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Duke Nukem Quotes About the Legendary Video Game Character

Fans of the franchise will surely get a kick out of these Duke Nukem quotes.

Who is Duke Nukem? He is one of the most famous and successful video game characters to ever be created and his character and game are often acknowledged as the reason why first-person shooters became so popular.

Duke Nukem is an antihero figure who is often asked to save the world from extraterrestrial alien forces who use exotic technologies to conquer the earth. Fans adore Duke because of his confidence, accomplishments, and never-say-die attitude.

Duke is a 6’4’ blonde-haired super soldier who can bench over 600 lbs and was even able to walk on the surface of the moon unprotected.

He is an expert marksman and weapons specialist. He continuously saves the world all the while never losing his sunglasses and cigar. It doesn’t get much more badass than that.

Don’t forget to also check out these video game quotes that show how they relate to the world today.

Classic Duke Nukem One Liner Quotes

1. “Born To Be Wiiillllddd!” – Duke Nukem

2. “Let god sort ’em out.”- Duke Nukem

3. “Nobody messes with my meat!”- Duke Nukem

4. “Damn! I’m looking good!”- Duke Nukem

5. “Wanna dance?”- Duke Nukem

6. “And I thought cigars tasted bad!”- Duke Nukem

7. “Ready for action!”- Duke Nukem

8. “Heh, heh, heh, what a mess!”- Duke Nukem

9. “Groovy!”- Duke Nukem

10. “Get the crap outta here!”- Duke Nukem

11. “Rest in pieces!”- Duke Nukem

12. “Yo ho ho, and a bottle of Jack!”- Duke Nukem

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13. “I’m going in.”- Duke Nukem

14. “Damn, you’re ugly.”- Duke Nukem

15. “Let’s rock!”- Duke Nukem

16. “Shake it, baby!”- Duke Nukem

17. “Who wants some?”- Duke Nukem

18. “Your face, your ass – what’s the difference?” – Duke Nukem

19. “What are you waiting for? Christmas?”- Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Battle Quotes

20. “Hmm, that’s one doomed space marine.”- Duke Nukem

21. “Now you see me, now you’re dead.”- Duke Nukem

22. “ Oooooooooh, that’s gotta hurt!”- Duke Nukem

23. “Uh, uh, uh. Where is it?”- Duke Nukem

24. “Ahhhh… much better!”- Duke Nukem

25. “Your ass is grass, and I’ve got the weed whacker.”- Duke Nukem

26. “You’re an inspiration for birth control.”- Duke Nukem

27. “My boot, your face; the perfect couple.”- Duke Nukem

28. “I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker.”- Duke Nukem

29. “Little pig, little pig let me in. Or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll kick your ass in!”- Duke Nukem

30. “Nobody steals our chicks… and lives!”- Duke Nukem

31. “I’ve got balls of steel.”- Duke Nukem

32. “This really pisses me off!”- Duke Nukem

33. “It’s down to you and me, you one-eyed freak!”- Duke Nukem

34. “Hail to the king, baby!”- Duke Nukem

35. “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m all outta gum.”- Duke Nukem

36. “Damn, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.”- Duke Nukem

37. “Hmm, don’t have time to play with myself.”- Duke Nukem

38. “I’ll rip your head off and $#!% down your neck!”- Duke Nukem

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39. “Damn. Those alien maggots booby-trapped the sub!”- Duke Nukem

40. “Nukem ’till they glow, then shoot ’em in the dark!”- Duke Nukem

41. “Get back to work, you slacker!”- Duke Nukem

Duke Nukem Tough Guy Quotes

42. “I think you need some downtime…”- Duke Nukem

43. “I ain’t afraid of no quake!”- Duke Nukem

44. “Hmmm, my kind of party! I wish I had time!”- Duke Nukem

45. “Blow it out your ass!”- Duke Nukem

46. “What are you? Some bottom-feeding, scum-sucking algae eater?”- Duke Nukem

47. “I’m Duke Nukem. And I’m coming to get the rest of you alien bastards!”- Duke Nukem

48. “Looks like it’s time for me to go POSTAL!”- Duke Nukem

49. “My name’s Duke Nukem. After some few days of R&R, I’ll be ready for some more action!”- Duke Nukem

50. “It’s time to abort your whole friggin’ species!”- Duke Nukem

Which of these Duke Nukem quotes is your favorite?

The original Duke Nukem pioneered video games by pushing the first-person shooter platform to become one of the most popular genres of gaming. Initially released as a pc game, the series has expanded to all major consoles.

Duke Nukem is not all just shoot ’em up action and explosions, well it’s a lot of that but there are always lessons to be learned, even in parody. People are inspired by Duke.

Aside from the evil Dr. Proton, one of Duke’s major enemies is a compromised Los Angeles Police Force who has been mutated into pig creatures; a not so slight reminder of the dangers of police brutality and corruption.

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Still, Duke never wavers, forever fighting for what he believes in, even in the face of often unwinnable odds. He uses all of his physical and mental abilities to save the day without a single blonde strand of hair ever falling out of place.

Did you enjoy reading these Duke Nukem quotes and sayings? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

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