Viking, you never know when you’re going to get the axe.” — Alyssa Sutherland

44. “In the movies, I kill guys with an axe. In real life, I can’t control a nine-year-old girl.” — Sylvester Stallone

45. “I love to play guitar. I’ve been writing my own songs on the Axe since I was nine years old. I suck at leads.” — Phil Anselmo

46. “I’ve always enjoyed playing. If all it meant were just to stand there and play my axe and sing, I could have gone on forever.” — J. J. Cale

47. “One of the things I would love to do is ‘Axe Cop,’ which is a comic book. I would like to be involved in ‘Axe Cop’ someday. I would also love to be in a Western.” — Ken Marino

48. “Interviews are usually a follow-up, like a press junket or a publicity junket, or something like that, and I’m not doing any of that right now. I don’t have any axes to grind.” — Michael Nesmith

49. “As actors, we’re so used to the axe falling, and then we all go our separate ways. I can tell you, the feeling amongst the cast in ‘Nashville’ is we don’t feel like we’re done. It feels like; in some way, we’re just hitting our stride.” — Chris Carmack

50. “My weirdest scent association is probably Axe Body Spray because every boy I know wears that stuff, and the smell are so specific! And the loud noise when you spray it! My little brother used to wear it, and the whole house would reek of it for days.” — Madison Beer

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