25 Gordon Gekko Quotes From The Movie Wall Street

These Gordon Gekko quotes are some of the most iconic from the film.

They illustrate Gekko’s views on greed and money, life, and America.

Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas, is one of the main characters in the 1987 movie Wall Street that was directed by Oliver Stone.

The character of Gekko is said to be based on several people, including Dennis Levine, Ivan Boesky, Carl Icahn, Asher Edelman, Michael Milken, and Louis Stone, to whom the film is dedicated.

Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a young Wall Street broker who is trying to make his father, Carl Fox proud.

Interestingly, Martin Sheen played the role of his son’s on-screen dad!

Gekko is a ridiculously wealthy human who has made most of his money owning and selling stocks and dismantling companies to make the most profit.

Bud Fox is determined to secure him as a client, so much so that he calls him 59 days straight and shows up at his office on his birthday with a box of Cuban cigars.

That day Gekko agrees to see him, after telling Fox that the dictionary should feature his picture under the word persistence.

It is clear from this first meeting, that Bud Fox is naive in the ways of the big players he is so desperate to emulate.

Michael Douglas’ portrayal of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street won him an Oscar for Best Actor.

And in 2003, the American Film Institute placed the character No. 24 on its list of the Top 50 movie villains of all time.

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Keep reading these Gordon Gekko quotes, to relive some of the wittiest lines from this movie.

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Gordon Gekko quotes about greed and money

1. Greed, for lack of a better word, is good. — Gordon Gekko

2. Greed is right. Greed works. — Gordon Gekko

3. What’s worth doing is worth doing for money. — Gordon Gekko

4. Money never sleeps, pal. — Gordon Gekko

5. “A fisherman always sees another fisherman from afar.” -Gordon Gekko 

6. “Rich enough to have your own jet. Rich enough not to waste time.”” -Gordon Gekko 

7. Just made 800,000 in Hong Kong gold. It’s been wired to you. Play with it. — Gordon Gekko

8. I’m gonna make you rich, Bud Fox. Yeah. Rich enough, you can afford a girl like Darien. — Gordon Gekko

9. “It’s not about the money.  It’s about the game between people.” -Gordon Gekko

10. Greed captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. — Gordon Gekko

Gordon Gekko quotes about America and wealth

11. The richest one percent of this country owns half our country’s wealth, five trillion dollars. — Gordon Gekko

12. You got ninety percent of the American public out there with little or no net worth. — Gordon Gekko

13. Now you’re not naive enough to think we’re living in a democracy, are you buddy? It’s the free market. And you’re a part of it. — Gordon Gekko

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14. America, America has become a second-rate power. Its trade deficit and its fiscal deficit are at nightmare proportions. — Gordon Gekko

15. The new law of evolution in corporate America seems to be survival of the unfittest. — Gordon Gekko

Short Gordon Gekko quotes

16. Jesus, if this guy owned a funeral parlor nobody would die! — Gordon Gekko

17. The most valuable commodity I know of is information. — Gordon Gekko

18. I create nothing. I own. — Gordon Gekko

19. If you need a friend, get a dog. — Gordon Gekko

20. You’ve got that killer instinct. Stick around pal, I’ve still got a lot to teach you. — Gordon Gekko

21. Well, in my book you either do it right or you get eliminated. — Gordon Gekko

22. If you’re not inside, you’re *outside*! — Gordon Gekko

23. I beg your pardon, is that a proverb? — Gordon Gekko

24. It’s all about bucks, kid. The rest is conversation. — Gordon Gekko

25. I look at a hundred deals a day. I pick one. — Gordon Gekko

Which of these Gordon Gekko quotes is your favorite?

Within the first few moments of watching the initial conversation between the pair, I looked at my husband and said, “Uh oh, that was insider trading!”

To which he replied, “huh?”

I have a degree in business and ethics and my husband is a computer programmer.

I knew instantly the dark path young Bud was going to walk trying to please Gordon Gekko, but it took my husband a smidge longer to catch on.

Once the movie really gets going, there is no doubt that Fox is in trouble.

It is clear as he fights with his father, trying to convince him to urge the machinist union to support the buy-out of the airline.

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Bluestar is the stock that sent alarm bells during that first meeting between Gekko and Fox.

After some hard words between father and son, Fox goes back and receives praise from Gekko.

However, the movie takes another twist when Fox learns of Gekko’s true intentions for the airline.

The end of the movie features that iconic scene in the park, which has some of the most revealing quotes about who Gordon Gekko really is.

If you like financial dramas give this one a shot.

It is well worth the money to rent it on VUDU or Amazon Prime Video!

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