25 Eternals Quotes for Marvel Comic Fans

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Eternals is a superhero Marvel film based on the Marvel comic book series of the same name.

It follows the story of the Eternals, an immortal alien race, which remain dormant for thousands of years until the return of their counterpart, the Deviants.

The Eternals are beings created by Celestials to stop the Deviants from killing the native population, which they successfully did in 1521.

However, after the Avengers successfully reversed the effect of The Blip in Avengers End Game, the Earth faces another catastrophe that requires their intervention.

These Eternals quotes will get you hooked to the Marvel Universe.

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Eternals quotes from Ikaris

1. “I don’t wear a cape.” — Ikaris

Eternals quotes about i don’t wear a cape

2. “If I want to spend more time with you, I need to get to know them.” — Ikaris

Eternals quotes from Ikaris

3. “Humans are far from being able to protect themselves from the Deviants. We still have much to do.” — Ikaris

Eternals quotes about human

4. “Do you think it was easy to live with the truth? To know that one day all this would end? If we gave humanity the choice, how many of them would be willing to die so that billions more could be born?” — Ikaris

Eternals quotes on born

5. “ I bet you’ve built the perfect safehouse. What’s this even made of, vibranium?” — Ikaris

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Eternals quotes about safehouse

6. “Eternals Assemble.” — Ikaris

Eternals quotes on eternals assemble

Eternals quotes from Phastos

7. “I wouldn’t change a single thing about who I am. Born or made.” — Phastos

Eternals quotes from Phastos

8. “You know what’s never saved the planet? Your sarcasm.” — Phastos

Eternals quotes on you know what’s never saved the planet? your sarcasm

9. “You know that your babysitting privileges are completely revoked, right?” — Phastos

Eternals quotes about babysitting

10. “They give me faith again. And I see the good in humanity in them every day.” — Phastos

Eternals quotes about humanity

Eternals quotes from Sersi

11. “If we’d protected humanity from everything for 7,000 years, you’d never have had the chance to develop.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes that develop

12. “We’re Eternals, from a planet called Olympia. We came here 7,000 years ago on the Domo, our starship, to protect humans from the Deviants.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes about planet

13. “Everything dies except us, because we were never alive.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes from Sersi

14. “Every time innocent lives have been sacrificed for the greater good, it turns out to be a mistake.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes of sacrificed

15. “Apex predators hunt their prey for food like all predators. But one thing that sets them apart is that there are no other animals in their habitat strong enough to hunt them.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes about food

16. “I’m a good eBay bidder.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes on i’m a good eBay bidder

17. “He left. I always thought he’d come back. He never did.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes and saying

18. “I am not afraid. This violent cycle has to end.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes about afraid

19. “We were instructed not to interfere in any human conflicts unless Deviants were involved.” — Sersi

Eternals quotes on instructed

Eternals quotes from Kingo

20. “You followed your heart. We all did.” — Kingo

Eternals quotes on you followed your heart. we all did

21. “You do not turn against your family.” — Kingo

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Eternals quotes about family

22. “I will follow you to the end, like I always have.” — Kingo

Eternals quotes from Kingo

23. “I don’t do it for the views.” — Kingo

Eternals quotes on i don’t do it for the views

24. “I refuse to hurt any of you for my beliefs.” — Kingo

Eternals quotes that i refuse to hurt any of you for my beliefs

25. “You’re about to meet the greatest warriors the world has ever known.” — Kingo

Wise Eternals quotes

Which of these Eternals quotes is your favorite?

Soon, the Eternals learned that their creators, the Celestials, originally created them not to fight the Deviants but ensure that Earth is suitable for the “Emergence”, a process that allows the birth of new Celestials but at the cost of destroying Earth.

This created a great divide between the superpowered beings as some of them learned to love humanity and decided to prevent the Emergence.

Although the film did not live up to the expectation of most comic book fans, it was still able to bring life to the story of cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, which will now serve as a foundation to the ever-growing MCU that fans will surely love.

After reading these Eternals quotes and sayings, now is an excellent time to watch more Marvel installments on small and big screens.

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