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Dynasty Quotes from the Revamped 80’s Soap Opera

These Dynasty quotes will make you want to binge a couple of episodes in no time.

Dynasty is an American soap opera airing on CW and Netflix. The show’s story captured the hearts of many with its classic thematic dilemma, which focused on Fallon Carrington, the daughter of a billionaire businessman.

As the heiress of a multi-billion dollar empire, she found herself in an awkward rivalry with her father’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, her quest to separate the couple was met with a grim fate and cost her to lose her promotion at the company.

Everything seems to be a normal and standard plot on the surface, but the audience will quickly find themselves on a wild and thrilling ride as the show’s story unfolds.

The crazy intertwining web of relationships will surely catch anyone unsuspectingly, which makes this show awesome! Enjoy these Dynasty quotes!

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Dynasty quotes from Fallon Carrington

1. “Who else can you trust to run the family business.. except family.” ― Fallon Carrington

2. “Every day, I take one man’s dirt and turn it into a diamond.” ― Fallon Carrington

3. “Digging up insider info is even easier when they assume you work for the airline, instead of owning the plane.” ― Fallon Carrington

4. “Oh, I’m sorry, is my trapped in a mine behavior not up to your standards?” Alexis

5. “Next time, get him to buy you a soda and popcorn first.” ― Fallon Carrington

6. “To be continued. Right now, I have to find a headhunter of my own and order him to shoot Blake.” ― Fallon Carrington

7. “As for the idea that the future is female, daddy likes to say that future is not here yet. But he is wrong about that.” ― Fallon Carrington

8. “It’s easy to confuse good with good in bed.” ― Fallon Carrington

9. “You lied to me my whole life and let me sleep with my cousin.” ― Fallon Carrington

10. “As the fourth generation, I refuse to stand by and watch my father bury my legacy. Carrington Atlantic is not just a family business. It is a dynasty.” ― Fallon Carrington

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11. “I swear, this family has more secrets than Trump’s mistress.” ― Fallon Carrington

12. “I don’t need love advice from a woman who thinks “as long as we both shall live” means until happy hour.” ― Fallon Carrington

13. “Never get between a Carrington and her Cabernet!” ― Fallon Carrington

14. “I thought this was Steven’s going away breakfast not a retirement home revival of Flashdance.” ― Fallon Carrington

15. “Oh, this is sad. Hiding her valuables like a paranoid, underprivileged squirrel.” ― Fallon Carrington

16. “Daddy, don’t be so so old-fashioned. A couple more felonies and he could be President.” ― Fallon Carrington

17. “Everything she does is criminal. From her eyeshadow to her patented brand of neglect.” ― Fallon Carrington

18. “They’re comparing me to 2007 Britney, I mean I can’t even get Solange.” ― Fallon Carrington

19. “There it is! Now we get to see what it looks like when Alexis Carrington runs out of lies.” ― Fallon Carrington

20. “The Carrington impulse is to throw money at a problem and if that doesn’t work, lie.” ― Fallon Carrington

Dynasty quotes from Cristal

21. “The truth is not hard to say. You just spit it out and kick sand over it.” ― Cristal

22. “Guilt is for insecure people.” ― Cristal

23. “Blackmail shouldn’t be the foundation of a working relationship. We’re supposed to be partners. This is supposed to be a marriage.” ― Cristal

24. “I’m not angry Blake. I’m scared. Scared of you.” ― Cristal

25. “The one percent is good for some things at least one percent of the time.” ― Cristal

Dynasty quotes from Sammy

26. “I’ve always pictured you like a nun. But instead of Jesus, you swore yourself to the Carringtons.” ― Sammy

27. “This is not how I want to spend one of my last night’s on the town as a single man. I want it to be bad and boujee, not sad and douchey.” ― Sammy

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28. “Is this what happens when you marry a rich guy? Does he just assume that you’re gonna be his house-husband? Him away on business trips while I’m stuck with the twins’ runny noses and gossipy private school moms until eventually, I get my real estate license just to feel some sort of purpose.” ― Sammy

29. “I know better than to get between a gay boy and his mother.” ― Sammy

30. “I wouldn’t last a day in prison. This face has “make me your bitch” written all over it.” ― Sammy

Dynasty quotes from Alexis

31. “I heard on the radio this morning that you killed some people. Is the dog to protect you from angry villagers wielding pitchforks?” ― Alexis

32. “Blake’s always wanted to tear your family apart and now he’s done exactly that. We can’t let him win.” ― Alexis

33. “A marriage might not last, but an ex-wife is forever.” ― Alexis

Dynasty quotes from Queen Helena

34. “Apparently, you can take the girl out of the aristocracy, but you can’t take the aristocracy out of the girl.” ― Queen Helena

35. “We can’t rely on the truth alone, we have to make it royal!” ― Queen Helena

Dynasty quotes from Liam

36. “Look, the past couple days have been a lot of fun. Okay? Very Pretty Woman. Or the edgy gender reversal sequel.” ― Liam

37. “For what it’s worth, you’re the best first wife I ever had.” ― Liam

Dynasty quotes from other characters

38. “What you saw last night, that is the downside of being a Carrington. The Upside.. is that we’ll go to the ends of the earth to protect each other. Because you can only trust family.” ― Blake Carrington

39. “My son can’t comfort a dying man, the love of his life, because of his sexual orientation? This is inexcusable. Not to mention disrespectful to all the gays. The whole LTBZ community.” ― Blake

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40. “Well go big or kill somebody trying. That’s the Carrington way, right?” ― Colby

41. “Please don’t fire me! This job is really important for my self-esteem.” ― Sam

42. “But what’s integrity when you can have this bracelet? It cost more than the home I grew up in.” ― Melissa Daniels

43. “You know, desire is a two-way street. I wasn’t the only one in that bed.” ― Katherine

Dynasty quotes from memorable conversations within the show

44. Blake: “Maybe I don’t love her anymore.”

Anders: “You do, you just hate losing.”

45. Monica: “That also means that Fallon is our cousin.”

Jeff: “Half cousin.”

Monica: “I hope you slept with the right half then.”

46. Eleanor: “Hey, what’s this?”

Jasper: “You’ve never seen a washing machine before?”

Eleanor: “Of course, I have. It’s where you do.. washing the kitchen.”

47. Alexis: “As if anyone could mother you. You were born an evil maniac.”

Fallon: “Like mother like daughter.”

48. Blake: “Why didn’t you tell me? You put me through hell.”

Cristal: “Maybe you deserved a trip to hell.”

49. Fallon: “Are you undocumented?”

Sam: “I’m a citizen of the world.”

50. Cristal: “He was essentially asking me to whore myself out.”

Fallon: “Well, at least daddy recognizes your true talent.”

Which of these Dynasty quotes is your favorite?

The show, Dynasty, gained thousands of fans across the country and had a genuinely entertaining run. Season 4 is set to be released in the Fall of 2021 with viscous drama inside that viewers are surely excited to watch.

Dynasty not only features the glamour and quality of extreme wealth but also represents the dark and corrupt world of rich and famous. But, more than the drama and roller coaster fun, this show appeals to core human emotions and the need for having family, or anyone’s, validation.

So set the TV and catch up on the soap opera while you wait for the next season, and enjoy these Dynasty quotes and sayings anytime you want.

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