25 Dumbo Quotes From The Movies About Disney’s Adorable Elephant

Dumbo, the sad story of the outcast little elephant with large ears, has always made me cry.

Not only is the brand new baby elephant cruelly nicknamed “Dumbo,” but he is constantly bullied and mocked.

Then he gets separated from his mother because the circus leaders think she went mad, when in reality she was trying to protect her baby.

Despite the sadness, there are some funny moments, as you will see in these Dumbo quotes!

The film was Disney’s 4th animated full-length feature, and the studio needed it to be a hit in order to recuperate the losses from Pinnochio and Fantasia.

The story isn’t just sad, though; it is also incredibly inspiring.

Poor little Dumbo is teased and misses his mother, but with the help of his tiny mouse friend, he learns his jumbo-sized ears can help him fly.

Sure, he thinks he needs a magic feather at first, but he realizes that the power comes from positive thinking and practice.

It is also a wonderful reminder that the things that make us different are not bad.

Keep reading to learn more about the live-action Dumbo movie, including some quotes from that 2019 film.

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Famous Dumbo quotes about flying

1. “Dumbo! The ninth wonder of the universe! The world’s only flying elephant!” — Timothy Q. Mouse

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2. “Cast your doubts aside and fly.” — Dumbo

3. “Don’t just fly, soar!” — Dumbo

4. “Dumbo! Look! Have I got it! The magic feather! Now you can fly!”  Timothy Q. Mouse

5. “I think I will have seen everything when I see an elephant fly.” — Jim Crow

6. “Dumbo! C’mon, fly! Open them ears! The magic feather was just a gag! You can fly! Honest, you can! Hey, open them up! Hurry!” — Timothy Q. Mouse

7. “But I be done seen about everything when I see a elephant fly!”  Jim “Dandy” Crow

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Sad Dumbo quotes and sayings about Dumbo’s ears

8. “Just because he’s got those big ears, they call him a freak. The laughingstock of the circus. And when his mother tried to protect him, they threw her into the clink.” — Timothy Q. Mouse

9. “Dumbo! You flew! Boy, am I stupid. Why didn’t I think of this before? Your ears! Just look at them, Dumbo! Why, they’re perfect wings!” — Timothy Q. Mouse

10. “Your ma ain’t crazy. She’s just broken-hearted. And it ain’t nobody’s fault you got them big ears. Dumbo, I think your ears are beautiful! As a matter of fact, I think they’re very decorative. Lots of people with big ears are famous!” — Timothy Q. Mouse

11. “Ain’t that the funniest thing you ever saw? Look at his ears! Baa! Big ears! Big ears!”  Smitty

12. “What’s the use of talking to you cold-hearted boys? Go ahead! Have your fun! Laugh at him! Kick him now that he’s down! Go on! We don’t care.”  Timothy Q. Mouse

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13. Clown: “Be careful. Don’t hurt the little guy.”

Skinny: “C’mon, elephants ain’t got no feelings.”

14. “They’re giving him the cold shoulder. Poor little guy. There he goes, without a friend in the world. Nobody to turn to.” — Timothy Q. Mouse

15. “I know how you feel, Dumbo, but you’ll have to pull yourself together. What would your mother think of you, if she saw you crying like this? Remember, you come from a proud race.” — Timothy Q. Mouse

16. “You know, lots of people with big ears are famous!” — Timothy Q. Mouse

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Funny Dumbo movie quotes

17. Glasses Crow: “Did you ever see an elephant fly?”

Preacher Crow: “Well, I’ve seen a horse fly…”

Fat Crow: “Ah, I’ve seen a dragon fly…”

Straw Hat Crow: “I’ve seen a house fly!”

Jim “Dandy” Crow: “I’ve seen all that, too! I seen a peanut stand, and heard a rubber band! I seen a needle that winked its eye!

18. “I would like nothing better than to spank the living daylights out of him.” — Matriarch Elephant

19. “No. Dead people don’t snore… Or do they?” — Fat Crow

20. “I wonder how we ever got up in that tree, anyway. Now, let’s see…Elephants can’t climb trees, can they? Nah, nah, that’s ridiculous. Couldn’t jump up. Mm-mm, it’s too high.” — Timothy Q. Mouse

21. “You’re no cream puff yourself, dearie!”  Catty

22. “Girls, girls! Listen! Have I got a trunk full of dirt.”  Prissy

23. “Out of my way, assassin!” — Matriarch Elephant

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24. “Well, frankly, I wouldn’t eat at the same bale of hay with him.” — Prissy

25. Jim “Dandy” Crow: “Say, look here, Brother Rat–”

Timothy: “BROTHER RAT?! Now listen! I ain’t your brother and I ain’t no rat! See?!”

Jim “Dandy” Crow: “Uh-huh. And I suppose you and no elephant ain’t up in no tree, either!”

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Which of these Dumbo quotes is your favorite?

Recently Disney has been on a remake craze, turning their original animated films into live-action movies.

I was so nervous when they announced they were remaking Dumbo because I just couldn’t imagine how they could do this and not ruin the magic that is Dumbo.

However, with Tim Burton at the helm, and talent like Danny DeVito, Colin Farrell, and Eva Green, it could only be perfect.

Now, the movie itself did well in the box office, but it did not have the financial success of Disney’s other remade films.

Critics also had mixed opinions on the movie.

Many praised the animation and other technical aspects of the film but said the story did not live up to the original.

What did you think of the remake?

You can let us know and share any other favorite Dumbo quotes and lines from the movies in the comment section below.

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